Saturday, March 21, 2020

Firmware Update for the PV3

The Dynojet Power Vision 3 (PV3) is very easy to update its firmware.  I made the following video that shows how to update the firmware as well as tune and log management.

Dynojet has made significant improvements to the PV3 since its release and my initial review.  The biggest improvement has been logging, but from length of log files and the speed of saving these files.

Kudo's to the engineering team that have enhanced logging.  Once you initiate a recording by pressing the button with a circle on it, the unit will continue to record until you stop it by pressing the button again or it fills memory (which can be a very long recording session).  The speed of saving the files is now a second or so if you choose to stop it manually.  You do want to manually stop the recording before you power the bike down or the last log file will be lost.

If you are recording a long ride, then the PV3 will split the logs up into multiple files with the label of the tune.djt that is send it the data as well as a number.  So it will look like V1-CB_LOG_1.wp8, V1-CB_LOG_2.wp8, etc.  The tune.djt file being V1-CB.djt in this example.  No more wondering which tune recorded which set of logs!

Here is a brief video showing the updating process and other file management concepts.

Dynojet has made numerous improvements to the PV3 with regards to file management, stability, and logs.  If you have not updated your firmware lately, please do so.  Here is a direct link to the newest firmware.