Why You Should Have a Backyard Wedding

There are a lot of expectations for weddings. For some people, they’ve been dreaming about it since they were little children. There’s also the common idea that it’s supposed to be the happiest day of your life. Because of social media, flashy ceremonies have become popular. But you don’t have to have a destination wedding

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Taking a break

Adapting to the New Normal: Four Must-try Business Ideas

The world is now experiencing a problem that could change the lives of many people. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the game for businesses, big or small, and made it difficult to remain operational. Some businesses were left with no choice but to halt operations and wait for things to go back to normal. But

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Gardener applying turf rolls in the backyard

It’s Time to Consider Backyard Gardening

Tending to your garden during a pandemic is?good for your health and well-being. For one, gardening and nature have proven benefits to one’s mental health. Second, it helps reduce depression, anxiety, and heart disease. Most importantly growing a vegetable garden will give you a healthy food supply. Your produce will be organic and free from

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kids on their way to school

Back to School: Unforgettable First Experiences

A child’s milestones are often related to the first time your child walks or speaks. While these are important, most children do not recall these events. As they grow older, children will have more “firsts,” and many of them may not be at home but in school. This is the time that their minds are

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