TGG - The Ganssle Group

Embedded systems from a consultant/columnist sort of perspective.



COTS Journal - Defense meets Industry (inside a little black box)

The defense industry is really pushing for COTS (Commercial Off-The-Shelf) technology to be transfered from industry to military. The COTS Journal provides great information on the needs of embedded systems, real-time OS along with JAVA and so on.


penguinppc.org - power to the powerPC!

The site is nice. Looks like the first one I have been to that is using a content management system that I thought would have been much more prolific in this area. What ever happened to PHPnuke?


Embedded Linux Consortium

From the site:

Our Vision...

The Embedded Linux Consortium (ELC) is a nonprofit, vendor-neutral trade association whose goal is the advancement, promotion and standardization of Linux throughout the embedded, applied and appliance computing markets. Members contribute dues and participate in management, promotion, implementation and platform specification working group (WG) efforts, in return for a growing market opportunity for all.

The Mission...

...to make Linux a top operating system choice for developers designing embedded systems.


Yahoo! does Embedded Systems

NetBSD - The first OS only link on this site.

Some attention was about due for the OS side of the embedded system.


ieee & iee - The people that wrote the book...

These folks pretty much wrote the book on ... what a minute, they write the book on everything. This is the standards organization that is suppoed to define the specifications and standards of a technology for the betterment of all.

The is the US and UK links below (respectively):
ieee or the iee

Europeans Rally to Defeat the Mighty USA Embedded Systems Olympic Giants!

Really though, in my ignorant american mind I did not realize that there may be such a diparity between the US and Europe in embedded systems. Much to my suprise, an underground movement has formed over the great blue yonder. Since the focus is targeted at US universities, I am going to assume that the US truly is still ahead of the Asian embedded system acedemia and industry.

"The strategic objective of the ARTIST2 Network of Excellence is to strengthen European research in Embedded Systems Design, and promote the emergence of this new multi-disciplinary area. We gather together the best European teams from the composing disciplines, and will work to forge a scientific community. Integration will be achieved around a Joint Programme of Activities, aiming to create critical mass from the selected European teams."
"The ARTIST2 Network of Excellence on Embedded Systems Design will implement an international and interdisciplinary fusion of effort to create a unique European virtual centre of excellence on Embedded Systems Design. This interdisciplinary effort in research is mandatory to establish Embedded Systems Design as a discipline, combining competencies from electrical engineering, computer science, applied mathematics, and control theory. The ambition is to compete on the same level as equivalent centres in the USA (Berkeley, Stanford, MIT, Carnegie Mellon), for both the production and transfer of knowledge and competencies, and for the impact on industrial innovation."


Another University project died in 1999

What do you know, another university project died in 1999 that had relations with embedded systems. This one focused upon network appliances though.

1999 university plague of embedded projects

The Chinook Project at the University of Washington

The Chinook project seems to have had it's last update about 6 years ago but I like the concept. Maybe I will go back and look at this more one day.

Chinook Project

Amazon.com - Books search results

ESE - The Online Resource for Embedded Systems

The UK has made it in here twice now.


The Open Group - Real Time and Embedded Systems Forum

The Real-time and Embedded Systems Forum defines, coordinates, integrates and prioritizes real-time and embedded systems standards utilizing various existing architectural approaches. The Forum also defines test suites and certification programs for products adhering to these standards to enable the proliferation of conformant real-time and embedded systems.


Let the Acedemia Represent!

There really is a place to go do this stuff in college...UCLA!

Networked & Embedded Systems Laboratory

Dr. Dobb's Embedded Systems

Dr. Dobb's has always provided good information. Some of the articles on here are very interesting.


Perfecting the Art of Building Embedded Systems

"Along with his monthly column in Embedded Systems Programming, Jack's articles have been published in magazines worldwide including EDN, Circuit Cellar Inc., EE Times, The Washington Post, Australian Electronic Engineering, Ocean Navigator and Business Monthly to name a few."
What a great contribution to the community.


So where are the Embedded Systems and Linux RSS feeds!

All these embedded Linux sites and only LinuxDevices offers something even close to an RSS feed, the geekiest geeks are letting us down! I wanted to offer you, my visitors, all that I can, but no. So I pulled in some fun RSS news feed from a few gadget sites.

Electronics Talk - Embedded Computing and Control

All news all the time sorted all sorts of ways. You can browse your news by date, supplier or product in a kermit the frog sort of green oasis in the UK.


Embedded Technology - A survivor of the dot com

Now here is a site straight out of the dot com days! This vertmarket marketplace place thing kills me. I remember reading about it when I was studying E-commerce here in Michigan at Lawrence Tech. Seems like there was a case study on them or a reference to them in a book I read about in the class on E-Boys (a young upstart venture capital firm). Any way, I find them easier to get started looking for something and then they bog down the process the same way globalspec does. If you really like globalspec, check this site out.


Tuesday, March 08, 2005

DMOZ - Open directory embedded category

If you like to combine long bullet lists and lots of text in your presentation slides then this is the place for you! I like the concept of the site. Have a hard time using it myself though.

Embedded Computer category from DMOZ

Embedded.com - Thinking Inside the Box

Well, the site is good. It has a bit more of the large publisher corporate aftertaste than I like though. If you are looking to do some research on a subject, click below. If you want some fresh copy, look elsewhere.


ITpapers - White papers on Embedded Systems

White papers, sort of a wierd name. I wonder what caused these documents of wisdom and intelligence to be labeled with such a name? Any way, white papers provide nice information on a topic that is sometimes written by a salesperson and sometimes by a salty old dog that decides to impart with some nugget. These can be a refreshing alternative to the news stories, product reviews or advertisements and can provide new application ideas and such.

Embedded Systems search results from ITpapers

LinuxDevices - News and reviews related to embedded Linux

I like this site. Been reading it for a few years now. First learned about the Sharp Zaurus PDA here. I have since bought a couple, first the SL-5500 and then the SL-5600. I missed my chance to pick up an 6000L. I guess that's why God created eBay. Sort of giving the SL-C860 the hairy eyeball now though...


SiliconPenguin - The Embedded Linux Authority

The SiliconPenguin proclaims to be THE Embeded Linux Authority. And I have to admit, they have a large number of links buried within their site. You can drill down to a single topic quickly but after that - be warned - the site gets a bit cumbersome after that.


LinuxJournal - An Intro on Developing Embedded Linux

Came across this article "An Introduction to Embedded Linux Development" on LinuxJournal and thought I would share.

Article on LinuxJournal

EG3 - dedicated embedded site

EG3 is a very up2date site. They add cool links like mad and offer at least a little bit of information on all the relevant topics.
"your portal to the "best of the web" for embedded systems, dsp, real-time/rtos, board-level computing, soc and more..." EG3.com


Thomas Register - Embedded Computers

Same as previous post except this search is for:

Embedded Computers search results from Thomas Register

Thomas Register - Embedded Systems

The Thomas Register has been around since before the days when gore invented the Internet. It used to be made out of paper and was similar to a phone book if you remember what those are. Anyway, they have moved to the net now and offer sources and suppliers for embedded computer systems. They also have CAD data to help speed up your design efforts.

Embedded Systems search results from Thomas Register

GlobalSpec - The Engineering Search Engine

From the horses mouth "The specialized search engine focusing on engineering and technical information to provide you with more relevant search results."

I do find them to be a helpful resource when I have the patience to wade through the mechanics of it all.

Embedded Systems search results from GlobalSpec