For the very finest Intarsia pieces, start with the very finest Intarsia patterns. Take your Intarsia to the next level with Kathy’s artistic designs. Kathy is known for her ability to instill personality and life into her designs. Her creative art background of sculpting animals results in patterns and intarsia pieces that display realistic, detailed subjects. KWD patterns surpass the norm in both execution and artistic composition. Kathy’s inspired Intarsia murals have outstanding details and a balance in design which produces superb Intarsia art pieces. Please take some time and explore the web pages of You will be enthused and encouraged to start your own exceptional Intarsia wood art pieces! Check out the NEW Wise Intarsia Pattern Club! Closest thing to an online class for learning intarsia!



Buy a trial three months Wise Intarsia Pattern Club member subscription now. After the initial subscription period of 3 months you can renew your membership subscription every 3 or 6 months through PayPal or you can simply choose not to renew. you can cancel the subscription at any time but you will be charged that current 3 to 6 month term. Member fee is none-refundable.

Kathy’s NEW Book ” Intarsia Animals” is a great way to dive into Intarsia with 20 animal patterns. Check out my Intarsia?Storesite with a select number of downloadable patterns in PDF? format.

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FAX: 810-387-9044

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