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Instructions for Duct Tape Shoe Covers

Instructions for Duct Tape Shoe Covers

Duct tape shoes covers are a unique way to protect your shoes from the outside elements. Not only are duct tape shoe covers cheap to make, but they are also fun to create, as they allow you to be artistic. Duct tape shoe covers are a sustainable approach to caring for your regular shoes by protecting them from damage, which will allow you to save money and look cool.



    Lay a sheet of cardboard on a flat surface that is 24 inches by 12 inches. Fully cover the cardboard in duct tape on both the front and the back sides of it.


    Position both of the shoes onto the cardboard, with the soles facing down, and trace the shape of the sole using the permanent maker onto it. Cut both of the sole shapes out from the cardboard once they have been traced with heavy-duty scissors. These will serve as the soles of your duct tape shoe covers. Do not discard the cardboard that is left over.


    Create shoe straps by cutting two 8-inch and two 10-inch strips of duct tape. Stick together one strip of 8-inch duct tape to another strip of the 10-inch duct tape, leaving one inch of exposed adhesive on each end. Stick the other two 8-inch and 10-inch pieces together as well, also allowing one inch of exposed adhesive to remain on each end.


    Place the two shoes over the duct tape soles and mold the strap over the front of the shoes. Tape the exposed adhesive ends under bottom of the duct tape soles. Create six other straps in the same manner, and mold three additional straps over the front of each shoe as well. Tape the other straps to the bottom of the soles until the front area of the shoes are completely covered.


    Make a back heel for each shoe cover by cutting two pieces of duct tape cardboard, that was left over from the soles. Cut a piece that is 4 inches long and 2 inches wide. Mold the pieces over the back of the shoes and tape the outsides of the heels, to the bottom of each sole as well. Remove the shoes and tape the heels through the inside, allowing them to stand.


    Connect the heel and front covers of each shoe by creating side straps. Cut four strips of tape for each shoe that are 6 inches in length and four smaller strips that are 4 inches in length. Stick one strip of 6-inch tape and one strip of 4-inch tape together, leaving 1 inch of exposed adhesive to remain on each end. Tape the other 6 inch and 4 inch straps together as well, also leaving 1 inch of exposed adhesive on each end. Repeat this for each side of the shoe covers.


    Tape the straps to the inside of each corner of the heels and front parts of the covers, connecting them together. Cut three additional 1-inch strips for each side strap and tape the outside of them to the bottom of the soles to reinforce them.


    Flip the shoes over and re-tape the bottom of the shoes with additional duct tape to cover up the various pieces used to reinforce the top of the shoe cover. Place your shoes inside the cover upon completion.

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How to Hang Shoe Shelves

How to Hang Shoe Shelves

Shoes shelves are one of the home organization tools that do the most to remove clutter from a home. The simple act of removing dozens of pairs of shoes from their disordered homes near various doorways and placing them in hanging shoe racks can open up walking spaces. This can make the home feel bigger and can give those entering the space for the first time a more positive first reaction into a comfortable environment. Hanging a shoe rack is a simple DIY project.



    Run the stud finder along the wall where the shoe shelves will be hung. Mark their location with the pencil. Line up the pre-made holes in the shoe shelves or brackets with the wall studs.


    Set the carpenter's level on top of the shelf and determine whether the shelves are level. Adjust the shelving until the bubble in the level is directly in the center. Mark the location of the screw holes with a pencil, placing the markings on the wall studs.


    Pre-drill the holes with a drill bit slightly smaller than the wood screws you will be using to hang the shoe shelves, making sure the drill bit hits the wood stud on each hole. If the drill misses, locate the stud with a wire and move the shelf to line up with the stud.


    Attach the shoe shelves to the wall with the wood screws by drilling them through the shoe shelves and into the pre-drilled holes. Tighten each screw partway until all the screws are partially installed, then tighten them all fully. This helps ensure that the shelving is equally spaced between the screw holes, and helps ensure that the screws line up with their pre-drilled spaces.

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The Best Way to Clean White Shoes

The Best Way to Clean White Shoes

White shoes are fashionable, but they need a lot of maintenance. You have to be vigilant about keeping them looking pristine and white. However, if you've gotten your white shoes dirty, don't worry. You can use some industry tips and tricks to get them back to looking new again. With a few items from around the house, you can clean your shoes to a gleaming white.


    Rubber shoes, or shoes with rubber soles, are generally used for sports or casual wear, so they can get scuffed up easily on or off of the basketball court. Rubber shoes are generally the easiest to get clean. Grab a white eraser from your office or purchase a new one. It needs to be white, with absolutely no writing or marking on it. Starting with the sole, start rubbing the eraser on the shoe as you would paper. You'll notice that the dirt and grime comes right off, leaving you with a white shoe that looks brand new. After you're done, brush off all of the eraser dust that will have formed, and wipe your shoes down with a damp cloth.


    Canvas shoes are extremely susceptible to water stains once you've been outside in them. They also attract dirt easily, and cannot be wiped clean with a cloth, making it a challenge to get them clean again. Try using laundry detergent and a toothbrush for spot stains. Mix up a cup of water with a tablespoon of laundry detergent, and dip the toothbrush in and start rubbing. It should be a good enough solution for small stains. If your shoes are very dirty, you can place them in your washing machine. Remove the laces, and put them in a load with something soft, like towels, so that they don't damage your machine. Only wash in a warm cycle, and always let shoes air dry, as the dryer is too hot.


    Leather shoes can be the hardest to clean because they require special care when using water. If you have applied a protector to the shoes, then you can be more liberal with soap and water. If you have not, then you should exercise care not to stain the leather. Start by using a dry cloth to loosen as much dirt as you can without using water. Remove the laces and prepare some warm water for rinsing, and a natural soap, like saddle soap, which you can find at your local grocery store. Just look in the laundry section. Scrub the shoe with a soft brush and the soap, and rinse well with water, inside and out. If you need to expedite the drying process, place some paper towels on the inside of the shoe and remove when they've soaked up as much water as possible.

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How to Dye Ugg Boots

How to Dye Ugg Boots

Ugg Boots have gained popularity over the past several years. The boots are made to keep feet warm in freezing temperatures and keep them cool during hot temperatures. These simple-looking boots have been copied and remade by other clothing and shoe distributors, but none still come close to the fit, style, comfort and warmth of Uggs. Uggs are made of Grade-A sheepskin. Because of this, the boots can be dyed.



    Fill a large bucket with hot water. Fill the bucket so that the water is about 4 inches from the top.


    Pour one packet of powder dye into a medium-sized bowl. Add 2 cups of hot water to the dye. Use a stainless steel spoon to dissolve the powder into the hot water. When the dye is dissolved, pour it into the bucket.


    Run water over the first boot you're about to dye. When soaked, place the first boot into the bucket.


    Stir the water around the boot constantly to ensure that the color transfers evenly to the boot. Keep the boot in the water for 30 minutes.


    Rinse the boot in warm water. Once water starts to run clear, run the boot in cold water. Allow the boot to air dry.


    Repeat Steps 1 through 5 with the second boot. Since the water from the bucket has cooled, the process does need to be redone to ensure that the second boot takes the same amount of color.


    Clean the bucket. Mix 2 oz. bleach and 4 oz. water. Scrub with a sponge. If you do not clean the bucket, it will be stained.

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How to Compare Men's Sizes to Women's

You shop for the perfect pair of shoes, but you didn't think it would be such an arduous task. You consider size, style and color and still you come up empty-handed. Do you dare cross the aisle into the section for your opposite sex? You have nowhere to start for sizing, though. Luckily, it's relatively easy to compare men's and women's shoe sizes.



    Measure your shoe size. Have an employee at a shoe retailer measure it for you or print out an online measurement chart.


    Convert women's shoe size to men's. Subtract 1 1/2 sizes from a woman's shoe size to get the equivalent in men's shoes. For instance, if you measure at a women's size 6, your men's shoe size will be 4 1/2. At this point, you may have to go to the boys' department.


    Convert men's shoe size to women's. Add 1 1/2 sizes to a men's shoe size to get the equivalent in women's shoes. For instance, if you measure at a men's 7, your women's shoe size will be 8 1/2.


    Try on the shoes. Size and fit vary depending on brand and material of the shoe. Buy a half size larger if you wear heavy socks.

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