Green Product UL Certifications

When you are ready to market your component or electrical product, the need for CSA or UL certification will be one of the major hurdles to cross. This means you need to be ready. You can't afford test failures or a long engineering letter telling you which clauses of the standard your product does not comply with. You can't afford delays or not knowing what lies ahead. If you have investors, this information is even more critical.

Venture Capital and New Technologies

In this new era of green technology there are many investors and manufacturers getting involved in electrical product business. They need to consider many things, especially when it comes to technical issues, manufacturing, distribution, marketing and sales. "What else is it going to take to get from the drawing board to the retail store or jobsite installation? Have I considered everything?"

Getting Started Checklist

Do you know what US regulatory Standards apply to your product?
Do you know how much it costs to be sure of your regulatory budget?
Do you know how much electrical safety testing costs for solar panels?
Do you know onsite inspection costs for solar arrays and association equipment?
Which wind turbine systems have to be tested onsite instead of a laboratory?
Do you know the cost range for a small charger versus a bus refueling station?
What if your product doesn't fall into a clearly defined product category?
If you can answer these questions, you're ahead of your competition. If you can't, call the experts at Green Product Safety. We have former UL Engineers available for everything from consultations to full product certifications. Contact us today.

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