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National Origin Discrimination

Ten months after city officials declared a Queen's condominium tower structurally unsound and evacuated more than a third of its residents, lawyers for the apartment...

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Sexual Harassment

A Queens jury awarded a nurse a record $15 million after finding that hospital bosses allowed a doctor with a history of sex harassment to abuse female staffers for eight years.

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Sexual Harassment

When broker Jennifer Goldstein complained to her bosses about sexual harassment within the Wall Street firm where she worked and by clients, she figured they would help her find a solution.

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Firefighter Father

New Hyde Park fire commissioners had accused the duo of stealing dozens of smoke detectors from a secure room in the firehouse in 2012.

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Leeds Brown Law, P.C., a team of prominent NYC employment lawyers, dedicates itself to providing the highest quality guidance and representation to its clients over a range of legal practice areas. For over 30 years, our employment attorneys have become widely known and respected across the New York City metropolitan area for their ability to effectively litigate complex legal issues, and for the outstanding results our firm has achieved, particularly in the areas of employment law, sexual harassment, workplace discrimination, wrongful termination, wage and hour disputes, and teachers’ rights. If you are facing an employment-related dispute, contact a Leeds Brown Law NYC employment lawyer.

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Shortly?after beginning medical school, I experienced some academic difficulties. After seeing my physicians, I was diagnosed with ADHD. After I started receiving specific treatment for ADHD, I requested the school to accommodate me for the disability as recommended by my physician. One of the requests made was for extended time to take my exams. The extension of time was granted...

Kenneth Broodo, Esq.
Partner at Gardere Wynne Sewell LLP

I hired Lenard Leeds, Esq. to assist me with my wrongful termination. I was let go of my position because of my age. I was not only told to take a decrease in pay but also required to work fewer hours to do the same job. Additionally, they kept asking me “When are you going to retire?” I visited the...


I want to thank you again for assisting me in overseeing my issues with my employer. This is the second time I have used Lenard Leeds, Esq. to fight for me. This time I was a National Sales Manager of a drug company, where acts of discrimination based on my age, national origin and retaliation took place. Mr. Leeds and...

Law Professor

$15 M

Everybody knew it was an atmosphere of dirty jokes in the hallways and at the nursing station, [but] no one did anything about it. It was tolerated," Bianco, who left the hospital in 2005, told the Daily News.

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$20 M

Everybody knew it was an atmosphere of dirty jokes in the hallways and at the nursing station, [but] no one did anything about it. It was tolerated," Bianco, who left the hospital in 2005, told the Daily News.

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Newsday called Leeds Brown “probably the best civil rights firm in the country.” If you're facing an employment law issue, speak to us first.

Lenard Leeds, our founding partner, is a litigator with over 30 years trial experience who has handled hundreds of trials and administrative proceedings. He is senior partner in what Newsday has called “probably the best civil rights firm in the country”, and has been featured in the NY Times, NY Law Journal, Newsday and Long Island Business. He has appeared as a legal expert on dozens of television and radio shows including The Today Show, NBC News ,Good Morning America, 20/20, ABC News, CBS News, Anderson Cooper 360°, Nancy Grace, Your World w/ Neil Cavuto, Hannity & Colmes, NY1, and News 12.

He has represented celebrities and sports personalities such as Anna Nicole Smith, Peter Max, Jackie Mason, Jay Black, and has conducted significant cases in the areas of employment law, estate law and matrimonial law.

Top Rated NYC Employment Lawyer

Mr. Leeds became one of the region’s first attorneys to practice workplace discrimination and wrongful discharge law. His firm has successfully represented hundreds of employees on Wall Street and Main Street who have been discriminated against based on age, race and sex. He has been counsel to prevailing plaintiffs in cases involving academic freedom and first amendment protection.

Estate and Probate Administration

Leeds has been involved with some of the largest estate and contested probates in the NY area. He has set aside wills in Nassau County, Queens County and Westchester County. As reported by Newsday, one of Leeds’ trial victories “was the first time a Nassau County will has been successfully contested in a trial in 10 years, according to Nassau Surrogate C. Raymond Radigan, who noted that [in the prior] year there were only three probate trials in the entire state.” In another case, Leeds was successful in obtaining millions of dollars for the beneficiaries of one of the largest estates probated in Nassau County. The ancillary litigation involved accounting and fraud proceedings with respect to a billion dollar co-operative conversion.


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Lenard Leeds, Esq

Founding Partner Carle Place, NY

Senior partner in what Newsday has called “probably the best civil rights firm in the country

Mr. Leeds became one of the region’s first attorneys to practice workplace discrimination and wrongful discharge law. His firm has successfully represented hundreds of employees on Wall Street and Main Street who have been discriminated against based on age, race and sex. He has been counsel to prevailing plaintiffs in cases involving academic freedom and first amendment protection.

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Jeffrey K. Brown

Managing Partner (Carle Place, NY)

Jeff’s dedication and diligence sets the tone for the Firm’s client centered approach. He has initiate and supervise over a hundred class actions and individual cases in the New York City Metropolitan area involving sexual harassment, employment discrimination, and especially unpaid overtime and wages and unpaid tips and gratuities, which have generated millions of dollars for the Firm’s Clients. Additionally, Jeff has led the Firm to take on the representation of teachers, students, educators and people hurt by consumer fraud.


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Rick Ostrove, Esq.

Lead Trial Counsel (Carle Place, NY)

Senior partner in what Newsday has called “probably the best civil rights firm in the country

Rick Ostrove is principal trial counsel for Leeds Brown Law, P.C. Rick has won numerous jury verdicts including a $15M verdict in a sexual harassment case, one of the largest jury awards to an individual plaintiff in an employment discrimination case. During the same year, he obtained a $5.25M award in a workplace retaliation claim. He has won two other trials with verdicts exceeding $1M as well as numerous other civil rights trials. On three occasions, Rick has appeared in Verdict Search’s publication Top New York Verdicts.

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Over $200 Million Recovered by our
NYC Employment Lawyers

Leeds Brown Law, P.C., is a New York City area litigation firm
committed to integrity, professionalism, vigorous advocacy and
getting results in a variety of legal practice areas, particularly in the
areas of civil rights and employment discrimination.

Over 30 Years Of Combined Experience

Leeds Brown Law, P.C., a team of prominent NYC employment lawyers, dedicates itself to providing the highest quality guidance and representation to its clients over a range of legal practice areas. For over 30 years, our employment attorneys have become widely known and respected across the New York City metropolitan area for their ability to effectively litigate complex legal issues, and for the outstanding results our firm has achieved, particularly in the areas of employment law, sexual harassment, workplace discrimination, wrongful termination, wage and hour disputes, and teachers’ rights. If you are facing an employment-related dispute, contact a Leeds Brown Law employment lawyer.

As a respected employment law firm, we strive to accommodate clients as much as possible. Our clients benefit from extended office hours and Spanish translation services as well as various types of fee arrangements including full contingency if applicable.

Leeds Brown Law, P.C., has offices in Nassau county as well as New York City. We serve clients throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, Staten Island, Westchester, Nassau County and Suffolk County. Our NYC employment lawyers are here to help you.

Employees working in NYC and Long Island are protected by numerous NYC employment lawyers. If your rights are violated, it’s recommended you speak to an NYC employment lawyer who can protect and help you. The consultation is free and gives you an opportunity to learn about your rights, and what possible compensation you may be eligible to receive.

Our NYC employment attorneys have handled some of the toughest employment law cases on behalf of employees and workers in the state of New York. We handle cases on behalf of individual employees and are unafraid of bringing class action lawsuits. We regularly represent employees with claims of discrimination, workplace sexual harassment, or other improper treatment that is in violation of New York state labor law. If you feel you’re not being paid proper tips, commissions, or minimum/overtime wages – then you may have a claim. During the initial consultation, we’ll review your situation and evaluate the potential claim you may have.

Each and every member of our team is dedicated to helping employees and preserving their rights. If you’ve been wronged by an employer – you can count on our employment law firm to help you get the financial compensation you’re entitled to. If you’re struggling with possible legal issues in the workplace, we recommend you speak to an NYC employment attorney at our firm before taking any actions. Many employees don’t know that employers have to follow rules and regulations when hiring, firing, paying, evaluating, and even promoting their employees. Employers have to provide employees with time off for medical leave, and are required to provide a safe work environment that is free of harassment. When employers fail to do that, our team of nyc employment lawyers forces them through legal action.

NYC Employment Lawyers

At Leeds Brown Law, we represent clients in employment related issues throughout the state of New York. We help clients in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island, Nassau County, and Suffolk County.

We handle a wide array of cases

Wage and hour claims: Laws that govern wages are extremely complicated. Our NYC attorneys can help you understand your rights, evaluate your legal situation, and help you understand if an employment is in violation of New York state wage and hour laws.

Attorneys In New York Helping Collect Unpaid Wages

Across the US and in Nassau County, workers seek assistance from NYC attorneys, like the ones at Leeds Brown Law, PC when they believe that their employers are withholding wages.

Employees receive protection from laws such as the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) which is one of the many national laws. Basic rights under the FLSA include things like overtime pay, minimum wages and keeping tips. The FLSA is not the only law that covers these things. There may be local and state laws like there are in Nassau County that also regulate wages and hours.

Wages belong to employees. Labor laws and employment laws are very clear about this. Businesses that steal tips, refuse to pay overtime, or keep money from employees, may be accountable for wage theft. After all, they are taking income that belongs to you.

Workers in Nassau County who want nyc employment attorneys with experience to help file their unpaid wage lawsuits look no farther than Leeds Brown. Thousands of people in all types of occupations have come to us in search of representation. We have helped victims of wage theft get great results when their employees withhold their wages. It is astounding just how often wage and hour transgressions occur. One way to protect your legal rights is to understand them. We are able to counsel you on the way to obtain your wages. Our attorneys at Leeds Brown may help you and your co-workers recover gratuities, back pay, overtime, minimum wage and other money owed by your employer.

Employees File Lawsuits Against Companies For Minimum Wage Infractions

Sometimes companies won’t pay for each of their employees’ work-time, even though they are performing labor. This often makes hourly rates drop under the minimum wage. Paying workers below the minimum wage is something that many companies do regardless of it being against the law. You should get paid for all your time. You should get paid no less than the appropriate minimum wage. If you do not, get support.

Businesses must compensate employees for all of the time they spend executing work. Overtime means the periods employees carry out work that exceed 40 hours. The overtime amount of pay is 1 1/2 times the regular amount of pay. Non-exempt employees have to get this premium for all overtime hours.

Businesses will go to the ends of the earth to get around having to pay overtime to their workers. Misclassification of exempt workers is one of the most widespread ways employers do this. Some others simply just will not compensate for additional hours employees work voicing “reasons” which have absolutely no merit. A number of businesses explain to their workers (afterward) that they won’t get paid for overtime because they needed pre-authorization to work the additional time. Employers may tell employees that they do not have to pay overtime for compulsory evening training programs. No matter how many hours workers spend carrying out work, many businesses find reasons to “reduce hours” so they don’t surpass 40.

Declining to pay overtime in these ways violates several wage and hour regulations. Employers might be accountable for paying employees for all the overtime they refused to pay as well as added money. Extra damages can include nyc employment lawyers’ fees. Employers might have to pay civil fines also.

Workers Keep Tips

Theft of tips is troublesome for many employees in both the hospitality and food service sectors. Gratuities belong to employees who are earning them. At least that is the law in Nassau County. Restaurant owners and managers are not entitled to retain the tips of employees.

Tip pools aren’t unusual in restaurants. However, some businesses attempt to create illegitimate ones. These tip pools typically have ineligible participants. Remember, tip pools can only be lawful when every worker taking part is one who “regularly receives” gratuities. Valid tip pools may include employees who serve drinks and food but not employees who work within the cooking area.

In Nassau County, businesses may take a part of employees’ gratuities when customers pay by charge card. The money is expected to go towards transaction costs. The employers are not deducting the money for their own use. It’s actually going to the card issuers.

Hotel and restaurant workers in Nassau County benefit from the long-standing assumption that gratuities are the property of the workers who toil hard to earn them. For instance, when restaurants add services fees to invoices for large parties or catered events, the assumption is that the money goes to the employees. Customers must receive clear notice if employers want to lawfully keep this money. The employers must tell customers specifically that the funds are not for gratuities. If diners do not get the proper notice, those charges may belong to the servers.

Additionally, there are tip-credit regulations that allow companies to pay tipped employees below the regular minimum wage for their hourly rate. Employers can be perplexed by precisely how to utilize and calculate tip credits. The end results? Hard working workers collecting lesser pay than they should and employers lining their wallets.

Get Help Recovering Your Unpaid Wages

Companies have sufficient opportunity to underpay their workers. At times, employers commit blatant violations of overtime regulations. Often, businesses use tips incorrectly, either retaining them or misapplying tip credits. Will your employer compensate you if you stay later or work on your lunch hour? With time, nominal withholdings of your lawful wages may add up to substantial financial setbacks.

If you think you have small wage problems, try to take care of them by speaking to somebody at your job. Try the human resources department, payroll office or your supervisor. Occasionally paperwork mistakes or oversight cause irregularities. It might be easy for somebody to take care of the issue. Make sure you comply with whatever official procedures your employer has, if any.

Call Us To File Unpaid Wage Claims

Consider speaking to experienced unpaid wage attorneys representing people in Nassau County and across the nation, if you’re unable to handle your wage and hour problem. Earnings belong to workers. You have protection under the law that we can help uphold.

Your employer may not retaliate against you for asserting your rights. We can help with unlawful retaliation also. You can’t be penalized for seeking to collect your legal wages. Your employer may not demote you or fire you.

Workplace harassment and discrimination: Employers are required to follow specific rules when it comes to the workplace. We regularly represent victims of workplace harassment and discrimination. If you’ve been treated unfairly at work, it’s recommended you speak to one of our NYC employment lawyers today.

We fight against workplace discrimination and harassment

Discrimination of ANY sort in the workplace is a serious matter. There are federal and state laws in place to protect employees from being mistreated. If you, or your colleagues, have been discriminated and mistreated – you could be eligible for financial compensation. The only way to find out is to schedule a risk free consultation with one of our NYC employment attorneys today. It is illegal for employers to treat an employee differently based on:

Are you facing a hostile work environment?

Many employees face hostile work environments. Such an environment is one in which inappropriate comments, messages, communications, images, or similar issues are present. If you feel like you’re regularly encountering such issues – it’s important to speak to an NYC employment lawyer who can evaluate your claim. We’ll evaluate your case and determine if you have a valid claim against your employer. We don’t collect any fees unless we’re successful in getting you compensation for your claim.

Are your wages being stolen?

New York state, and federal lawyers, govern wages. The laws are complex and can be VERY difficult to understand. Our employment law attorneys can help you understand your rights, and determine if your employer has committed a wage and hour violation. At Leeds Brown Law, we have a proven track record of successfully fighting wage theft cases. We pursue our clients’ interests by fighting back against employers who have wronged them. We never settle for less, and get you the best possible outcome to your wage theft claim.

Our team of trial lawyers understand both New York State and Federal Labor laws. It’s critical you hire an employment law firm who understands both aspects of labor laws in order to get the best outcome to your claim. We can help assess your claim, identify the best option, and litigate on behalf of you and other employees that have been wronged by the employer in question. Even if you’re an immigrant worker with an uncertain legal status, employers must adhere to the same wage and hour laws as they do for U.S. citizens.

Our NYC employment attorneys handle wage and hour claims such as:- Restaurant/hospitality wage theft

  • Construction industry wage theft
  • Expense reimbursements
  • Overtime pay theft
  • Off-the-clock work hours
  • Minimum wage
  • And many other situations
  • Unlawful deductions from pay

Get the Help of NYC Employment Lawyers in New York City

In New York City Get Assistance from Our Sexual Harassment Lawyers

There isn’t any justification for sexual harassment. Our New York City sexual harassment lawyers can advocate for you if you become a victim of inappropriate behavior. Exactly what are you likely to do when lewd and offensive sexual comments are made towards you? Has your manager asked for a date, and you declined? Does HR listen to you when you talk about your sexual harassment experience? Did your boss threaten retaliation against you after speaking up? Should you talk with our NYC employment lawyers?

Sexual harassment continues to affect our society and nearly every business you can think of. The New York Sexual Harassment Lawyers at Leeds Brown Law, PC are ready to help you if you are a victim.

Sexual harassment is never acceptable, yet it continues in today’s world. Unfortunately, recent stories of sexual harassment against women are showing just how frequently it really occurs. Although you might feel alone, you aren’t. Workplace sexual harassment happens on a daily basis in New York City. The only people who should feel ashamed are the ones committing sexual harassment. Sexual harassment just isn’t your fault. It’s the people at work who perpetrate or excuse sexual harassment that are. You must take action to stop the sexual harassment. The sexual harassment attorneys at Leeds Brown Law are here to help.

Seek Advice from Experienced Sexual Harassment Lawyers

Sexual harassment in New York City is not acceptable, and the attorneys at Leeds Brown Law represent clients in New York City when they face such discriminatory behavior at work.

Using experienced sexual harassment attorneys like those at Leeds Brown can help you protect rights you might not even know that you have. A professional team of lawyers will be on your side, advising you and representing your interests. Workplace discrimination and harassment are stressful. Your attorney will help reduce that tension. Does your coworker or supervisor violate your rights? Contact us today and talk about your lawsuit with our sexual harassment lawyers.

So Many Unanswered Concerns – Our NYC Employment Attorneys Can Certainly Help

If you are on the receiving end of lewd behavior at work, you might have numerous questions. Having aided many, many people who experienced sexual harassment, our NYC employment lawyers handling cases in New York City will be able to create a framework for you to organize and pursue actionable issues.

As you think about the events that occurred, you may be wondering: Is it just me? Precisely what is sexual harassment? How should I react to the person harassing me? Should I take action and lodge a complaint about it? Who do I need to talk to concerning this? I don’t want to be fired. But can I protect myself from harassment?

At Leeds Brown Law, we are a group of sexual harassment lawyers servicing New York City and all over the metro area. The people on our team have years of experience taking care of sexual harassment claims and can present you with assistance tailored to your needs. Our valued clients turn to us to advocate for them, protecting their rights and helping them to win financial damages.

Initiating a New York Sexual Harassment Claim is Complex

The laws dealing with sexual harassment and sexual discrimination are complicated. For those who have been sexually harassed, there are many provisions of law that protect them. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 is a federal law that specifically prohibits sexual discrimination. This also incorporates a prohibition against sexual harassment. There is also a state law called The New York State Human Rights Law that does the same. New York City Human Rights Law may also protect you. As you look at your circumstance, what laws would apply to you? Which law provides the best chance of being successful with your set of facts? Does it matter? There isn’t a single answer. Our sexual harassment attorneys who handle matters in New York City will assess your case and prepare a professional recommendation to suit your needs and meet your goals.

Administrative filings are required before civil actions in certain circumstances. Do you file with the U. S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the New York State Division of Human Rights or New York City Commission on Human Rights? They all enforce sexual harassment and sexual discrimination laws. Nevertheless, there are important distinctions between the federal, state, and city agencies. The likelihood of favorable results can be different in unique agencies. We help you to file on time with the right group. If you don’t initiate your claim within the correct venue, you might not get all awards that may have been available to you.

Investigating and Reporting Sexual Harassment in New York City

Sexual harassment in the workplace in New York City is serious, and our attorneys can help if you find yourself being harassed.

You need to formulate a strategy, and our sexual harassment attorneys will help with this. After speaking to your lawyer, you may choose to contact the company to file a report concerning the issue. Your company may have policies and procedures that will require you to do this in a very specific way. Adhering to the policies and procedures may strengthen your case. Ensure that when you register a grievance, you document and maintain copies of your records and the responses from your company. Our New York City sexual harassment lawyers can certainly help monitor this to make sure things are proceeding fairly. Our NYC employment lawyers are working for you and if the case is not proceeding, can act as your representative.

An investigation is appropriate when a worker informs the supervisor of sexual harassment. Some managers elect to retaliate against the employee instead of performing a comprehensive analysis. Have you ever been transferred, fired or demoted after filing a complaint concerning sexual harassment? Did you face physical or verbal abuse soon after filing your claim? Have you been pushed to resign after filing a complaint about sexual harassment? Quite often, your strongest allegation against your employer can be one of retaliation. Our New York City employment lawyers can help you recognize this sort of unlawful action. We can assist you to prove retaliation and help you document related evidence.

After Being Sexually Harassed on the Job in New York City, What are Your Remedies?

City, state, and federal laws allow for unique outcomes. Your ability to prevail and plan of action can be impacted by the different laws employed. Under the various laws, you can be entitled to obtain financial damages including back pay, and compensatory damages for emotional distress, pain and suffering, lawyers’ fees and punitive damages.

Compensation can be available for those sexually harassed at work, and the awards can be substantial. Have questions? Call our NYC employment attorneys now. Talk to our sexual harassment lawyers, representing employees in New York City, who are able to go over the specifics of your case.

Contact Our NYC Sexual Harassment Attorneys Today for Help With Your Claim in New York City

When you are the victim of sexual harassment, it could be incredibly painful. Sexual harassment is nerve-racking and can lead to anxiety or depression. The emotional stress and strain can be even greater because of those in the workplace. Retaliation is a concern for individuals that must lodge a complaint about sexual harassment. What approach should you take? You don’t have to endure this alone.

Leeds Brown’s experienced employment lawyers can address your questions. Our NYC attorneys’ dedication to our clients is second to none. If you would like a free claim review, call our offices now. Talk with us to determine if you have a case against your employer.

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