Sunday, March 7, 2010

Whoops my blog is dusty again !!!!

Aahh once again I've abandoned my blog for 3 months!!! Hmm so why do I bothered to update it now? The answer is because of May'n BIG☆WAAAAAVE!! concert !!!! (She is a rising Japanese pop star, her singing style is a blend of pop and rock and she got a very powerful voice as well)

The concert was held on 7th of March on 8pm at Life Centre. I went out from my home since 3pm to meet up with one of my buddy, after we finished our 'yumcha' session we straight away rushed to the venue. It was only 5.30pm when we reached there but to my surprised a lot of people already there lining up !!! Anyway we were lucky enough to squeeze to the front row (this is a free standing concert) hehehe. Never in my life have been to a concert which I was able to see the singer in such a close distance!!! (The distance of the stage and the place where I was standing was approximate 10m!!!!)

The concert was started with a performance by May'n dancer, after that it was May'n show time. She started with the song titled 'Welcome To My Fanclub's Night!', all the fans was jumping and waving their light stick (including me of course ^^) as May'n was singing the song.
She really know how to connect with the audience, for the entire concert there was not a single moment where either of my friend or me felt 'dry' or lost of excitement.

Then when she sings 'Deep breathing' which is one of my favourite song of hers, she sings it with full of emotions (with very good dynamic and control as well) . I was nearly cry out during that time (not many singer can sing like that).

At the end of the concert, May'n was in tears and thanks the Malaysian fans for supporting her. She didn't expect that her Malaysia fans will give such a good response during the whole concert, also it was very touching when she was saying that she will not forget this night while crying.

Overall the concert was awesome!!! (To be I felt this concert was million times better than the Jay Chou concert that I had attended 3 yeras ago) Despite the small venue and medium small-medium size crowd, everyone was connected through her song, we sing, dance, wave, scream and jump together throughout the concert. I really hope that she will be back to Malaysia again somewhere in the future....

Monday, November 9, 2009

Chapter 1...

Okay I'm back to KL after a 5 days vacation at Sabah. During the first day was somehow quite tiring and sleepy as well because the day before I took my flight I was unable to sleep well (slept for only 3 hours). The flight was on 9am but I had to go to gather at my aunt home which was located at Semenyih at around 6am. Once reached there, we waited for the taxi for about 20min to arrive to fetch us to the KLIA. The taxi driver was a friendly old Chinese man, aged 64, and still possessed a muscular body (I'm darn impressed by the physical fitness of the taxi driver). He talked a lot about his sons and some of his background story which I was not really interested, however my aunt was the talkative type, therefore for the entire journey to KLIA, the sound which was audible to my ears was the sound of my aunt and the taxi driver chit chatting.

The journey to KLIA took about 30min from Semenyih, partly due to the smooth traffic condition. After wasting one hour at the airport, finally I was on the plane to Sabah. The view outside of the airplane was amazing during that day, somehow I managed to take a snapshot of a rainbow via my phone's camera....(somewhere over the rainbow way up high~~)

Can you spot the rainbow?

Inside the airplane, there was nothing much to do except going to the washroom regularly, eyes glued at the hot air stewardess, and listen to the musics. After flying for at least 2h 30min, the plane took a stop at Labuan to drop off some passengers before continuing to Kota Kinabalu.

At last, I had arrived to K.K after more than 3 hours butt torturing journey all the way from KL. Immediately checking out from the airport, my father contacted his former colleague a.k.a his student to have a little conversation. Then we bought a taxi ticket which cost rm30 in order to travel to the hotel which was located less than 50km from the airport. Once again, I had to torture my butt or else I had to sleep at the airport...
The environment in K.K was much like the 80's, however the buildings looked repainted and had undergo maintenance. Finally, the gigantic signboard which reads Daya Kinabalu Hotel was visible to me, my face showed a relieved sign because I can finally took a rest.

The hotel was situated in the town center, there was no parking space for the taxi to stop. To my surprised, the taxi driver just stopped at the middle of the road blocking the vehicles at the back from proceeding their journey. However, drivers at Sabah was full with patient and tolerance. They waited for us to unload our luggage and the taxi driver to step on the acceleration without pressing the horn at all !! This is something that will not happen in KL....

So, the first day was pretty much ended without any activities, due to the tiring journey everyone wanted to get a good rest before enjoying the rest of the vacation...

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Holiday on the go!!!

Okay so yesterday I had finally finished my final paper which was the fundamental of was it? Well it sucks that all I can tell you.. Since it was over I'm not gonna think about it anymore, I better spend my time doing what I'm supposed to do few months ago which are, music composing, guitar training, and readings. By the way, I have finished the Dan Brown latest book. I will simply give it a five out of five..go get this book, read it and try to capture the message behind it. Oh ya not to forgot, yesterday out of the blue moon there was a rat at the back of my electric guitar..I had no idea how this little creature can end up at there. However this little guy looked like it was going to depart from this world anytime soon..I guessed it had eaten some poisonous stuff...

On last Sunday, I went to celebrate ah chiang and huey mun birthday. It was a great day because I got to meet my A level friends again(as well as two more friends which I had met them once few months ago). On that day, I had watched the inglorious basterd which was featuring Brad Pit. The show was quite funny in my oppinion (if you are into black humour) but the show was too draggy. The dialogs in this movie were well crafted, the background scenes had contributed successfully in the humour part, and the cast were superb.

Today, I wake up quite early, 7.15am.. For the first time since the start of short semester, I resume my daily workout routine..I hope that I will be able to follow the routine because it is kinda hard to jump start the engine after a long shut down. Then after having my breakfast I go to find my sis (my godsister) in order to help her setup her home studio stuff..spend few hours at her home and then straight to Kepong for music class. During music class, my teacher tell me that the ringtone that I had composed was considered the one of the best...the moment the word stomp into my ears all I can feel is.. damn happy!!! Lol Now I'm even more motivated to compose and practise music..okay it's time to sign off...

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Friday, October 23, 2009

magsafe power adapter ....sick.....happy...relief

Yesterday out of sudden my macbook power adapter had once again broke down...and yeah I just got it back from replacement and it's not even a week yet !!! Then somehow today, it revived but I still doubt it will last for another day..hmm just my feeling. Well yesterday, I didn't attend the music class due to severe headache, I think the extreme hot and humid day had caused the headache...

Stole it from others blog muhahaha!!!

Today the headache has settled down and now it is the turn for the attack of the running nose!! (Dj gimme the star wars imperial march !!!) Honestly speaking, the global climate has suffered a drastic change. I still remembered during my A level, my chemistry lecturer said that our world was beyond rescue. "Despite the effort in saving the Earth, it is actually slowing down the destruction process itself and not healing the Mother Earth...", said Mr. David Loh...Well do you all believe that we can not restore our Earth to its once greeny and beautiful state?? Personally for me, I do hold on into believing that we can still save our planet.. however we must work together in curing the Earth..

Let's recycle!!!

Yeah recycling is one of the option we can contribute in saving our Earth, therefore start recycling hehe...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Window 7 released!!!

After a long wait Window 7 finally make its debut in every tech store, personally I'm not quite as exited as I does during the released of Mac Snow Leopard although critics claimed that Window 7 is far more better than Window Vista. I've been using Window Vista for two years and I can tell you that Window Vista suck to the max despite it recent service pack 2, it doesn't solve all the problems that comes with it. Anyway I do hope that Window 7 will be far more better than Window Vista but still I remained sceptical (thanks to the fact that Window Vista has failed me many times). Yesterday night, when I was about to doze off I saw a damn funny ad by Microsoft..

So after watching this ad what message do you all get ??? The big question is,are they mocking themselves?? Well what certainly is this is one of the microsoft best ad for me xD

Sleepy..rainy...gloomy day

Today I've finished my business statistic final exam, took almost 2 hours to finish (including final checking)..I hope I will be able to score this subject because most of the chapters in this subject I've learn it before during my A level program. Okay one down and two more to go.. the next subject will be Financial Accounting, I'm kinda unsure whether I could score this subject or not because all the things in this subject are still quite new to me (never taken accounting subject until this time haha)..just pray to God that I will do well.
I wish God will always guide me & be by my side...

Currently I'm still hesitating whether or not to join my friends for the Genting trip although I've paid a total of rm27 for the hotel room. Thanks to the power cut on tomorrow, the Fundamental of Marketing was postponed to 28th (I'm quite curious why the heck UCSI don't have their own power generator, I'm sure that many of the Uni do have their own backup power generator).

Recently, I found myself in a good luck. This have not happen to me since the last 19 years (seriously!!).. Let's rewind back to 20th/10/09...I woke up from my bed and as usual I switched on the pc. Proceed to check the mail, and to my surprised I received an email informing that I had won iTunes credit worth $10!!! It was from the iPhone game challenge that I had participated a week ago. Sincerely I really felt an unimaginable sense of joy in my soul, for a guy that never won any lucky draw or any competition, this was something truly amazing!!! (Yeah yeah even though the prize is only $10 but hey I can spend it on songs haha).. Deep inside my heart I really thank God for giving me the chance to taste the joy of winning =D
Thanks for everything.....

Fast forward to present (21/10/09).. this morning I've bought Adam Lambert new song Time For Miracles (using the itunes credit). I love this song so much until I can't even get the chorus of the song out of my head!! This reminds me of an episode of the Family Guy

Until next time..signing off..

Monday, October 19, 2009

Dan Brown new book..The lost symbol..anyone?

The lost symbol
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Yesterday I went to klcc with the intention to collect my power adapter (aah finally after nearly three weeks of waiting), after fulfilling my objective I went to Kinokuniya just to have a look since I've arrived there. Normally I would stroll to the comics section but instead I take my time at the novel section. Casually I browsed through some of the novel on the shelf and then without and prior notice..I saw Dan Brown's latest book, The Lost Symbol !!!! I took a deep breath and cradled the book in my right palm, and slowly with my left index and thumb fingers flipped the cover of the book. After a few minutes of readings through the introduction page, I decided to buy the book (I bought a graphic novel as well because The Lost Symbol will be given 20% discount for the second item purchased). Well I've read until chapter 11 and so far all I can describe is, this book is amazing!!! Seems like Dan Brown never fail to capture the attention of the readers. I've read two of his previous books which are the best selling Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons, and both of the books are great in my opinion. I like the way the author tell his story, put in some conspiracy theory and make it as if it is real. Even though some critics might argue that the facts which are presented in the book are not correct but hey...who cares as long as the it will make the story interesting. Okay I'm gonna continue reading the book....signing out..