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Our mission at Wieber Machine is to deliver parts that meet or exceed our customers’ specifications. Industries that we serve include: agriculture, automotive, defense, food/dairy, gas/oil, medical, metrology, aerospace, electrical, consumer goods, motorcycle, packaging, paper, power, water and nuclear. Providing custom cnc machining, cnc?milling, light fabrication, cutting and waterjet services accurately and on-time creating efficiency and profits for you.

Dennis Wieber 2017

Our Team

Experienced, accountable and driven is our Wieber Team. We are always striving for perfection in cutting, water-jet and?fabricating substrates. Our experienced Wieber family of employees are our driving force.

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DNM750L table in action

Our Equipment

We ARE the leading edge in cutting, cnc?milling and?waterjet technology at Wieber Machine. Our equipment is state of the art, to provide the best service to our clients who know no other.

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Our Work

To meet or exceed our client’s expectation; our mission. At Wieber Machine that is what we do. Check out our gallery of work, and see the latest in precision, quality custom machined parts.

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Employee Operating Coosen Saw


It’s easy to answer the question, why choose Wieber Machine. Accuracy and on-time delivery. That has always been the focus of Wieber Machine. Our average for the past three years has been documented at 99.8% quality parts, and 98.8% on-time shipping.

The business, that began in 2011, by Dennis Wieber, had humble beginnings. Starting out as a small machining business offering short-runs and on-time delivery, Wieber worked by himself, keeping the costs down the first year. Knowing that in order to continue to grow, Wieber had to purchase equipment and hire employees. Growing the business was never easy for Wieber. Financing often stood in the way. However; through his persistency, standardizing processes and hand picking exceptional employees, the company’s?expectations for 2018 are already well above 3 million in sales.

Error free/accuracy 99%
On time delivery 94%

Doosan Lynx 220LSYC

Here is a short?video of a finished part being ejected from the sub spindle, a remnant of a bar ejected from the main spindle, and a new bar loaded.
We are also able to take advantage of our C-Y axis and live tooling on these parts, saving a trip to the milling department.

As a robotics solution provider, I need high-quality machining work that is accurate and done right the first time.? The bottom line is, I need a machine shop I can count on.? My deadlines are critical and having parts done right and on time are mandatory.

The only machine shop I use is Wieber machine.? I can always count on them to deliver a quality product on time.? My customers are always commenting on the excellent machining work and asking who did it.? My answer is simple, Wieber Machine.

Client Testimonial from The Stiegler CompanyScott Thomas, The Stiegler Company