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Glamour, horror, comedy, romance, are the words when you think about a movie.

Movies can be categorized as evoking(something which creates some kind of feelings in you),

mostly entertaining. But, what if they are completely eradicated from the world...........this time,

when we know about it?

Phew! That would be disastrous-for the cast and crew as they would be jobless;for the youngsters who have entered "showbiz" because their fathers were big shots. Seriously, there

would be no opportunities for them as they are not qualified any field of occupation!

In addition to that, our lives would become boring, and we would be left with soap operas. No comments!!!!!!

SO,,,,,,,,,,,,we wish that movies stay forever, as they inject some sort of relaxation in you.

This is Vishal Katariya and Shashank Sreekar signing off.........................

Monday, September 14, 2009


53 billion KW hours of electricity are saved annually by plastic applications in the consumer sector.
All of us use plastics. Be it in the form of bags, bottles, wires, etc. Plastics play a vital role in our lives. They are cheap, quite stong, and extremely flexible. They can be stretched into any form of plastic. The main reason why they are commonly used-they are very affordable. We have seen that all the shopkeepers give us plastic bags to carry our items. Even plastic bottles are inexpensive and have changed the face of availability and affordability.

Almost everything now can be made out of plastic. But, as you have seen the concern of enviromentalists, plastics pollute the environment to a very high extent. Many of us throw away plastic bags after usage of the products. These little dreaded substances are cheap, but can clog drains to such an extent that flooding will increase drastically. These plastics also contain certain harmful elements mixed with polycarbonates which can harm your delicate organs.

So, plastics are affordable, but should be used within limits as they are dangerous if unwisely used. They help us a lot, and we cannot just avoid them or ban them. As long as we take care of our enviornment, plastics are the best option for packaging material and other applications.
Yes.... so the option we are left with is not to throw away plastics all together, but to reuse and recycle them judiciously so that they do not pollute the environment. A world without plastics would not have seen the revolutionary progress of humans. Throwing out plastics would be an unrealistic idea.

Don't throw out the baby with the bath water....
So I hope that you have developed some environmentally passionate feelings after reading this. The reason as to why this post has an environmental perspective is because people have the wrong view about plastic and are too extreme in their thnking.

Over the lifetime of the average car, plastic parts save 650 gallons or 2400 litres of gas as a result of light weight.
Hopefully this post provoked some evocative feelings within you... Watch this space for more...

This is Vishal Katariya and Shashank Sreekar signing off...

Sunday, September 13, 2009


“Money is like a sixth sense - and you can't make use of the other five without it”

 Can you imagine a world without currency? Without money? Right now, money is everything. No money, no means of enjoying life. We would be back to our old barter system where everyone would exchange goods for goods. Thinking about it, it seems to be a more peaceful world than the current world which is centred around the protagonist, which is money.

There would be no easy transfer or transactions. For example, you would go to the market to get 10 kilos of flour with 5 kilos of wheat to exchange. Sometimes no one would want what you had and you would not have access to any thing which you didn’t grow!

However, everything would become much more genuine, with no corruption, underhand charges, fake currency and more. Instead of dollar, the worldwide benchmark would become the cow! So, this world, one without money, would be the most interesting and the happiest world that we have spoken about till now.

There would be no people who did things just for the sake of money. People would become better people who look forward to self-development… The world would be a happier place with better people all around us. Hopefully this post aroused some wonderful feelings within all of you...

“So you think that money is the root of all evil. Have you ever asked what is the root of all money?”

This is Vishal Katariya and Shashank Sreekar signing off.....

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