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Welcome to Tree's End Wood Designs.

   My name is Jim Martin and this site is a place for me to display my passion for woodworking. I am not a production woodworker but rather make things that appeal to me. In general I do not make quantities of anything but I may make several items if they challenge me. The inventory on this site reflects my journey through woodworking. I do have some items in inventory along with pictures of items that you could order. I also take special orders if there is something that you would like to request be made. Delivery time and cost for all special orders would be agreed upon before work began.   


We are currently still building the site so we do not have a lot of items up yet. Please take a look and return often to see what has been added. I appreciate you stopping by and hope you enjoy looking at the items I make as much as I enjoy making them.



I also have a section for items my mom makes. She likes to crochet and all the items under Grandma's Treasures are items that she has hand made. I hope you enjoy looking at them as well.