The safety measures for crushing hard stone surfaces

Any form of demolition work involves some amount of risks. Be it the rock breaking or concrete demolition if proper cautions are not exercised serious mishaps can take place. We have been introduced to modern techniques for concrete demolition that significantly cuts the risk of such hazards. Yet, safety measures are always needed to be taken. Some of the latest techniques for demolishing concrete are the use of expansive grouts, micro blasting, and hydro demolition. Each of these procedures requires the personnel to use drills, cuttings, and chippings.

The steps required for ensuring safety are highlighted below.

  1. All personnel deployed for the concrete demolition work should have a clear understanding of the machines they are going to operate. If required, they should refer to the manuals. It is mandatory to wear safety equipments that include hard hat, hearing protectors, safety glasses, and safety belts.
  2. If any machine involved for concrete demolition is found broken or defective, the authorities should be informed immediately. It can be hazardous to continue working with such instruments.
  3. Forceful insertion or wrong operations can lead to serious accidents. Workers should try to evaluate the problem first and then carry on with their operations.
  4. Workers should have ample space for standing when operating these machines. By any chance if they compromise with their position they might suffer injuries by falling.
  5. These machines involved for concrete demolition are generally heavy. Therefore, it calls for operators to use both their hands when using these machines.

Understanding the hazards involved in this demolition work, there are many manufacturers now who are looking for alternatives. The introduction of cartridges and similar devices that have proven to be effective for demolishing hard surfaces are now becoming popular. In the rock breaking sector the use of such low impact and non-explosive devices are being used commonly. It remains to be seen how modern tools and devices targeted for concrete demolition can increase the efficiency of the work and ensuring minimal hazards for the person engaged in operating them. Importantly, the cost of these devices also matter a lot.