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& Co. [VIDEO] featuring Jennifer Allen and Leslie Rich about innovative crowdfunding

Yard & Company's video series focuses on COVID-19 and the impact on cities. Episode five features Jennifer Allen and Leslie Rich from ioby discussing basic neighborhood needs, minority small business support, and public space activation. 

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The rise of Nazi Germany: Part one, as told by a local Holocaust survivor

In this two-part series, Dr. Al Miller talks about being a child in Berlin during the 1930s. He shares his story as the country is experiencing civil unrest due to police brutality against people of color, and because nearly 50% of people in the United States only have the vaguest notion that the Holocaust happened, and many have never heard of it.

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Organizations commit to affordable housing, making residents’ voices heard in the West End

Seven Hills Neighborhood Houses and The Port of Greater Cincinnati are working to keep current residents from being displaced.

Video andCo.Tommy Pacello

& Co. [VIDEO] featuring Tommy Pacello re: district management

Yard & Company's video series focuses on COVID-19 and the impact on cities. Episode four features Memphis Medical District's, Tommy Pacello speaking about the future of outdoor living to the power of the front porch.

Feature Story A young Kareem Simpson at his mother's graduation from NKU's nursing school in 1984.

Growing up black in the inner city taught me that police violence is a problem for all of us

The sad truth is, the African American community has long pointed out the presence of police brutality and the fact that wide, sweeping reform is needed.

Feature Story Gary Griffin grew up in Cincinnati but left to pursue his dreams in California. Now, he and his wife are back in Cincinnati.

Cincinnati’s Gary Griffin gets on board with Beach Boys, “Full House,” returns home to quieter life

A disappointing 5th birthday gift led to a lifetime of music, travel, and fame.

Feature Story WestEndOTGList.jpg

On the Ground: A history of the West End's African American community

Current, longtime residents reflect on the neighborhood’s heyday in the 1940s and 50s. That sense of community lives on despite a variety of challenges.

Video and Co. Mike Lydon

& Co. [VIDEO] featuring Mike Lydon re: public places, streets and COVID-19

Yard & Company's video podcast series focuses on COVID-19 and the impact on cities. Episode three features Brooklyn-based Mike Lydon from Street Plans. Lydon is a key leader of the Tactical Urbanism movement globally. 

Feature Story Protest1List.jpg

The right side of history: How white allies can support people of color

George Floyd’s death has caused civil unrest throughout the country. Here’s how one local woman is activating change.

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LISC of Greater Cincinnati unveils Housing Our Future

The plan recommends 34 actions to produce and preserve affordable housing, protect the most vulnerable residents, and change the systems that impact affordability.


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How the Cincinnati region is pivoting in response to the COVID-19 pandemic by coming together to raise funds, helping those who need it the most, innovating solutions, and creating ways to keep us sane using steady, good-humored resolve. #IMGCOVID19


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