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sábado, 30 de maio de 2020

Imprimir objectos ocos? E moldes para metal feitos na vossa Impressora, um tico-tico, corte para serra manual, e um Spinner non stop

Se quizerem imprimir Objectos 3D, com uma data de buracada, o que os torna mais leves e rápidos nde imprimir, sigam este Tutorial: 

How to 3D Print Hollow Objects – Simply Explained
Pranav Gharge 
Have you ever wondered whether hollowing out a model is a good idea or not? Well, the simple answer is that since 3D printing is a volume-based production technique, there’s almost always a benefit to some degree of hollowing out of a print. Hollowing can save you printing material, time, and money, and of course, potentially improve your prints.
In this piece, we’ll discuss hallowing prints in general for FDM, SLA, DLP, and LCD (resin) printing. Then, we’ll focus on the three main ways to hollow out your prints: with a slicer, vase mode, or a modeling program (we choose Meshmixer as our example). And finally, we’ll go over some considerations for when and how much to hollow.

Moldem chapa de metal, usando ferramentas impressas em 3Dmais rápidas e fáceis de produzir do que por Maquina??o CNC:

Bending steel with plastic 3D printed toolsStuff Made Here 
I've been wondering if 3D printed tools could possibly bend steel. It seemed possible unlikely. I designed and printed several tools which are used on a hydraulic press to bend and form steel sheet metal. This particular tool could be made by CNC machining the tools from metal but 3D printing it is much faster and easier

Eis 2 vídeos de Daniele Tartaglia de seguida, o primeiro, uma serra tico-tico bem bacana:

How to make SCROLL SAW machine DIY
Daniele Tartaglia

O segundo Vídeo de Daniele Tartaglia ensina-vos a fazer uma esta??o de corte para o vosso tico-tico, sem os erros de corte do costume...

How to make JIGSAW Cutting Station - PERFECT corner cutting
Daniele Tartaglia

Estou farto de dizer que para uma Proof-of-concept n?o precisam de passar logo a um Produto Acabado, e aqui está mais uma prova.

Este nosso amigo fala de Energia Grátis; 

Certo, o Spinner rodará até que avarie, ou os ?manes percam for?a, cerca de 400 anos, para isso...

Mas saír alguma energia que se aproveite, só com uma data destes aparelhos em série, mas dá para um Brinquedo de Secretária impecável:

Free Energy Magnetic Fidget Spinner 100% Real working new idea technology
Multi Electric  
Free Energy Magnetic Fidget Spinner 100% Real working new idea technology
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sábado, 16 de maio de 2020

Desinfectante UV! E mais do Thang, uma Impressora 3D por deposi??o de pó, e experiências com Super-Cola

Desinfectar as vossas gigajogas n?o-porosas, com este Aparelho de Ultra-Violetas, em minutos?
? bom.
Construam-no em casa:

DIY Ultraviolet Sterilization Device (UVClean)henrydmayne 

Hi all and welcome to my very first instructable! In this step by step guide, you will learn how to create your very own ultraviolet sterilization device that can be used as either a wand, or as an automatic sterilization chamber. The device, called the UVClean, uses a special UVC bulb that can sterilize nonporous surfaces in a matter of minutes.

O Thang continua a dar-nos deias, esta para evitar catástrofes, nas vossas Engenhocas, pára o cursor, no princípio e no fim do percurso:

Safety clutch for screw drives

 Input: violet screw.
If the pink key is in the rectangular hole of the grey nut, it prevents the grey nut from rotation, thus the nut translates when the violet screw rotates.
When the nut block (in yellow) reaches its end position, the blue bar of V-shaped slot is pushed from its neutral position. The V-shaped slot and the red pin make the pink key leave the rectangular hole of the grey nut, thus the nut rotates together with the screw and stops pushing the nut block.
Once the screw reverses, the pink key gets into the rectangular hole of the grey nut under the action of the green spring, prevents the grey nut from rotation, thus the nut translates back 

N?o há só FDM, também há 3D por deposi??o de pó, e aqui vai como fazerem a vossa própria Impressora 3D usando esta tecnologia, que n?o precisa de suportes:

Plan B overview, Open source 3DP printer
Plan B is an open source 3DP printer. It prints in powder with a special binder. 3DP printing requires no support material and prints at higher resolution than FDM printing. Printing in powder has the potential to be cheaper than most techniques, though more research into materials is needed..

A Super-cola, misturada com Maizena, faz-se num Plástico super-duro. ?ptima para reparar de tudo um pouco, mas há outros Materiais a experimentar, com a Super-cola.

Super Glue And CINNAMON Has An UNEXPECTED ReactionThe King of Random 
Today we're mixing super glue, aka cyanoacrylate, with a few different substances, such as graphite, cinnamon, and baking soda. We'll also see how well you can cast coins with it. What kind of reactions will we get?

sábado, 18 de abril de 2020

Reciclar a vácuo, um Manual de Soldagem num Blogue fantástico, um Buldozer para a crian?ada, uma Lanterna completa, e um Sistema de Som!

Aproveitem todo aquele plástico rijo das embalagens, reciclando-o com esta máquina de Molde a vácuo:

Milk Jug Vacuum Forming - Recycled HPDE PlasticHey Jude 
This Instructables shows you how to reclaim / re-use / re-cycle HDPE plastic, from waste milk jugs - and use them for Vacuum Forming. It saves using virgin plastic, (say for prototyping), is food safe, is flexible once moulded (good for concrete mini moulds), and does not give off harmful fumes upon careful heating (Easter Eggs Treasure!).
(Please consider voting in Trash to Treasure contest, if you liked it! Thanks.)
You may have access to an industrial grade Vacuum Former in your workshop or maker space, but if you are using a hobby Vac Former, like a Mayku*, you do need to avoid draughts to keep the plastic extra warm. I made a heat shroud here (LINK to Instructable) to Fix do take inspiration from it if it helps with thicker HPDE containers, etc. (though at your own risk).

Neste Blog há muito para explorar, Sofware, Mec?nica, Manuais, e este manual é um deles:

Welding processes handbook

Klas Weman

Mecha Source 
Production of this guide to welding was prompted originally by a wish for an up-to-date reference on applications in the field. The content has been chosen so that it can be used as a textbook for European welding courses in accordance with guidelines from the European Welding Federation. Over the last few years, an equivalent Swedish guide has been used for courses on welding processes and equipment. The author hopes that this guide will serve as a useful reference book for those involved in welding. In writing the book, there has been a conscious effort to ensure that both text and illustrative material is clear, concentrating particularly on interesting and important aspects. 

Eis um exemplo de criatividade, para a Crian?ada, um soprador de neve que virou um Bulldozer!

Snowblower Converted To Mini Tracked BulldozerFarm Show 
“My 4-year-old son Matthew loves to drive it. I’m really happy with how it turned out,” says Randy Brancheau, Lachine, Mich., who converted a tracked walk-behind snowblower into a kid-size, ride-on bulldozer.
  The mini tracked bulldozer is equipped with a 27-in. blade and the seat off a riding mower. It’s painted Deere green and yellow.
  Brancheau built it last winter and says his son has already had a lot of fun operating it. “I hear from Matthew every day how much he likes to plow snow with it, and I made a video of him at work. He raises or lowers the blade by pulling on a lever and steers by maneuvering a pair of levers. It has 4 forward gears and one reverse. I didn’t modify the snowblower’s original friction disc drive system at all.”
  Brancheau says he got the idea a long time ago but was only recently able to make it happen.

How I Made the Most Advanced Flashlight Ever


PCB design is my weak spot. I often get a simple idea and decide to realize it as complex and perfect as possible.
So I once looked an old "military" 4.5V flashlight with regular bulb that was collecting dust a. The light output from that bulb was pretty miserable and the batteries were non rechargeable, battery life was non existent. But its case was nice.
So I decided to give it a new high-tech heart.
So I asked myself: "How many functionalities do I want to build in?"
and I said: "Yes. All of them."

...E por  hoje é tudo, mas n?o sem antes divulgar este Instructable para os Audiófilos, um Sistema de Som: 

DIY 5.1 Surround speakers - a learning opportunity!

Thomas Sanladerer

3D printing parts that are more complex than what we usually make can be daunting - especially when it also needs look good! Making my own 5.1 surround satellite speakers was a project I started over two years ago and today we're finally finishing it. There were plenty of hiccups and mistakes - I'll show you all of them so that you don't have to make them yourself!
The speakers were modeled with Onshape, unfortunately I don't have the models anymore or I'd gladly share them with you.

sábado, 15 de fevereiro de 2020

C?mara FPV! E uma máquina 2 em 1, Perspectiva Cavaleira, avi?o 3D, e o vosso instrumento musical

Cá temos este Vídeo, onde podem aprender como fazer uma C?mera de FPV, ou vista de primeira pessoa, ou seja, é como se estivessem lá!
Lá, no Telecontrolado, ou onde quizerem.

How To FPV Camera System For RC Models. With Run Cam II camera and EV800D Goggles


FPV (First Person View) system installation. Real-time wireless imaging system installation for RC airplanes. Run Cam 2 FPV camera and record camera. Eachine EV800D FPV Googles. FPV Transmitter

O nosso amigo G?kmen é alguém a seguir, esta máquina 2 em 1 reflete tanto a sua Carpintaria sem complica??es, mas eficiente...
Como o seu genial uso dum tico-tico para motor dum sem-fim de máquinas!


Scroll Saw & Jigsaw Table (2 in 1) K?l Testere Makinas?  Dekupaj Tezgah?G?kmen ALTUNTA?
 2 in 1.. Scroll Saw and Jigsaw Table in the one machine. it's very easy to transition each other and it's works perfect. You can find all the measurements at the end of the video.
?kisi bir arada.. K?l Testere Makinas? ve Dekupaj Tezgah?.. ?kisi aras?nda ge?i? yapmak ?ok kolay ve ?ok pratik.

Isto é muito importante!
Se souberem desenhar em 3D, a partir de vistas que qualquer um faz, podem explicar com uma imagem o que nem mil pavavras o fariam!

Important stuff!
Isometric Perspective allow you to illustrate on 3D your ideas, from top, front, and side views anyona can make...

Aula 08 - Perspectiva Isométrica 
Rodrigo Araújo Fortes 
Exemplo de Perspectiva Isométrica

E que tal o vosso próprio avi?o tele-comandado?
Impresso em 3D!
Vejam os passos que este nosso amigo tomou, para isso:

Designing a 3D Printable R/C Aircraft (Thin Walled, Lightweight Printing)
About two years or so ago, videos about 3D printed R/C aircrafts popped up on my suggested YouTube feed and since then I've wanted to build one of my own. I managed to find plans online and was intrigued by the immense amount of detail given to the internal structure, unfortunately, I did not have access to a paid slicer software capable of slicing such complex internal structures and the free slicer I was using was capable of slicing only the external skin/structure.
I figured that I might as well print the aircraft files I found online with conventional infills (hex, triangle, line, 3D gyroids etc.), a feature available with almost any slicer software out there. My printed aircraft turned out to be twice the anticipated weight and had a terribly high wing loading which made it fast as rocket.

E com este Instuctable, fazem um instrumento musical,  com uma gama de sons infinita, por obra do controlador MIDI, que faz dele um sintecizador, e depois um instrumento:

The Synthfonio - a Musical Instrument for EveryoneFrancoMolina
What this is 
This is an easy to learn instrument, simple to operate, improvisation oriented and with an endless possibility of sounds (as a MIDI controller). It features 2 sets of keys, one to define chords and key signatures, and another one to actually play the notes. Whatever chord is pressed in the instruments neck keys will define the pitch of the keys on the instrument handle, similar to a guitar, violin, and other string instruments; with the added advance that this one is a smart device that can interpret the scale being played from a single notes or pair of notes.

sábado, 11 de janeiro de 2020

Fa?a o seu Retro-Projector! Multi-Máquina, fornalha do micro-ondas(?), Dremel CNC, e um Scanner 3D

Isto faz-me um Engenhocas feliz...

Podem fazer isto com alguns plásticos de embealagem, e acho que vou fazer isso mesmo!

5 Minute Cheap and Easy Rear Projection Screen 

Looking for a new way to decorate for the holidays? This projection screen is great for Halloween, Christmas, New Years, 4th of July, just about any holiday you want to make cooler!
We use this projection screen in our front window at home as well as at my husbands work (makes for a great eye catcher right on main street).
With 5 minutes and a few dollars worth of supplies, this is a great project that really makes holidays and special occasions fun. We are entering this into the halloween contest, please vote for us!

V?o figurar SEMPRE, aqui.
Por isso, cá vai mais uma:

$150, 12″ Swing, Metal Lathe, Mill, and DrillPat Delany
The Lucien Yeomans “secret” that was almost lost.
Your developing world school needs almost-free machine tools?
Your developing world factory needs unavailable spare parts?
You need a complex part that is too expensive to have made?
Need to bootstrap a factory but only have a few bucks?
No problem!
You just need a metal lathe. Metalworking lathes are necessary to the production of almost everything but are very expensive. In 1915, special lathes made from concrete were developed to quickly and cheaply produce millions of cannon shells needed for World War I. Lucien Yeomans, the inventor, won the nation’s highest engineering award for it but sadly the technique was almost forgotten after the war. We re-discovered it as a way to quickly make inexpensive but accurate machine tools for use in developing countries and in trade schools and shops everywhere. We made modern construction practical by replacing the original poured, non shrinking metal with cement grout.

Aqui, podem aprender com fazerem a vossa própria Fornalha...
De Micro-Ondas?

DIY Microwave Kiln | Fuse Glass in Your MicrowaveShakeTheFuture 
In this Instructable, we'll look into way to make a microwave kiln.
For those who don't know what is a microwave kiln, here is a quick introduction.
Microwave kiln is a kiln that you can put in your regular microwave oven.
It does not use a wire heating element or gas to heat up. Microwave kiln is covered with silicon carbide.
Silicon carbide absorbs microwaves and turns them into heat.
Microwave kilns are usually used to fuse glass.
You can turn broken glass into amazing jewelry.

Eis outro Engenhocas feliz, pudera, já fez a sua Frasa CNC, dum Dremel!

DIY 3D Printed Dremel CNCNikus
When I got my first 3D printer I was extremely happy with all the new possibilities to create things but after some time I noticed the limitations of 3D printing. Plastic is easy to melt, sometimes it's not mechanically resistant enough and most importantly sometimes doesn't look good. Don't take me wrong here, I love 3D printing and I like plastic (except plastic waste) but there are things that look, work or feel way better when made out of nonplastic material. Imagine all your furniture made out of plastic. Sometimes I prefer wood, when I need strength, metal (mostly aluminum) is a way to go. That's where CNC milling machines are used. Usually, the cost of such machine is really high, most of the hobbyist, small makers can't afford such expensive equipment. That's why the idea of building my own CNC machine sparked in my head

E para terminar, um Scannner que fazem com pouco, mas faz o servi?o!

DIY Budget 3D Scanner V3


Hey guys, it has been a while I didn't publish any instructables. This time, I brought to you guys one of the project I made back in Feb 2019. The version 3 Budget 3D Scanner!

quarta-feira, 16 de outubro de 2019

Um Génio! E uma Máquina de Molas, Tele-controle Arduino, crescam a Impressora 3D, e uma Micro-Fresa

N?o há muitos Divulgadores  e ao mesmo tempo, autênticos Professores como este...
Um Génio!

Na sua Série de Vídeos, aprende O QUE PRECISAM, para cada caso, mas v?o absorvendo uma data de material que doutra maneira seria ma?uda e sonorípora...

Acreditem, o ar descontraído esconde um menino que aprendeu Engenharia para Operador de CAD, 3 gigantes livronhos, como se n?o fosse nada, porque era preciso saber muita Matemática, e ele já a sabia, à vontade!!!

Como se n?o fosse nada!

Engineering Principles for Makers Part One; The Problem. #066Jeremy Fielding 
A easy to follow strategy for designing and making stuff with a focus on machines. Turn your idea into a real "thing". I call part one my “Dr. Farm“ Method.
My version of the basic design engineering process.

Ora cá vai esta muito satisfatória máquina de criar Molas e outras coisas, a come?ar pelo altaente satisfatório Vídeo, algo que faz mesmo falta ao Engenhocas, e uma data de vezes...

Spring Making / Wire Bending Machine 
Well, this machine is not only about making springs. It is a wire bending machine capable of bending 0.8/0.9/1 mm wire into any 2D shape. But yeah, the coolest thing I was able to make with it so far was the spring. How cool is that?
The main goal was to make it quite precise. Other DIY wire bending machines are not very precise and their bends tend to have quite a big radius. I like to work with nice sharp bends!
The second goal was to make it as easy to build as possible with commonly available parts and components. All the structural parts are 3D printed and all the metal parts are available in most of the hardware stores.

Um Tele-Controle feito por vocês, usando nem menos do que um Arduino...

DIY Arduino Radio Controller || Remote Controller || Part 1Aatik's lab
You might have played with a lot of rc cars and probably want to make one by yourself but one problem you will face is from where to get the desired transmitter and receiver so in this video i will show you how to make a arduino based transmitter and receiver with the help of nrf24 radio

Como fazer uma Impressora 3D "crescer"(!) isto é, fazer duma pequena uma grande Impressora!!!

How to Create a Large 3D Printer Using a Smaller 3D Printer - "Project Locus"redhatman  
From those that own 3D printers, to those who simply are just curious about their capabilities, one topic that comes up rather frequently is the idea of "Printing another 3D Printer". Now this may not be 100% possible when considering components such as the electronics, however, nearly every 3D printer today in the open source community utilizes to some degree, 3D printed parts in it's construction. From fan mounts to spool holders, a person can spend a few minutes searching the web, and likely find a suitable design to use on their own printer. This has proved to be very useful, especially for those who love to build, modify, and design their own machines.

Que tal uma Micro-Fresa para a Oficina, para metais mais macios como Alumínio e Bronze?
Faz jeito:

Benchtop Micro Milling MachineHonus  
This is a micro sized benchtop mill that is suitable for milling small parts in soft metals such as Aluminum and Brass. While it is a manual mill it wouldn't be too difficult to convert it to CNC by adding suitable stepper motors and a CNC controller. 
The travel specs are:
X axis- 150 mm
Y axis- 75 mm
Z axis- 150 mm 
This design uses off the shelf assembled linear slides and 80/20 Aluminum extrusion for simple assembly and accurate alignment. The beauty of this design is its modular nature- you can make it any size you want and it's super easy to build.
Be sure to check out the build notes on all of the enlarged images!