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Hello Renewables Ltd is a professional renewable energy company headquarted? in ?Kigali, the Capital city of? Rwanda dedicating itself to bringing exploitation of all possible renewable technologies ??for the sake of? clean and safe environment ~ Key solution? and partner to clean and safe environment. Services we offer within solar energy industry include but not limited to: Solar Project development and Consultancy Collaborative of solar assets and products purchase with established and reputable clients and companies Evaluation?and design of solar project at any level Procurement Installation System Commissioning Energy?Storage Solutions/Battery?Backup Monitoring and Maintenance Solar water Heaters Solar Home Lighting (Off…

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Solar Energy and Lighting

Solar Energy and Lighting products and services

Biomass and Biofuel

Biomass and Biofuel production works

Green Transportation and Green Chemistry

Green Transportation and Green Chemistry implemetation

Greywater Treatment Services

we provide? Greywater Treatment Services

Energy Audit

we provide energy audit services

Electric Motors

Electric Motors sales and consultancy

Office:Kigali-Rwanda|Centenary House, 4th Floor|