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For over 30 years, Force Vector, Inc. has been providing innovative solutions for a wide range of industries. A true innovator, Force Vector specializes in non-detonating technologies, and has developed cutting edge tools and services that are a cost effective and safe alternative to conventional explosives blasting.

When applied to the removal of blockages in storage vessels, bins, silos, hoppers and bunker applications, Force Vector’s tools and services eliminate manual labor and the hazards associated with lowering a technician into a confined space.

This highly effective process is administered in a two prong approach, top down, and bottom up. The top down approach utilizes pneumatic or hydraulic whips; the bottom up approach utilizes Force Vector’s Cardox CO² technology, which is a reusable system.

The CardoxCO² system employs a highly controlled non-detonating gas expansion method that applies high pressure safe CO² to remove build up and blockages. This innovative system utilizes liquid carbon dioxide filled steel tubes; an insertion socket is applied to structures and upon energizing, the liquid instantly turns to gas releasing up to 40,000 PSI of pressure in a controlled directed manner.

Force Vector’s Cardox CO² technology has proven itself as a safe and controlled method for material removal. Its use is ideal for applications such as rings, chokes, and build ups in rotary kilns and high heat process equipment, as well as storage vessels, bins, silos, hoppers and bunkers. In addition to Cardox CO²’s control and safety advantages, it can be applied without cooling the systems down or entering vessels. The result is less down time, minimal production loss, and the elimination of a hazardous manual labor.

For applications such as site prep, mining, excavation, rock breaking, concrete demolition and even underwater applications Force Vector can employ the Cardox CO² system. Through the use of this advanced non-detonating technology, customers are provided with a safe alternative to conventional explosives blasting. These highly engineered processes also provide lower decibel sound rating, low shock wave, and low debris flagration patterns, which makes them ideal for sensitive area use. In addition, both systems can be adapted to virtually any size project.

To learn more about these innovative solutions and how they can be applied to your applications, see the additional pages below or contact a Force Vector Inc. applications specialist directly.

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