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Sales and profits declining?
  • Have your markets dropped off substantially and suddenly?
  • Do you need to cut overhead quickly but not sure quite how to go about it?
  • You can’t figure out what’s going on with your product costs and cash flow?
  • Not sure how to rightsize your business to the shrunken market?
  • Your bank doesn’t understand your business and is overreacting to the crisis?

We can guide you through a efficient and successful turnaround\restructure plan.? We can help you (not just advise you) to quickly and affordably get your business back on tract!


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Frustrated with your management?
  • Can’t seem to get your management team to get things done?
  • Somebody always seems to drop the ball?
  • Your team seems to lack creative ideals or appears to lack initiative?
  • Wish you could delegate more, rather than have to micro manage everything?
  • Every time you hire outside consultants to help, its costly and nothing get done?

We can help harness the power of your team and get results so you don’t have to do everything!

Most often, what appears to be lack of talent in your management team is a symptom of needing a little structure, accountability and a plan backed by systems and measurement metrics for performance.? We can provide that guidance with affordable, experienced leadership on a part time or as needed basis!


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Not clear on your long term plans?

Would eventually like to sell or retire from your business but don’t know how?

The sales value proposed in the past for your business cannot support your lifestyle?

You don’t necessarily want to sell, but the day to day grind is wearing on you?

Many private business owners are prompted to sell because they are just plain “Burned Out!”.? ?The constant day to day grind running a middle market company and the financial uncertainty of having all your eggs in one basket is taxing.

Most business intermediary \ business brokers representing sellers are very linear in their approach.? List the business and try to sell it.? This linear approach is highly ineffective as most all middle market business are unique and their values are intertwined with the skills and talents of the owners and or a few key employees.? A broader and more creative approach is required to maximize the returns to the seller and achieve owner’s objectives.
We can help as we understand and are experienced in this custom tailored approach


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