2020-06-24- Junko Yoshida

Teardown: Tesla??s Hardware Retrofits for Model 3

Tesla Model 3 is a three-year old vehicle. But With software updates and a hardware swap, Tesla is promising to??

2020-06-23- Junko Yoshida

Can TriEye??s SWIR Cameras Break Through Geofenced Operations of AV?

Can TriEye??s SWIR (Short Wave Infrared) cameras break through currently geo-fenced operations of autonomous vehicles (AVs)?

2020-06-22- Junko Yoshida

Ultrasonic Tag Helps Enforce Social Distancing

Ultrasonic sensors might just be the wireless technology best suited to enabling contact tracing and social distancing.

2020-06-18- Egil Juliussen

Pandemic Reshapes Autonomous Vehicle Landscape

The Covid economy has already impacted the auto industry negatively and more changes are on the way along with a??

2020-06-16- Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio

What Does The Future Hold For GaN/SiC?

While silicon still dominates the market, the emergence of Wide-Bandgap devices will soon direct technology toward new, more efficient solutions.

2020-06-15- Gary Hilson

Embedding Hardware Security at the Edge

Ethernet gear helps keep data secure at the edge while keeping up with CPU performance...

2020-06-12- Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio

Q&A: Where Is the WBG Market Headed?

GaN Systems says wide bandgap chips will become ubiquitous across a range of industries for several applications...