Material Testing and Simulation Studies

Wilco Laboratory Services WILCO offers a wide-range of technologies for our clients` feasibility studies.  Almost all of our clients take advantage of our laboratory, using our competence center by sending us their finished products for […]

Aseptic Connection and Disconnection

Single-Use Aseptic Connectors

Sterile connection are critical requirements in any aseptic process operations. The benefits of using pre-sterilized single-use systems can only be realized when the products and components can provide safely and securely connection for fluid handling […]

Aseptic Connection and Disconnection

Single-Use Aseptic Disconnectors

Various single-use sterile disconnectors are available in the market to provide secure, quick disconnection of sterile unit operations for higher operating efficiency and process reliability. Quick-disconnect coupling or fittings (sanitary design and luer-lock design) are […]

Aseptic Connection and Disconnection

Tubing Sealers

Biopharmaceutical manufacturing process often need retain and store samples or bioprocess fluids, and tubing in the bag assemblies or manifolds must be permanently sealed without breaking sterility. Heat sealer adhere tubing inner wall to inner […]

Container, Closures and Assemblies

Primary Packaging

Delicate biopharmaceutical products often need advanced packaging features to protect them from moisture, light, oxygen, and contaminants. Pharmaceutical primary packaging materials are defined as packaging materials that are in direct contact with the pharmaceutical product, […]

Container, Closures and Assemblies

Single-use Lyophilization Products

Freeze drying or lyophilization is a method for preserving a wide variety of heat-sensitive materials such as media, proteins, microbes, pharmaceuticals final products, these products are presented as a freeze-dried powder in vials for reconstitution […]

Container, Closures and Assemblies

Freeze/Thaw Solutions

Sensitive pharmaceutical products, whether for clinical development or large scale commercial manufacturing final drug products, often need to be frozen to maintain their stability, quaility and extend shelf life. Freezing decreases the risk of microbial contamination […]

  • Single-Use Platforms and Flexible Factories

    Recent improvements in facility construction have present cost-effective, flexible, biomanufacturing facility construction. As the challenges in biologics and vaccine manufacturing increase with fewer blockbuster drugs, emerging markets, patent expiration, shorter time-to-market, price pressures, and increased [...]
  • Gamma Irradiation for Single Use Assemblies and Systems

    Gamma irradiation is a fast and common practice to sterilize single-use systems for aseptic bioprocess applications. The process parameters are confirmed by dosimetry, and the method is compatible with most plastic materials (except for acetal, [...]