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 is a labor of love dedicated to the whole legendary family of kit cars that began with the Nova (UK) and evolved into the Sterling, Eureka, Eagle, Puma, Sebring, Cimbria, Nereia, Bernardi, Eagle SS, and others. The site is geared towards enthusiasts, owners, and builders of these wonderful, quirky, exotic cars.

Resources include:

  • An owner-contributed Showcase of Cars/gallery of pics,
  • Builders' Journals of people's projects,
  • An interactive forum for discussion of ANY topics involving the Sterling or any of its kin,
  • A links section to other great web sites (such as,,,,au,,, etc.)
  • A "TUTORIALS" section with information on the history of these kit cars, the manufacturers, the various models of the Sterling (Sterling GT, Sovran, etc), the Nova (Mk1, SDD, Mk2, Mk3, and Mk4), the Eureka (Sports, PL30, F4, Freedom Machine, etc.), Sebring (and Sebring II), Cimbria (Cimbria SS, Nereia, Bernardi), Eagle SS (the UK evolution of the Cimbria SS kit car), the Puma (GTV, GTV-033, Boxer 30), the Tarantula, Scorpion, Ledl, etc.
  • ...and more to come.

If your are an owner of any of these cars, please, if nothing else, take just a moment to add your car to the global showcase. We're attempting to account for as many specimens of these wonderful cars as still exist. Make sure yours is counted with the rest!