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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!    01/14/20  (355)
“And then Bernie said to me, ‘No real Cherokee makes Pow Wow Chow.’”    01/15/20  (1)
The Neville is in the details    01/15/20  (17)
Just said "hello" instead of "goodbye" at the end of a conference call    01/15/20  (16)
So is "MoreDoughHi" a NOWAG or a NOWIG?    01/15/20  (17)
every random boomer will write 'memoirs' fully expecting to get them published    01/15/20  (70)
You need a bit of failure in life, keeps you sharp    01/15/20  (2)
Sold all my shares of AMD at 10.47 - taking praise only, no trolls    01/15/20  (2)
0-1 kidmos: rate this devastating quote by elon musk    01/15/20  (96)
MODS    01/15/20  (21)
Anyone else have too much money? Pain in the ass    01/15/20  (3)
Is Bernie actually going to cancel all student loans?    01/15/20  (5)
So 'American" "cowboy" culture is just some rehashed northern Mexican shit?    01/15/20  (17)
Libs: "Lesson of #metoo is that we need to stop calling women liars"    01/15/20  (11)
What are xo's thoughts on Bubblegum Bass / PC Music?    01/15/20  (1)
this bernie vs warren thing is causing so much dem carnage    01/15/20  (16)
this xoxo turn to be a Bernie bro bort has been fun    01/15/20  (1)
Guy had MSNBC on at the gym. I told him to turn that shit off    01/15/20  (1)
How do biglol partners get new clients? Do they "pitch" random GCs?    01/15/20  (10)
Sick and tired of 35 y/o xo male posters pretending like they have options (DTP)    01/15/20  (10)
BREAKING: Federal Judge sends Avenatti to jail    01/15/20  (17)
"Feel good?" GC laughed as it dropped CBD Bath Bombs into your bath    01/15/20  (1)
last time there was US politician as popular as Bernie?    01/15/20  (5)
earl seething as bernie wipes out your student loans    01/15/20  (1)
Cute nurse says don't drink and love Jesus, libs apoplectic    01/15/20  (11)
TTurdskin, why did you lie that both your parents are dead?    01/15/20  (15)
New Aly Raisman skimpy bikini photos    01/15/20  (45)
T/F: Most UMC millenial home buyers get down payment from parents    01/15/20  (1)
ITT: two models. Pick one.    01/15/20  (11)
Could blacks create any of the technology they use?    01/15/20  (13)
Anyone ever had a relationship with a woman without games?    01/15/20  (30)
cslg fly me out to CA and i'll secks ur wife    01/15/20  (6)
TTurdskin thinks I'm using alts. Anyone else think he's a POS want to chime in?    01/15/20  (1)
I'm really disappointed I couldn't figure out Tommy T's IRL identity    01/15/20  (17)
RATE the us intl physics Olympiad team    01/15/20  (46)
40s/30s posters have all suffered from rapid Test decline. Cold nigga truth.    01/15/20  (68)
Hold up, Elizabeth Warren wrote a PLAGIARIZED cookbook called Pow Wow Chow?!    01/15/20  (133)
5-year-old Voodoo Child running into doors with X-wing in Star Wars underwear    01/15/20  (11)
Reminder, u were surround by skinny 20yo hardbodies 24/7 in college. Never again    01/15/20  (2)
im impressed libs are still alive after the past few years    01/15/20  (2)
Senate Dems + 4 GOP have the votes to limit War Powers Act. LOL,FUCK NECON TRUMP    01/15/20  (24)
hard to argue with warren's impeccable track record of honesty    01/15/20  (1)
Where's that thread of crazy job applications during ITE?    01/15/20  (1)
Currently squatting in abandoned home. Got water and power working. Sleeping on    01/15/20  (18)
Trumpmo here, I'm switching my vote & going for Bernie. I'm a Berniemo now    01/15/20  (2)
180 Takedown of Warren - The Credibility Gap    01/15/20  (14)
Which profession has the WORST boomers?    01/15/20  (8)
partner i've never heard of asked me to meet with him tomorrow    01/15/20  (25)
WTF mental illness explains Avenatti?    01/15/20  (15)
turlock... turkish... muslim... persian... luis.    01/15/20  (1)
The most important thing in life is having good posture    01/15/20  (5)
so any technology with social media is just an infinite box of dicks?    01/15/20  (1)
that outside dick leave them hoes sick    01/15/20  (1)
Insane Trumpmos now targeting little girls who eat rainbow cakes (link)    01/15/20  (1)
hi forum new poaster just registered    01/15/20  (10)
The niggers I work with are like actual apes (evan39)    01/15/20  (20)
Fuck Please let Bernie win Iowa and NH, so Barack has to get involved    01/15/20  (6)
Boss always screams “IM HEADED TO JERICHO” when he leaves the office    01/15/20  (3)
It is insane how judges wait forever to enter. Not fair to clients being billed    01/15/20  (3)
Berniebros last week: Trump calling CNN "fake news" is a threat to 1st Amdt!    01/15/20  (2)
Bernie: “As the first Jewish presid-“ Trump: “Second, actually.”    01/15/20  (3)
Lawman8 posting on xo is like Leonidas talking to the ephors    01/15/20  (2)
Luis and bs, I quit smoking weed. It was making me fucking gay.    01/15/20  (4)
Finasteride and Alzheimer's disease is eating my brain    01/15/20  (2)
something is fucking eating my brain    01/15/20  (11)
"Some guys have a mouth. I have a mouthpussy." (Peterman)    01/15/20  (8)
nyc biglaw u feel like john wick, always running around manhattan    01/15/20  (1)
Blacks are completely self interested    01/15/20  (20)
Anyone else add bleach to their bath water?    01/15/20  (1)
"Sup Brady! It's great hearing from you. Hope chi-town is treating you well. But    01/15/20  (150)
Charles how is SoCal so far?    01/15/20  (84)
do you pressure single friends to get married so you can plan bachelor parties?    01/15/20  (15)
Build controller onto a drone and just fly yourself around?    01/15/20  (3)
We come on the sloop roosh v    01/15/20  (6)
Starting a GOFUND me for PETERNORTH    01/15/20  (5)
XO Bernie: "The victor will never be asked if he told the truth."    01/15/20  (1)
Homeland star accuses Trump of disobeying the intelligence community    01/15/20  (19)
Bernie will lose because he's unwilling to call the media traitorous lying kikes    01/15/20  (3)
I have a irl 140+ IQ and I'm completely fucking retarded at nearly everything    01/15/20  (21)
Had meeting with HR re: using lock pick tools at work during breaks    01/15/20  (3)
Dinner with Whittier/Charles/Kenny/Chandler this week (CSLG)    01/15/20  (17)
Jeopardy's 3 greatest of all time going to go head to head    01/15/20  (38)
Showtime The Tudors -- Have you seen it? What's your opinion?    01/15/20  (7)
Poll: Was Bernie or Warren Telling the Truth?    01/15/20  (43)
TRUMP TEAM SIX is my favorite sexpat here    01/15/20  (4)
Odd fact: Blacks and Spanish only volunteer/donate to THEIR charities    01/15/20  (3)
new tristar romantic comedy "Look Who's Sarging Now"    01/15/20  (3)
LMAO 180 did Trump really propose a new nuke deal to the Iranians    01/15/20  (1)
how many jobs have u gotten by “overaweing” the interviewers    01/15/20  (10)
TT sounds like he’s about to have a mental breakdown    01/15/20  (5)
Brothers do we truly care about Justice    01/15/20  (9)
So who DOES believe Pocahontas?? Away from xo I mean    01/15/20  (1)
One weird trick. If a pro se tries to be cute and claim no service serve in cour    01/15/20  (2)
Vonoskar powered mech standing on your windpipe    01/15/20  (11)
Roosh unpublished ALL of his remaining books, has no more income    01/15/20  (52)
Haha fuck these boomers. BTW, which boomer should we elect President?    01/15/20  (3)
I'm a little worried about Lawman8.    01/15/20  (53)
luis i am 4 u    01/15/20  (17)
Berniebros are losing their shit over what Trumpmos have gone through for 5 yrs    01/15/20  (6)
I’m currently out of the office complaining about blacks on an Internet forum    01/15/20  (6)
holy shit Aaron Hernandez Netflix doc... He was sucking dick in high school    01/15/20  (21)
Dupa at industrial dairy farm: "Any reason we couldnt do this with cum?    01/15/20  (13)
1 McDouble costs $4 now. Wtf is happening with the economy?    01/15/20  (24)
Has animeboi ever been called out for being the worst fucking poaster in history    01/15/20  (56)
I (24M White) can't afford the bride price for my (25F African) girlfriend.    01/15/20  (5)
"They call him The Centurion." 'Why?' "Because he nails the cross. Every time."    01/15/20  (1)
Luis, how much money did you lose in crypto? Do wife and parents know? (DTP)    01/15/20  (10)
$1,071,243    01/15/20  (6)
Imagine how JELLY the TURD who STALKS me is    01/15/20  (7)
RAW KING (tsinahs grindr handle)    01/15/20  (23)
let me kiss ur penis. new poaster here, first day.    01/15/20  (11)
LOL Bernie bros getting checked by yet another old shrew    01/15/20  (6)
It's kind of funny that a man's primary goal in life is to release semen.    01/15/20  (5)
Henry Aaron, Hank Aaron, PeterNorth: GET A FUCKING LIFE LOSERS    01/15/20  (30)
Hol-e Fuck, Rachel Maddow is interviewing Lev Parnas tonight?    01/15/20  (1)
told guy at work 'you have the aspect of a slave stamped upon your brow'    01/15/20  (4)
The "AssFaggot branch" of the Knights of Columbus    01/15/20  (5)
Oh wow, Spaceporn looks like Robert Berdella not flame    01/15/20  (2)
Ryan Park - Stay At Home Dad Stint (Atlantic)    01/15/20  (3)
Misogyny comes at you fast    01/15/20  (3)
spritezero spiking his hair b4 night out at Turlock bowling alley    01/15/20  (23)
McDouble = $4 in Trump's America    01/15/20  (1)
chica coming over in 1.5h    01/15/20  (5)
Do you not realize Trump has saved the world?    01/15/20  (1)
Warren REJECTS Bernie's handshake after debate (video)    01/15/20  (85)
LOL tried to front squat. that was hard. just LOL.    01/15/20  (31)
Assfag how did you feel about Vic 2    01/15/20  (1)
TMF: "I'm smart!" *becomes shit lawyer* *moves from Harlem to Newark*    01/15/20  (5)
Learning to code was the best decision I made in my entire life    01/15/20  (4)
Doctor: "You have AIDS". Lawman8: "You win this round, Jew."    01/15/20  (24)
Big Don "the Neo CON" Trump    01/15/20  (1)
Schooling is how shitlibs reproduce    01/15/20  (2)
Praying for Damn Daddy's FUCKMACE to SMITE my SINHOLE    01/15/20  (12)
Poll: Who do you ? more, lawman8 or Upset Jew?    01/15/20  (1)
List of TTT airlines    01/15/20  (19)
Is San Francisco still a "gay" city now that it's all homeless junkies and ALPHA    01/15/20  (1)
*makes a bloody mary and crawls inside blanket fort to poast*    01/15/20  (13)
??? lawman8 ???    01/15/20  (7)
30K DOW Nov 2020.    01/15/20  (11)
Can I escape rat race by forming seedy title/payday loan company?    01/15/20  (5)
Are there GFs who are ok with no conversation for days?    01/15/20  (1)
Paying a birdshit mr fix it $10 an hour to do tile work    01/15/20  (4)
I am going to cum on your glasses. You can let it happen or make it the hard way    01/15/20  (2)
Anyone seen Medical Police? (Continuation of xoChildren’s Hospital, on Netflix    01/15/20  (7)
NoDrink January Day 15- Half Way Mark    01/15/20  (12)
really CRAZY ppl don't live in ASIA    01/15/20  (19)
Luis, have you tried Soma?    01/15/20  (1)
whoa cr friend im making a mcdonalds thread any requests    01/15/20  (1)
Luis on cross: "My God, My God, my back is killing me today man. Lmao"    01/15/20  (10)
Intel is done here    01/15/20  (76)

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