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Dear Students and Clients (UPDATED June 24, 2020)
For the week of June 24, 2020 until July 31, 2020.

Due to the Governor issuing his “stay at home” order for all residents, the school will remain closed to students, staff and the general public. We sincerely hope to have our school and clinic open as quickly as we can once this order is lifted in thirty days.  

We want to remind everyone that this continues to be the time for everyone to act responsibly in their hygiene, social distancing, and personal contact and travel. Please follow the guidelines as outlined by the CDC and the State. Our efforts can become one small step in helping to curb the spread of this virus. The more we take this time to comply the faster we will get past this curve.

We will all get through this.
Thank you for your understanding.


Welcome to Award Beauty School!
Cosmetology, Professional Barbering, and Nail Technician Programs.

Cosmetology Program

1500 hours of instruction
Are you looking for an exciting new career in cosmetology? Look no further than Award Beauty School. Now you can enjoy the benefits of earning a great income, freedom to set your own schedule and the rewarding praise from satisfied customers.

Students at Award Beauty School receive comprehensive training in hair braiding, haircuts, hair styling, skin care and customer service. You will not only receive classroom instruction, but we provide real-world training from experienced instructors who teach you what it takes to be a sought-after hair stylist. We’ve designed the program to give you a real-world experience working with clients in a safe classroom environment. You will be well on your way to success once you’ve completed your program at the Award Beauty School.

Full-time students can complete their training within nine (9) months. Call us today at 301-733-4520 to get started in the exciting career of cosmetology. Call now!

Professional Barbering Program

1200 hours of instruction
Award Beauty School offers a Professional Barbering Program that concentrates on men's and women’s haircutting, hair coloring and lightening, chemical texture services, shaving and facial hair design, plus facial massage and treatments. Our instruction prepares students for the state board examination and employment in a barber shop or beauty salon. 

Award Beauty School has been training students in the Hagerstown, MD and Tri-State areas for more than fifty (50) years.

Now you can enter the exciting world of professional barbering. A career as a barber is one of the few where you can enjoy a solid income and financial independence. After completing your training, you'll have all of the professional skills you'll need to be a success in the beauty world. The skilled teachers at our school are experts in haircutting, braiding, hairstyling, skin care and manicuring. Demonstrations from outside professionals are provided periodically. Today's job market demands creative and skilled barbers. It has expanded and evolved into a sophisticated and well-respected profession with a variety of specializations.

Career training is offered that can be completed in 7.5 months. Learning by doing has long been the most effective means of teaching. As you progress in your training, you will move to the clinic floor where you can put your new skills to work on real customers

Nail Technician Program
250 hours of instruction

Program Purpose
For the student to acquire a broad knowledge of both the science and art of nail technician, and be able to use the knowledge as a foundation to be successful in the profession of nail technician. For the student to develop his/her physical dexterity and manipulative skills and develop loyalty and enthusiasm for the profession. For the student to acquire ethical standards and work to achieve ability through diligent practice, continuous study, hard work and perseverance, and be able to use his or her initiative to produce professional results. To prepare students for the Maryland State Board of Examination and entry level employment.

Program Description
Nail technician is the cosmetic treatment of the hands, feet, legs, arms and nails. The purpose of the cosmetic treatment is to improve the appearance of the hands, legs, arms, feet and nails. The actual performance of the many techniques employed by the nail technician is referred to as the art of manicuring/pedicuring. Practical performance demonstration and practice are employed in conjunction with the study of theory.

Occupational Objectives
Once the student has completed the program and passed the Maryland State Board of Cosmetologists examination for licensure, he or she will be qualified to obtain employment as a nail technician in a salon, a demonstrator for a cosmetic firm, or a manicurist/pedicurist in a department store salon as well as other opportunities.
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