Hasbro has officially unveiled its G.I. Joe website and Social Media accounts; to keep in touch with the fans.

The company is also announcing a series of new Joe reveals, all week long, in an event dubbed as YoJoeJune.

In addition to the reveals, Hasbro will host its first G.I. Joe themed Fan First Friday on Friday (obviously) 26th June, 2020?at 12:30pm EST.

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A brand new listing has surfaced from Target, showcasing never before heard?G.I. Joe Classified Series Figures.

In addition to the CS figures, new Snake Eyes movie figures and role play items are listed as well.

Classified Series* ($19.99):

*Known figures and codes are omitted from the above list. This includes Duke, Scarlett and Roadblock.

Snake Eyes Movie Series:

Toyark sponsor Big Bad Toy Store has sent out their latest newsletter. You can see the new arrivals below. After the jump, you can see what’s new for pre-order. Click the images to see the full newsletter.

NECA’S third wave of Toony Terrors have arrived! Grab Final Fantasy VII Remake trading figures, the Ghostbusters Plasma Series figures, G.I. Joe’s Baroness as a Bishoujo statue, the much-anticipated Pop! Venom vs. Spider-Man exclusive, and classic Transformers characters as part of the Generations Selects line. Display all your 1/12 scale figures with the Extreme-Sets pop-up dioramas—all in stock now.

BBTS Arrivals 6 18 2020

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After years of absence, Hasbro’s Official G.I. Joe Toyline Website is back with official images and info from the brand we know and love.

The site now confirms the authenticity of the leaked Classified Series images after a misfire by Malaysian G.I. Joe Waterpark.

The site also has a page dedicated to the upcoming Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins movie.

It also looks back at the history of the franchise and a new secret section titled Classified Files for upcoming figures.

You can log onto www.gijoe.com for more info.


Following the arrival of the elusive G.I. Joe Retro Line to Canada, we now have a Bill Of Lading for United States.

Filed under the customer id for?Hasbro Inc.,?corresponding to the Providence (Rhode Island) address, a shipment of G.I. Joe Retro figures has arrived all the way from China.

One shipment seems to contain 504 items; which could either be individual toys or cases (we are speculating that it is the latter). There are multiple “items” listed, but we are unable to take a look at the documents unless we dish out some cash to Panjiva.

Nevertheless, it seems as though that things are indeed in motion and it is only a matter of time until we have our official (or unofficial) first look.

Official details:

News Post image is for decorative purposes only and may not reflect the final product.

With special thanks to our boards member?Jtprime17, we have with us, a Bill Of Lading which confirms the arrival of?G.I. Joe: Retro Line figures to the shores of Canada.

Official Info:

It’s only a matter of time we’ll hear this info directly from Hasbro.

TheNTWRK.com – an event driven, app based store for trendy and exclusive items, has listed a Cobra Commander Classified figure in an alternate color scheme. He features a lighter blue, with gold highlights. The figure will be available for sale on June 18th at 8PM. We assume Pacific Time Zone, since they are based in LA, but it doesn’t state this clearly anywhere. You can view the items on the web, but you’ll need to shop via their APP, available via your phone’s app stores. Price is set for $22.99 with a ship date of September 2020. Read on to check out some pics, including a new shot of the box!

If you use code Alex2k99HE in the app, on your profile page, you’ll get $15 dollars credit. We haven’t tested this, but worth a shot!

UPDATE: Added more pics – box and back of figure.

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New images of upcoming GIJOE Classified 6-Inch Cobra Commander have been posted up all over Twitter and Instagram. He also trickled out via a short IGN story earlier today. He seems to come packed with a short cape, pistol, knife and extra hands. His overall look is a modern take on the helmeted military outfit. Pre-Orders are not live yet, estimated release seems to be later in the fall.

Check out all the new images of GIJOE Classified Cobra Commander after the jump.

The new ROMA Collectibles Boss Fight Studio Exclusive Gazoge the Asperity Mage limited to just 500 is now live On eBay!

Get you Boss Fight Studio Gazoge the Asperity Mage Here!!!

Historical Documentation:
Gazoge is a self-taught warlock, having learned blood magic upon being exiled from his homeland to the east. He killed his prospective father-in-law when denied the hand of his beloved and fled in disgrace. In his lonely wanderings, he became deeply embittered. Transfixed by tales of powerful mages, he made an oath to become the strongest magic user that had ever lived and take back what he had lost. Contrary to popular belief, magical talent isn’t always hereditary, the strongest willed can learn to master it. In time, word of his talents reached the ears of the previous King of Accordd, and Gazoge was invited to that realm to become the king’s personal mage. What the king couldn’t know and never suspected was that Gazoge’s powers were founded on murder; regular human sacrifices to Alor, the Red God, were required to maintain his gifts. His counsel was instrumental in the Knights traveling to the Blasted Lands. Gazoge knew that only the artifacts hidden there could bring him the supreme power he secretly craved. When he disappeared alongside the other knights, evidence of the innumerable heinous crimes committed for Alor’s blessings were unearthed. Almost immediately, Gazoge became a folk monster to common people of Accord with his name used to scare children into behaving or else they too would join the ranks of his victims. Sightings of his avatars are reported in Accord to this day.

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