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Feedvisor Advertising Platform for Amazon Amazon Repricer Amazon Profitability Dashboard by Feedvisor

“Your ACoS has decreased by 5% since your last visit.”

Valeria, Managed Services Manager


“Your profits have increased by 21% since last month!”

Isaac, Enterprise Account Executive


“Let’s improve the 44% of items performing below your target margin.”

Alex, Strategic Account Manager

The Only End-to-End Solution for Brands on Amazon

Our marketing and media services and AI platform for 1P and 3P brands drive sales and discovery, enable ownership of your brand identity, provide insights into competitive performance, and ensure accurate brand representation on Amazon’s marketplace.

Feedvisor Advertising Optimization Paid Advertising Optimization

Leveraging AI technology, our team of Amazon Advertising experts serves as your strategic partner in managing and optimizing campaigns across Amazon’s ad console — all Sponsored ads and Amazon DSP.

Feedvisor Organic Search and Content Optimization Organic Search and Content Optimization

Our leading team uses machine-learning technology to track your share of voice and conversion metrics, enabling search term and keyword identification and optimizations of front- and back-end content.

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Feedvisor Brand and Marketplace Insights and Intelligence Brand and Marketplace Insights and Intelligence

Feedvisor’s proprietary technology and data empowers informed decision-making and a holistic understanding of your KPIs, including your brand’s digital shelf presence and competitive landscape.

The Holistic, AI-Driven Platform for Amazon
Sellers and Retailers

Running a large store on Amazon is considerably complex. Using proprietary algorithms and machine-learning technology, our autonomous platform continuously analyzes marketplace data to take real-time actions, so you always outperform the competition.

Feedvisor Amazon Repricer Patented Pricing Technology

Powered by AI, our award-winning Buy Box repricer continuously aggregates billions of data points and reprices against the competition in real time to win the Buy Box at the optimal price for your goals.

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Feedvisor Amazon Advertising Optimization Amazon Advertising Optimization

Leveraging AI and smart data, our Amazon Advertising platform maximizes campaign performance via real-time algorithmic bidding, keyword automation, and structure management.

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Our clients see results:


increase in revenue


increase in RoAS


decrease in ACoS


increase in ad sales

Robust Reporting and Analytics

Strategic Business Intelligence

As your strategic Amazon partner, we provide you weekly reports on your performance metrics. Access real-time analytics in our intuitive, AI-powered UI and clearly identify KPIs like SKU-level profitability through our advanced dashboards, so you can gain a comprehensive understanding of your performance and operational metrics.

Feedvisor’s advertising platform has helped us not only improve our search rank and take back market share from our competitors but also increase our operational efficiency in ways that a human alone never could.

Monica | Director of E-commerce

One Solution. Infinite Possibilities.

Leading Technology and Amazon Experts

From helping you navigate the onboarding process to creating customized reports for your business, our dedicated Amazon experts are here to guide you through in-depth training, hands-on optimizations, planning, and support on an ongoing basis — all while leveraging our industry-leading, AI-based technology and proprietary data.

Feedvisor Leading Technology and Amazon Experts


When you partner with Feedvisor, you automatically receive access to our true, AI-driven technology and hands-on team of Amazon experts. Contact one of our team members today to learn more about our end-to-end solution for brands and large sellers on Amazon.


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