Best Destinations on the Lombok Island

Best Destinations on the Lombok Island
Some main destination on Lombok island are: Mataram, Senggigi beach, Gili Islands, Mount Rinjani, Lombok beach.

Below I will provide some of the areas that are well worth a visit (although I also have not had time to visit all of them), according to a tourism brochure that I get from the hotel where I stay:

1. Suranadi Temple. Here there are the hotel complete with a heated swimming pool and tennis court. There is also the oldest Hindu temple, located 17 km if riding from the city of Mataram.

2. the Lingsar. Temple with the sacred fish in the pond, the location of 9 km with a drive from the city of Mataram.

3. Narmada. Lombok's Botanical Gardens, with a swimming pool, and there is a Hindu temple which is often used by Hindus for worship, location 12 km drive from the town of Mataram.

4. Batu Bolong. There is a temple on top of the rock overhanging the sea, the weather and could see Mount Agung in Bali, as well as nice to see views of the sunset. Location 8 km drive from the town of Mataram. To enter the area, then we are obliged to wear a yellow ribbon of fabric (can be rented on site), which is fitted around the waist. Here beautiful scenery, sea water breaks through the sidelines a hollow rock, leading to a gemerosak. Unfortunately I am here, the weather is still clouded after the rain, but the beautiful scenery. The Sun peeks in between clouds, and light is reflected in a fall in sea water.

5. Senggigi. Natural white sand beaches are clean, surrounded by hotels, motels and bungalows. Very beautiful once, especially if the time of sunrise and sunset. Location 10 km drive from the town of Mataram. On the beach many souvenirs salesman, is a cultured freshwater colorful, ranging from the price of Rp. 25.000,-also t-shirts bearing salesman Lombok and Senggigi, Lombok, and distinctive carving on wood, could either be a fruit, masks and more.

6. Sire Beach. Marine parks with exotic coral and fish that swim around more. Located 36 km drive from the town of Mataram.

7. Gili Air, Gili Meno and Gili Trawangan. The island of the gods in Northern Lombok, surrounded by the sea. Here lots of people diving or surfing. The island has many hotels and b & BS, so that it can stay here, its shores are still original. To reach this location can use a motor boat.

8. Sukarare. The village where the weaving, this is the place if you want to buy traditional woven Lombok, and see how the weavers does its job. Location 25 km drive from the town of Mataram.

9. Rambitan/Sade. The original village of Lombok, with the traditional Sasak, location 50 km drive from the town of Mataram.

10. Kuta/Tanjung Aan. Mandalika beaches with sparkling lights, where we can swim, there are hotels and restaurants. Every year there is a celebration of the capture/view Nyale fish, location 56 km drive from the town of Mataram.

11. the Mataram. Mataram is the capital of the province of West Nusa Tenggara. While the Ampenan is an old port city (now moved to a sheet). Ampenan city characteristic of ancient architecture, which when cleaned and cared for properly, will become a popular tourist destination.

12. Cakranegara. Is the city's business, there is an agricultural market, bird market, and Springs as well as pura Meru Mayura, the largest temple in Lombok. Cakranegara purportedly once a Kingdom, but the former kingdoms (the site) is already beyond recognition. If you want to gift shop food, then can I buy chicken legs fried, salted eggs and a variety of sweets from seaweed.
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welding certification

a welding certification is technically a procedure or possibly a welder qualification check. if you do have the talent level and follow the directions you then ought to made an equivalent results clearly as the procedure specifies. by comarison its no then again following a recipe. if you employ the ingredients as specified and cook by following the directions you'll get the desired results wished ! during this case in comparison to made a cheese burger you can made a sound quality welded joint.

Download Welding Inspection Report Form

the most distinction between a welding certification as well as a welder qualification check is it's certified by an organization and can be'>it'll be supervised by a person completed the appropriate coaching who has actually been approved by that organization to actually oversee that procedure. welding qualification tests are sometimes given in pre employment screenings to actually be certain that the welder will weld up in the company’s standards.

Complete Guide Become Welding Inspector

welding certifications are designed to actually ensure the welders skills are up in the code they will will certainly be operating underneath. welding certifications are too documented to actually prove that the welder is qualified underneath that code. welding codes vary plenty looking on the style of work being done. there may be several organizations which have completely different procedures looking on the style of  work they will oversee.

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career guide in how out to really become a certified welding inspector

career guide in how out to really become a certified welding inspector
a welding inspector’s main job usually ensure that the welded components are of glorious condition and so the welding works associated by having positive structure is performed correctly out to really guarantee the safety associated by having positive structure. welding inspectors conducts tests within the welded components using nondestructive strategies out to examine for defects inclusive of cold welds and undercuts and cracks that might endanger the safety associated by having positive structure.

a welding inspector inspects welding jobs that can possibly be found done by humans any as machines, welds on structures and goods every finished and in methodology and welds created at construction sites and in machine outlets. many factors that can possibly be found used in welding inspections are penetration, dimension, joint strength and freedom from defects inclusive of pits, cracks and spatters.

whereas operating nowadays become a welding inspector, youll be ready to earn your certification. the basic requirements for inspector certification are 8th grade education and four years of welding expertise, the equivalent associated by having high school diploma and a pair of years of expertise or an associate’s alittle and six months of expertise. this will qualify one to really be certified via the certified associate welding inspector ( cawi ).

cawi certification is valid for 3 years and may not be renewable. you wish toto be ready to keep certified, it is considerable out to pass the certified welding inspector ( cwi ) certification furthermore as senior certified welding inspector ( scwi ). out to really be ready to qualify taking every the cwi and scwi exams, it is considerable out to have an 8th grade education and nine years of welding expertise, a high school diploma and five years of expertise or an associate’s alittle and 3-4 years of expertise and fifteen years of expertise for scwi exam takers. out to really pass the exams, it is considerable out to earn a minimum of 72%.

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Mercedes-Benz Actros rewarded Truck of The Year 2012

Mercedes-Benz Actros rewarded Truck of The Year 2012
Mercedes-Benz Actros won 'Truck of the Year 2012' in the event that took place in 2011 Trailer Kortijk, Belgium. The victory is the result of choices Actros 24 European journalists to be juries.

For Actros wins the brilliant achievements since its presence in 1997. Because the year debut launch Actros had already won a title as the Truck of the Year. This achievement was followed in 2004 and 2009. Therefore, kemengan this year is the fourth title for Mercedes-Benz trucks andalam them.

At this year's assessment focuses on the jury team transportsai sector innovation, economic value, emissions security and comfort. In all classifications are Actros excels with values ??reaching 161 points, while the second and third positions only received 67 and 50 points.

"We are proud of this achievement nicks which is an honor in itself. The award also will be an addition to our motivation to continue to innovate, "proud Hubertus Troska, Head of Mercedes-Benz Trucks.
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Lincoln Electric K2185-1 Handy MIG Welder Customer Reviews

Lincoln Electric K2185-1 Handy MIG Welder Customer Reviews

Before buy new welding machine like Lincoln Electric K2185-1 Handy MIG Welder better you read customer reviews on the internet or your colleague.

After you read Lincoln Electric K2185-1 Handy MIG Welder Customer Reviews, you can compare with other product to select best and fit for your project plus budget.

Lincoln Electric K2185-1 Handy MIG Welder Customer Reviews

Below some Lincoln Electric K2185-1 Handy MIG Welder Customer Reviews for your reference:
Reviews from
This was one of the best offers of prices, viability, everything; It is awsome you can do some little thin things, big heavy things and body and fenders are working perfect welding systems E - Z, escape... was supprized, I made the purchase of the mine cart and buy a different mask, all you need is your wall socket (use of purchase of the reservoir of the welds of gas in a better way) a few practice runs BOOM your a PRO. They wanted $480 for the welder to one shop PRO includes $359 is theft.

I have read all comments on this product before I bought it. It was not any really wrong and will not get a here. I am restoring a 1960 MGA and need something to weld sheet metal automotive. I can do more than that. Happy that I decided to go with Lincoln. What soft a friendly welder. I thought that I must obtain a concession and use co2 or argon MIG welding of sheet metal, but the internal shield works fantastic. It is a super unit soon!

I bought this unit do some replacement body of automatic welding group. I already have a mig 220 volts that use more than 10 years. He has difficulty with light tasks such as welding of sheet metal. I thought it would be good for small tasks of this unit welding and is a good brand in the world of welding. The unit has been occupied. I was not happy that the gas regulator does not have an indicator, making it difficult to know when you were near the end of the bottle. I will conclude by adding an indicator because that drive me nuts. The reason why I am him giving full stars based on their performance. He really surprised its ability to weld material thicker and execute only 110 power. I love that I can connect anywhere and in any size team of welding with ease. And as expected, check below to be very good with plate size 18. Desire had an infinite output markup, but I am unable to find one of the 4 parameters to work for the job at hand. They have plugged in a variety of outlets and it has not yet created a CB. The key is that he had always regarded as laptops as wimpy and for people who were too cheap welding buy a full size welder, but now realize that this unit has enough power to be my only welder for home and hobby. I was tempted to buy a unit without a name in other companies to obtain dial infinity for heat power, but I'm happy with what I chose. I am sure that it will last this unit and is very mild. The reason why I bought a second welder was for reliable operation in low heat environments, and this unit has done that and much more.

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Mineral oil VS. Synthetic Oil - Which is better?

Mineral oil VS. Synthetic Oil - Which is better?
Engine oil are also not only acts as a lubricant, but also as coolant, stainless, slit cover and machine cleaning machine. Good lubrication should be able to make a lighter engine performance and serves as a protective metal components of friction due to constant friction in a long time.

From its base, a common engine oil is divided into two types, namely:

Mineral oil (Oil Base): Obtained from petroleum mine the results processed into oil and additive materials plus to add to the quality of lubricants for the better.

Synthetic oil (Synthetic Oil): Synthetic Oil is normally made up of Polyalphaolifins coming from the cleanest of the segregation of mineral oil, including gas. It is then mixed with mineral oil. This is why synthetic oil can be mixed with mineral oil and vice versa. The base is the most stable. In essence, synthetic oil designed to produce a more effective performance compared to mineral oil.
Mineral oil VS. Synthetic Oil - Which is better?

Mineral Oil VS. Synthetic Oil
Below advantages of synthetic oil:
More stable at high temperatures (less volatile) so that low levels of evaporation
Control/prevent the occurrence of carbon deposits in engine
Circulation more smoothly at the start of the morning/cold weather
Lubricate and coat metal better and prevent friction occurs between a metal which result in damage to the engine
Resistant to oxidation making changes/more durable making it more economical and efficient
Reduce the occurrence of friction, increases the power and the engine cooler
Contain detergents which are better for membersihkanmesin of kerakOli minerals are usually made of synthetic oil from the refining while results of chemical mixtures.
Material synthetic oil is normally PAO (PolyAlphaOlefin).Synthetic oil is normally recommended to the machines of the latest tech (turbo, supercharger, dohc, dsbnya) is also a need for better lubrication (racing) where the gap between part/smaller metal/narrow/precision where only synthetic oil can coat and flows perfectly.
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