• President's Message

    Beth Mignone

    #shopfarmingdale #dalerstrong

    We’re not all on the same boat. Every business owner watching the news hearing Government officials and the Facebook pontificators repeat “Stay home, we’re in the same boat” knows how different our experiences are right now.

    For many of us not being open means no pay. For others, a drastically changed business model is the only means for survival or a reduction of losses.

    I know one thing. It’s not the 24 hour newscasters, governor, or government official who has produced a single mask, gown, meal, roll of toilet paper, or any other of the essential items the public needs. It is the business community who is doing that. Take a moment to feel pride in that.

    We have watched as many of our restaurants have found a way to switch to selling grocery items, take-home family meals, adding curbside pickup and delivery to keep our communities fed. Grocery stores learned how to double capacity.

    We have seen the business community, many of which are our members, responding to the call for more face shields and hand sanitizers, more food and basic necessities. It is business owners, managers and sales people with determination, creativity and in many cases, desperation, finding a way to carry on.

    It is our members that ran food drives, fed nurses and first responders, answered calls, and utilized new technology to service client’s and customer’s questions and challenges.

    I have always been impressed by our members, now I am in awe.

    I know we will make it thru to the other side because I can see how we have responded to the needs from officials and the public. Small business has a unique ability to adapt, identify needs and create. Our members are stronger than most due to the connections we have made over the years.

    Our members are not “all in same boat” but we are all in the same sea.

    For those of us essentially sidelined, I was told that when fishermen can’t go out to sea because of tides or weather they work on their nets. Use this time to work on your nets and reach out if the Chamber can help in any way.

    Joseph Garcia
    516-449-2028 cell
    516-845-4700 office

  • YES Community Counseling Center is a community-based, non-profit organization that has been serving the residents of southeastern Nassau County since 1977. Though historically rooted in youth programs, they changed their name from Youth Environmental Services to better reflect the scope of services they provide, including school-based social work, counseling, drug/alcohol treatment, and a wide variety of other services.

    As a result, YES tends to those who are struggling with issues including but not limited to domestic violence, chemical dependence, family conflict, sexual abuse, marital/peer difficulties, bereavement, and health concerns.

    Their mission is to increase awareness about personal and community issues, prevent and treat substance abuse, and to promote healthy families and a safe community.

    YES Community Counseling Center is making a difference today for a better tomorrow.  For more information, visit yesccc.org

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    The Farmingdale Chamber of Commerce, Inc. is dedicated to "Building a Better Business Community Together" and to serve the heart of the greater Long Island business area. The Farmingdale Chamber of Commerce, Inc. pledges itself to the following goals.

    • To further the mutual interests of all organizations in their relationships with town, county, village and state governmental agencies.
    • To promote the passage of legislation serving the best interests of our businesses and community.
    • To promote inter and intra-area buying of products and services.
    • To promote beautification of the local industrial and commercial community.