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    • A down the line view of your swing would help if at all possible, but I am going to guess there is a bit of over the top movement in your swing, which is causing the fade
    • I didn't say that.? Don't imply I said something that I didn't. Another study: https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS0140-6736(20)31142-9/fulltext
    • They are coming to the Mitten, next week. I'm afraid maybe the just pack up and decide to go to Columbus/Muirfield for a month
    • Not really. Your article from ‘MedExpress’ really concluded nothing. ‘Maybe’ , ‘Suggests..but not tested with Covid virus.’ ‘ Inconclusive but perhaps possible.’?Worthless anecdotes. It’s not like tour players or any golfer for that matter are holding hands and coughing, spitting or shouting to each other within 6’. And no, I’m not going to criticize someone wearing a mask while playing golf. But I also will not encourage it or give it any accolade either. Because it isn’t necessary.? If we’re gonna call the activity we’ve seen from the last two tournaments as ‘high risk behavior’ then you better shut down your city completely unless you plan to wear full PPE everywhere other than home.
    • Initially, I'd say that any kind of practice area that is that cramped (your driver is brushing plants and pretty damn close to the fence) is likely going to cause compensations and reinforce destructive habits. When hitting driver?the ball should be lined up with your left heel and not in the middle (or close to) of your stance. Left wrist looks extremely bowed at the top.

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