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26 Jun 20
1/ This got me thinking about “You and Your Research, ” A talk Dick Hamming gave in Bellcore Lab 215 in 1986 when Alan Chynoweth was GM. Chenowyth was succeeded by
Al Aho and I succeeded Al. Lest you think the Alan pattern was thereby broken, I remind you my middle name is Alan.
2/Here’s a link to the transcript. Share it with your students. I have a favorite quote from this talk. Hamming is talking about the great scientists at Bell Labs. He singles out Shannon: here’s what he says about courage and research
3/“Courage is one of the things that Shannon had supremely. You have only to think of his major theorem. He wants
to create a method of coding, but he doesn't know what to do so he makes a random code. Then he is stuck. And
then he asks the impossible question,
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26 Jun 20
Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 6/26/2020-2


Why Protests Work - The Atlantic


#efficacy #protests
How the Virus Won - The New York Times


#coronoviris #COVID19
Opinion: What models can and cannot tell us about COVID-19 | PNAS


#coronavirus #models
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26 Jun 20
Reporting in @edinburghpaper suggests these plans by @Edinburgh_CC have been shelved, although "stakeholders" such as @portobellocc yet to be informed. This is a public health crisis, where changes must be implemented to give pedestrians space to walk and queue: IDEAS /1
The south side of Portobello High St, between nos 229 - 249 (Skylark etc) is very narrow. Parking should be suspended and pavement extended /2
There is a lot of conflict outside @StAndrewsFood with very little pavement space due to bus shelter. Move the bus shelter slightly, remove pavement clutter, build out pavement /3
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26 Jun 20
They are doing this right out in the open. ImageImage
They know exactly what they are doing. Image
Instruct contact tracers not to report if any positive carriers came from protests

Declare that protests didnt spread virus.

Journamalism achieved.
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26 Jun 20
I keep saying this, and it keeps being true: Biden is running a smart campaign by mostly ignoring twitter. If he wins by doing this, he could contribute greatly to a more sane politics. He's doing the lord's work here.
People are really underestimating the appeal of the normalcy angle. He would also be our most 'normal' president since Truman. His background is more normal, his politics are, his disposition is.
Same with the Sarsour/Tlaib stuff I tweeted last night. Bernie put them front and center. Warren bent the knee to various antisemitic groups during the campaign. Biden told them to get lost. Maybe he's not interested in being bossed around by toxic young radicals. Good!
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26 Jun 20
India's envoy to China @VikramMisri has done an interview with PTI. Some quick takeaways & new points:
* "India hopes China will realise its responsibility in de-escalation and disengaging by moving back to its side of LAC"
* Only way to resolve military standoff along LAC is for China to stop erecting new structures.
* China has to stop the practice of transgressing and trying to erect structures on the Indian side of the LAC
* China should stop creating obstructions & hindrances in normal patrolling by Indian troops.
* China's claim of sovereignty over #GalwanValley completely "untenable", such exaggerated claims are not going to help.
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26 Jun 20
COVID-19 is raging across America. We have failed to contain it. Trumps selfishness, vanity and weakness have become lethal. Because of Trump, America is suffering mass death and economic catastrophe. He has triggered a national movement of idiocy and imbecility. He has
created America’s first true mass cult of personality. 35 % of the country has subordinated their agency, common sense and self interest to a conman who not only doesn’t care about them but has an active and seething contempt towards them. Fueled by Trumps example and bombarded
For years with lies, propaganda, conspiracy theories and a ceaseless stream of malice towards minorities, scientists, experts, facts, data, truth and reality a type of collective insanity has taken hold in a dangerously large percentage of the population. They are connected
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26 Jun 20
(1/5) if you are using this tool, make sure you know what is your ventilation rate and the best way to do that is to refer to ASHRAE 62.1. This standard tells you what your building was supposed to be designed for.
(2/5) If it was commissioned and maintained properly then this is probably a reasonable first estimate (if you can't measure or get hard data from facilities folks)
(3/5) See Equation and Table you are supposed to supply clean (particle free air) at a per person rate and a per are rate.
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26 Jun 20
A 3years old girl was raped by her own father here in Ibadan.

The mother first noticed on June 4, 2020 when she left the girl with her father in the room. When she came back into the room, she noticed the sleeping girl’s trouser was down and there was a funny smell.
she entered the room. The man left the room and didn’t reply her questions.

Since June 4, she became conscious of her children and devised a plan with her younger sister who stays in the house with them.

The plan was if she wasn’t around, the children must be in the sister’s
room with the door locked from inside.
This, they have been doing as they live in a two bedroom apartment.

Unfortunately, few days after, the woman was out for few minutes. The younger sister had left her own room to use the bathroom without telling the children to lock the door
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26 Jun 20
You have to actually stop the virus.

European nations have been able to reopen schools without much trouble.

That's because they crushed the curve into the dust.
If you treat reopening the economy as the primary goal and stopping the virus as a secondary one, you don't stop the virus, and your effort to reopen the economy will fail.
If you want cases low enough to open schools, which seems crucial for both the education of the kids and the broader economy, you probably want to stop prioritizing the reopening of e.g. bars and restaurants. Send them more money instead.
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26 Jun 20
Very excited to share our overview on the pathological development of severe COVID-19 under a conservative systemic inflammation derived from COVID-19 associated lung injury (CALI) two hit model consistent with current data ??

On April 4th I started a journey with @Greguialmeida and @ROBERTASANTIS to understand why the circulating levels of IL-6, TNF and IL1 were low in critical patients from Wuhan and still people were insisting in Cytokine Storm as the main cause +
So I read some literature I remembered from pulmonary malaria consequences and convinced @NathanWSchmidt1 that we had some ground to cover using systemic inflammatory response syndrome due to acute lung injury (SIRS-ALI). ALI later came to be covered by SARS definition +
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26 Jun 20
.@TeamJoni's best excuse for @SenJoniErnst's biofuels failure is her #IASen challenger wasn't calling her out... but @GreenfieldIowa's been talking about this all along.

Here she is last August slamming EPA's interference in the biofuels waiver program: greenfieldforiowa.com/2019/08/16/gre…
Here's @GreenfieldIowa calling out @SenJoniErnst for rubber-stamping the confirmation of fossil fuel lobbyist Andrew Wheeler to run the agency despite his promises to put this thumb on the scale for Big Oil over Iowa farmers #IASen greenfieldforiowa.com/2019/08/20/ern…
When Iowa farmers were struggling last year, @GreenfieldIowa was right there, holding @SenJoniErnst accountable for her votes with Mitch McConnell and against Iowa farmers and workers. #IASen greenfieldforiowa.com/2019/10/02/ern…
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