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Key Services
  • General Business Management
  • Optimizing Employee Performance & Productivity
  • Marketing Management & Services: Traditional and Online
  • Market and Competitive Research & Analysis
  • Operations & Quality Control
  • Financial & Accounting Management
  • IT Management & Services
  • Recruiting & Human Resources Management
  • Distressed Business Turnarounds
  • Banking Negotiations
  • Business Planning
  • Special Projects
"The competitor to be feared is one who never bothers about you at all, but goes on making his own business better all the time."
~ Henry Ford
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SmallBizWrangler is a unique consulting services and management outsourcing firm that specializes in providing exceptional management assistance, advice and coaching on an as-needed basis for small businesses, rapidly maximizing their performance and profitability.

We work hands-on with start-up, early stage, high-growth, turnaround, and mature enterprises whose sales typically range from pre-revenue to $25 million a year and who usually have less than 100 employees.?Businesses which don?t yet have the need or the financial resources for a full-time Chief Operating Officer, VP of Marketing or Operations, CFO, or Human Resources Director (along with companies who have additional or one-time needs) are able to obtain our assistance by the hour, by the project, or on retainer ? just as they do with their marketing agency, IT expert, CPA, or lawyer.
Chas Giffen, President

Our team has managed and advised many companies in a wide variety of industries and of all business types (manufacturing, services, retail, and professional). We?re quite familiar with the challenges and problems of a small business, and we supplement your skill set and manpower to ensure your business doesn?t suffer from lack of expertise or resources in a given functional area, or from managerial chaos caused by growth.

In a nutshell, SmallBizWrangler knows what you need to do in order to:
  1. Quickly build high-volume, big-impact, low-cost marketing programs.
  2. Become extremely effective at closing sales.
  3. Manage your profit and cashflow (even in the toughest times).
  4. Find & hire "stars" (employees, contractors, and key suppliers).
  5. Provide consistently exceptional product/service fulfillment and service, via tight management
  6. of operations and quality control.
  7. Maintain amazing organizational effectiveness and "start-up speed" even as your team grows
  8. beyond your ability to directly monitor and manage every staff member.
  9. Energize your staff and optimize their performance and productivity every day.
  10. And much more...

SmallBizWrangler is 12 years old and based in Los Angeles, however we serve clients throughout Southern California as well as nationally.

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Feel free to call or email us anytime to discuss your business. We don?t charge for services until we?ve conducted initial discussions with you, and mutually determined that there?s a good fit. At that point, SmallBizWrangler will quickly provide the best solution or strategy for your particular challenge(s), as well as specific guidance on execution, and then either you can implement it yourself or we can do it for you.

We look forward to hearing from you!