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Fender benders and accidents happen, even for careful drivers. When your car suffers any damage in an accident, you need a shop that can quickly and reliably repair the aesthetic and mechanical issues. Sam's Automotive Reconditioning Center is a body shop in Littleton, CO, and we specialize in collision repair.
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Our Promise

We've been in business for over seven decades, and our only goal is to make your car look great and run perfectly. We offer punctual services at a great price, so trust our certified team with your car repairs, and you won't be disappointed. Call us at 303-761-6280 for a free estimate.

Your One-Stop-Shop for Body Repair

Sam's Automotive Reconditioning Center is proud to offer a comprehensive range of services for your vehicle after an incident or accident.
Car Repair — Englewood, CO — Sam's Automotive Reconditioning Center
Body Repair
Whether your door was hit by the opening door of a nearby car, or your side was crunched by a car that didn't brake soon enough, our professional technicians can restore your car to like-new condition. 
We can:
  • Repair dents
  • Fix hail damage
  • Straighten frames
  • Apply a new coat of paint
After we're done with your vehicle, it will look like you just bought it from the dealership. See our auto body repair page for more information.
Mechanical Repair
Your car's mechanical component may have some problems after an accident. When you come in for body repair, we can also fix any mechanic issue your car has, including:
  • Brake issues
  • Engine problems
  • Transmission malfunctions
  • Suspension problems
Your car will look and run like new after our team of technicians is done with it. You may not even remember that it was in an accident in the first place. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.
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