Brio-Medical is an alternative medical treatment center restoring HOPE to those who have lost confidence in their standard care. We offer advanced, research-based non-toxic treatments, which are derived from NASA, Harvard Medical and around the world.? We provide these advanced treatments to patients who are diagnosed with complex end-stage medical conditions who have become unresponsive to standard cancer care. Our customized approach is to treat the underlying cause of their disease and not just the symptoms.

Many people come to Brio-Medical after their conventional treatments have failed to produce results.? Our goal is to provide precisely targeted non-toxic treatments to achieve better results at a cost that is affordable.?

Cancer and Lyme patients have more scientifically proven non-toxic treatment options than ever before. These treatments are specifically designed to rebuild the body’s natural immunity response. This is more important than ever before in light of emerging pandemics. People who come to Brio-Medical find our approach to be vastly superior to anything they’ve previously experienced.

Our knowledgeable and loving team invest time into developing relationships which blesses everyone involved. You’ll better understand your needs and how you can accomplish your goals. We’re fully committed to the complete rehabilitation of your body, mind, and spirit. Get the natural care you deserve today by contacting us now and schedule a free phone consultation with one of our doctors.


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All Treatment Programs Are Individualized. One Size Does Not Fit All! The Treatment Plan Designed For You Will Be Based On Personal History, Physical Exam, Labs, Imaging, Medications, Allergies, And Your Overall Health.

Why Choose Us

Brio-Medical’s Team Is Dedicated To The Wellness Of Our Patients And Are Committed To Providing Them With The Most Robust Comprehensive Treatments For Immune Disorders And Chronic Degenerative Diseases Available In The World. Our Program Is Designed To Remove Stress, Eliminate Pain And Allow Our Patients To Feel At Ease Again. Our New State-Of-The-Art Treatment Facility Is Equipped To Treat Cancer Of All Types And Stages. Our Treatments Are Focused On The Overall Health Of The Body As Well As Each Patient’s Emotional And Spiritual Well-Being



patient testimonials

June 5th, 2020

Lynne shares her experience here at Brio-Medical after completing just 3-weeks of treatments.

Kathy W.
Shares here experience with breast cancer at Brio-Medical.

Charlene F.
Stage 4 Peritoneal Carcinomatosis, Metastasized from colon cancer.

Carrie, shares her experience here at Brio-Medical after completing 4-weeks of treatments.

Very Relaxing Atmosphere. Cori Is Very Knowledgeable And Truly Has Your Interests At Heart.

Nikki F.2015

Excellent! Cori Is Very Intuitive And Knowledgeable, Supportive And Has Great Ease In Her Communication And Suggestions. She Was Great In Making My First Colon Hydro-Therapy Experience Comfortable And Smooth! She Gave Me Such Great Suggestions And Ideas. The Space Was Meticulous And Welcoming, And Great Parking. I Loved Every Part Of It.

Michelle P.2015

Having A Strong Interest In Wellness I Knew I Needed To Find The Right Naturopathic Medical Doctor Focusing In Oncology Once I Discovered A Fast Growing Lump In My Breast I Was Averse To Chemotherapy And Radiation. After Researching For One, I Decided To Meet With Dr. Kollin. She Guided Me Through Every Step To Insure A Great Outcome. Once We Received The Diagnosis Through A Needle Biopsy, I Had It Surgically Removed.
My Tumor (Stage 2) Was Triple Positive But My Surgeon Got Clear Margins And The Sentinel Lymph Node Was Negative. Even Though Imaging Showed It Had Not Spread, The Surgeon Pushed For Radiation, Which I Declined. However, As Part Of Dr. Kollin’s Protocol Post Surgery, I Applied A Special Cream Over Parts Of My Body And Shortly Thereafter I Experienced “Eruptions” That Came Through My Skin On Both Breasts, Especially Around The Lumpectomy, Both Of My Armpits, The Rib Cage, And The Back Of My Neck. Even Though The Margins And Lymph Nodes Were Clear And Imaging Showed The Tumor Had Not Spread, It Is Obvious To Me There The Cancer Would Have Recurred As The Eruptions Showed Otherwise.
Pre And Post Surgery I Was On Specialized IV Therapy, Nutritional Supplements, Gut And Detox Support. She Also Promotes Healing Through The Mind And Body Connection, Encouraging Her Patients To Do The Work On Our Thoughts, Beliefs, Stress, Etc. But What Impressed Upon Me The Most, Other Than Her Knowledge, Was Her Care For Me, Reaching Out To Me Between Office Visits, Making Herself Available For Counsel And Support. I Am Blessed To Have Found Her During This Critical Time In My Life.

Donna C, Feb2019

Dr. Cheryl Kollin Has Been My Naturopathic Cancer Doctor Since Mid 2015. My Life Has Completely Changed For The Better While In Her Care. She Helped Me To Regain My Health – Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, And Spiritually.
I Came To Dr.Kollin As A Stage 3 Breast Cancer Patient And Was Adamant About Not Having Chemotherapy Or Radiation. During Our Initial Consultation, She Really Took The Time To Ask A Lot Of Questions And Understand Me.
Dr Kollin Is Extremely Knowledgeable On Available Cancer Treatments As Well As General Health And Healing Topics. She Explained To Me Various Approaches To Treatment. The Protocol She Designed For Me Was A Multi-Prong Approach. It Was A Truly Holistic Regiment That Combined Allopathic, Naturopathic And Emotion-Focused Treatment As Well As Diet, Exercise, And Meditation. Along The Journey, We Tweaked The Protocol And Tried Various Alternative Therapies. She Also Taught Me That “Thoughts Are Things”, “Words Are Important”, And To “Let It Go”.
Dr Kollin Has Always Been Responsive To My Questions Which Really Put My Mind At Ease And Made Me Feel Like She Had My Back. She Has A Natural Optimism, Openness For Sharing Health And Healing News, And Curiosity For Discovering The Best Treatments For Her Patients. Dr. Kollin Also Facilitates A Group Of Her Patients Using The Same Treatment. This Community Of Healing Support And Friendship Has Meant A Lot To All Involved.
I’m Happy To Say That Under Dr. Kollin’s Care, I Had A Cancer-Free PET Scan In July 2019. This Is A Big Deal Since It Had Been Stage 4 Since Late 2016. Dr. Kollin Continues To Monitor My Health. I’m Beyond Words Appreciative And Grateful For Her. I Highly Recommend Dr Kollin!!

Stacy E.2019

I Saw Dr Kollin For Cancer Prevention. In 2014 I Had Pain On The Left Side Which Occasionally Radiated To My Left Breast. An U/S Showed Nothing But Fibrous Breasts. The Origin Of The Pain Could Never Be Pinpointed. She Had Me Apply A Lotion To My Torso Daily. After A Few Months I Began To Have Eruptions Under The Left Breast And Increased The Lotion Applications As Instructed. As The Eruptions Progressed, The Pain On The Left Side Increased. After 4 Months The Eruptions Stopped And The Skin Healed. The Pain On The Left Side Is Gone. Follow Up U/S Has Shown That The Breasts Are No Longer Fibrous. Incidentally They Are No Longer Tender When Menstruating.
I Am So Thankful For Dr. Kollin. She Listened And Supported Me. She Is Truly Caring.


I Came To Dr. Kollin Diagnosed With Metastatic Prostate Cancer. I Had Tumors In My Hips And Pelvis And Half My Prostate Was Tumor. Dr. Kollin Worked With Me On My Diet, Supplements, And Gave Me IV Nutrients. My PSA Was At 241.6 When I Arrived. A Little Over 3 Months Later, I Am Heading Home With A PSA Of 0.5. A 3T MRI Showed No Cancer Present In The Prostate. The Metastasis In My Hips And Pelvis Are Showing Change. It Is Not Showing As A Mass But Possibly Rebuilding. I Would Recommend To Anyone That At The Very Least They See Dr. Kollin. In Closing, I Went From My Oncologist Back Home Giving Me A Terminal Diagnosis To Hope.

Joseph K.2014

I Reached Out Initially For A Sauna Session, But I Got So Much More. Their Knowledge Of Wellness Is Truly Holistic. I’ve Been Struggling With My Health For Most Of My Life, But Their Compassion And Client Centered Focus Goes Above And Beyond That Of Other Practitioners I’ve Seen. This Is Real, Down To Earth, And They Make You Feel Welcome To Share Your Vulnerabilities With Heart. I Soon Tried A Hypnotherapy Session And It Changed Everything. I Found Blocks I Hadn’t Thought Of Emotionally That Could Be Contributing To My Physical Ailments. I Then Decided To Start A Deep Tissue Detox Program, And Again, The Healing Has Tripled. I’m So Clear Headed And My Body Feels More Energized, Knowing Each Day Is Another Step Towards Superb Health. I Feel I Have Found Someone I Can Truly Count On In My Journey Of Self-Love, Awareness And Health, And I Can’t Recommend Cori ENOUGH! Book A Visit Now! You Won’t Regret It. ?

Monica M.2019

Cori Is A Delightful Spirit And Supportive Of Your Thoughts, Feelings, And Energy!
In Just One Visit, Cori’s Wisdom And Service Made A Difference In My Views About My Own Health And Surroundings. Thank You Cori For Making It Your Mission In Finding The Root Cause To Your Clients Issues!

Sara B.2019

When I First Went, I Was In Immense Pain Because Of The Way I Had Been Treating My Body And I Honestly Did Not Think I Was Going To Be Able To Get Through It. Towards The End, I Felt Such A Great Sense Of Relief. My Second Appointment Was Even Better And It Just Felt Like A Huge Weight Was Lifted Off My Shoulders. Honestly, This Is So Worth It To Cleanse Your Body Of Horrible Toxins
That We’ve Been Harboring For So Long. Fear Of Foreign Objects Or Discomfort Should Be The Least Of Your Worries Because You Will End Up With An Amazing Result. Cori Is Amazing And She Will Explain To You What You Should Eat And How To Make Your Body Healthier Again. Her Suggestions Are Great And Have Been Life Changing For Me. I See Her Again On Wednesday For My 4th Appointment And Will Continue To Come Because Of How Amazing I Feel Afterwards!


I Have Been A Continued Client For Many Reasons. The Service Is Of Course Amazing And Such A Value For Me In Health And Well Being. Cori Demonstrates Such A High Level Of Connected Sincere Caring…On All Levels. The New Space Is Very Inviting And Pristine. Highly Recommend!

W J Liebhart-2018

This Was My First Time Trying Colon Hydrotherapy. I Was Very Impressed. Cori Was Great. She Put Me At Ease, And Offered Suggestions For How I Could Improve My Digestive System. I Plan To Go Back. I’d Definitely Recommend Her Service.

Kristie B.2018

The Moment I Walked In I Felt Like Cori And I Were Long Lost Friends! She Made Me Feel So Comfortable And Explained Everything And Listened To Me! I Look Forward To Going Every Time! Such An Amazing Experience Every Time.

Amanda P.2017

As One Would Expect, I Was A Bit Nervous Going Into This Appointment. Cori Made My Nerves Go Right Away With Her Thorough Step-By-Step Explanations. I Truly Appreciate Her Knowledge & Passion For Helping Folks Get To Their Healthiest Point!

Melissa D.2017

I Love The Level Of Connectedness Cori Sincerely Is The BEST. Her Care Is Full. The Pristine Clean Space Is Inviting And Calming. I Highly Recommend

William L.2016