The Pee Dee Dental Group is not your ordinary dentist's office. Toothless patients come from all over the country to see Dr. Charles Conner. When they walk out of his office, they have teeth. Dr. Conner's practice attracts a nationwide clientele with patients from as far away as Florida, New Jersey, and California because of his groundbreaking work in implantology, in addition to a wide range of other dental services.

Through dental implantology, patients can replace one tooth, or up to every tooth in the mouth, allowing for greater comfort and convenience than dentures and other kinds of removable teeth.

"We were the first in the area to offer implantology," says Dr. Conner. He has been performing these procedures for 20 years and is one of the most qualified implantologists in the country. He has studied at the University of Southern California at San Francisco and worked with world-renowned implantologists, including Leonard Linkow, the "father of implantology," who was the first to do dental implants.

When Dr. Conner first became interested in implantology, it was a newly emerging field. He had to travel all over the country, from California to Alabama, to learn the newest techniques. Conner says that when he first set up his practice, he asked other dentists to join him. But even though the nearest location that offered dental implants was 100 miles away, the other dentists backed away from the idea. "They said people are not going to do it in Florence," says Conner.

After 20 years in business and more than 4,000 implants, Dr. Conner has proven them wrong. Now he travels all over the country lecturing on implantology, and his practice attracts patients from all over the country to the Florence area.

The Pee Dee Dental Group offers unique services to the Pee Dee. The office is located at 461 West Cheves in Florence. 

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