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AI and Machine Learning algorithms uncover data-driven insights to diagnose and predict problems.

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Communication workflows deliver notifications to the right person at the right time that optimize processes.

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One platform, infinite applications

Most Industrial IoT implementations fail due to lack of machine connectivity and system integrations. MachineMetrics has simplified IoT with an inexpensive edge device that enables ethernet, wifi, and cellular communication while connecting directly to machine tool PLCs and controls. Add your own sensors to connect to legacy equipment with digital and analog I/O that is configured and managed through a web interface. Build your own Industry 4.0-ready vertical applications through open APIs or leverage the out-of-the-box vertical applications built for discrete manufacturers that use CNC Machine Tools.

High-impact solutions
Machinemetrics production
Machine monitoring & OEE

Empower Operators and Reduce Bottlenecks with Real-time Production Visibility

Featuring simple self-install IIoT connectivity that integrates with ERP and MES,  real-time production data is visualized with customizable dashboards that empower workers to meet production goals. Identify bottlenecks using deep analytics provided by numerous reports such as job & operator performance, OEE, cycle analysis, machine utilization, and downtime history that enables production managers to make more informed and confident decisions. This increase in visibility allows manufacturers to operate more machines with fewer resources, increasing uptime and production by more than 20% on average.

Machinemetrics health

Keep Machines Running with real-time condition monitoring, preventative and predictive maintenance.

Monitor and manage the health of your equipment in real-time with “self-install” connectivity. Receive alerts when anomalous behavior occurs, such as a tool that's about to break. Manage preventative maintenance schedules tied to actual machine usage or conditions, and be alerted when maintenance is due. Track equipment utilization over time to manage capacity. Configure alerts based on any machine condition or alarm. Optimize tool life with detailed analytics and reports. An ideal platform for a maintenance team to keeping equipment running. Designed specifically for CNC Machine Tools.

Machinemetrics service
Remote Diagnostics & Maintenance

Equip your Fleet, Reduce On-site Service Calls and Provide Preventative and Predictive Maintenance.

Give service managers and technicians the ability to gain insight into customer's equipment health with real-time and historical condition monitoring and alarm analytics. Differentiate from competitors by enabling IoT on your equipment, also giving your customers better insight into their machine performance and health. Suggest and manage preventative maintenance schedules for your equipment. Work with the MachineMetrics Data Science Team, experts in machine learning, to develop predictive maintenance algorithms specialized for your equipment.

It takes a team to transform a business.
Designed for the Shop Floor to the Front Office.
Production Managers & Executives
MachineMetrics Production
For production managers and executives
Eliminate bottlenecks and empower workers with real-time machine connectivity, visual dashboards, and predictive alerts.
Make faster, smarter decisions with real-time data.
Cloud machine monitoring & OEE software collects data from all machine types so you can optimize your production performance.
Empower your shop floor's digital transformation
  • Track OEE and manufacturing efficiency
  • Identify production bottlenecks
  • Take action with real-time notifications
  • Measure process improvements
  • Enhance shop floor communication
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Maintenance Managers & Process Engineers
MachineMetrics Health
For Maintenance Managers and Process Engineers
Give your maintenance teams the ability to monitor, manage, and analyze equipment health in real-time. Improve CNC Machine Tool health with real-time diagnostics, condition monitoring, manage preventative maintenance, and receive predictive alerts.
Industrial IoT for Maintenance Teams

  • View real-time equipment status and conditions
  • Diagnose problems with  alarm analytics and AI-driven predictive notifications
  • Manage PM tasks based on usage or machine conditions
  • Predict equipment failures and prescribe solutions to prevent costly downtimes
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Machine Builders, Distributors & Service
MachineMetrics Service
For Machine Builders, Distributors, & Service Providers
MachineMetrics Service is the industry's first AI-driven remote machine monitoring solution designed for CNC OEM’s and Equipment providers
Industrial IOT for Equipment Providers
  • Remotely diagnose problems quickly

  • Reduce on-site service visits by 10-20%

  • Optimize preventative maintenance plans

  • Validate warranty claims

  • Receive predictive maintenance alerts 

Transform your approach to selling machines today!

Out of the box, customizable to your needs, and no need to install on customer's networks with MachineMetrics Edge's cellular connection capabilities

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Software Developers & Systems Integrators
MachineMetrics Developer Hub
At the MachineMetrics developer hub  you'll find comprehensive guides and documentation to help you start working with MachineMetrics as quickly as possible. Let's jump right in!
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"MachineMetrics enabled CPM to increase capacity by $1.5 million in 2016 with no additional machines!"
Gary Bruner
President of Carolina Precision Manufacturing
"There's Fastenal pre-MachineMetrics and Fastenal post-MachineMetrics. We can’t imagine what life would be like if you took it away."
Tim Borkowski
VP of Manufacturing, Fastenal
"MachineMetrics has provided us valuable insight into our own production, allowing us to reduce our lead-time while improving On-Time Delivery and quality."
Rob Keenan
President of Seco Tools, North America
Awards & Recognition
Smart Manufacturing Solution of the Year
- IoT Breakthrough Award, 2018
NEXTGEN Technology Award 2018
- Massachusetts TechHub Collaborative
Top 10 Manufacturing Intelligence Solution Provider
- Manufacturing Technology Insights Awards 2018
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