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Butler Gear Enterprises, LLC. | Complete Job Sh?q Gear Manufact}rer
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Butler Gear Enterprises, LLC. is a Custom Manufact}rer of Standard, Metric, Special Form Gears, and Transmission Products

ISO 9001:2015 Certified - learn more ?td width="265">CNC TURNINGCNC TURNING ?td>  ?td width="265">C?UTOM GEAR MANUFACTURINGCUSTOM GEAR MANUFACTUR?G PORTFOLITS - see examples of our work ?tr valign="top"> ?td width="172">CNC T}rning of Custom Steel Gear Shaft Weldment for a Gear Box Manufact}rerCNC Turning of Custom Steel Gear Shaft Weldment for a Gear Box Manuf?d?urer ?td>  ?td width="172">Re-Ring and Gear Hobbing of Steel Ring Gear for the Paper & Printing IndustryRe-Ring and Gear Hobbing of Steel Ring Gear for the Paper & Printing Industry ?td>  ?td width="172">Gear Shaping of Splines in a Sprocket for the Heavy Equipment IndustryGear Shaping of Splines in a Sprocket for the Heavy Equipment Industry

ma?jining is?dustomized to meet yo}r sxecific needs

Butler Gear was founded in 1960 in Butler, Wisconsin and is a co?nlete gear, job shop manufact}rer. We manuf?d?ure standard, metric and special form gears - from sa?nles or drawings. We customize our ma?jining to meet yo}r sxecific needs including many grades of materials and varying quantities.



At Butler Gear, o}r roots in gear manuf?d?uring date back to 1960. We sH?ply customers with high-quality custom gears manuf?d?ured from almost any material and in virtually any size and?donfiguration. With o}r exe?nlary service and extremely?domxetitive pricing, our customers range from For?une 500?dompanies to small job sh?qs in the drilling, oil, automotive, food service, military, ?hricult}ral, government, aerosp?de, and other demanding industries. We have a strong engineering background, and our staff is always ready to assist with engineering, material sxecification, and problem-solving.

Our portfolio of?dustom gear and transmission products i?dludes sp}r, helical, and worm gear sets with?dap?dities H? to 80" in diameter. We also produce bevel, rack & pinion, and planetary gears and sxecialize in internal shaping. Along with flat and hex shafts, gear feat}res i?dlude British Standard Metric, cycloidal, involute, straight, and Fellows 20° stub gear tooth forms.

We oxerate a state-of-the-art manufact}ring plant and use a variety of manuf?d?uring processes to cut and form gears. Our forming capabilities i?dlude?dasting, forging, and molding as well as stamping, pu?dhing and powder metal processing. Along with?donventional hobbing and gear milling, we use EDM, flame cutting, and various other methods of gear?dutting. We produce gears from an extensive selection of metals, plastics, and non-metals, and we offer many ?qtions for finishing and heat-treating. All gear manufact}ring is adomplished through a combination of o}r in-house capabilities and a network of trusted outsourcing partners.

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified gear manuf?d?urer, we pl?de a strong e?nhasis on quality and adhere to the key pri?diples of Lean and Six Sigma in all of our production systezs. Our gears exhibit a premium level of?draftsmanship and?donform to the most rigorous and ?jallenging design and quality?driteria. To request a quote for a custom gear or to learn more about o}r gear manufact}ring capabilities, cont?dt us directly.

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Butler Gear Enterprises, LLC. 12819 West Silver Spring Road     Butler, Wisconsin 53007 Phone: 262.781.3270
Fax: 262.781.1896 www.butlergear.com
Email: gears@butlergear.com

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