Due to circumstances beyond our control, DPHH has been suspended until further notice.

It is highly possible that it is being treated as defunct. Most likely it will be reinstated and rechristened under a new name in the near future.

This website will cease to exist shortly. The NYCDPHH Facebook page will be revamped.

We know it's not fair for you guys and we can't apologize enough but don't let this affects your social life.

We strongly encourage you and your friends to establish a NEW social gathering for Deaf and Hard of Hearing people and their supporters. It's fairly easy - all you have to do is pick a bar and date/time, then post an announcement in DeafNYC.com and/or Facebook. Call your new event as you see fit however we kindly ask you NOT to mention "DPHH".

The NYCDPHH committee



Photographers NEEDED!


Zavier and I are in dire need of volunteer photographers. We do not have any photos for February's DPHH because we don't have enough volunteers.

So what do we look for in our photographers????
The ability to take a wide variety of photos of our attendees from all walks of life, ages, backgrounds etc etc.

This means being willing to go up to perfect strangers and asking to take their photos for the website. It isn't hard, all you have to do is go up and say, "Hi, I am a photographer for NYC DPHH and with your permission I would like to take some photos." and that's all. If the people who's photos are being taken ask if their photos will deAfinitely be used, you will have to explain it depends on the quality and quanity of photos received and that it is up to the administrators of this website to decide. We generally try to use photos that show diversity and new faces of our NYC DPHH crowds.

If you are interested in volunteering for NYC DPHH please email us at nycdphh@gmail.com, include your name, availability (how often do you attend DPHH) and a few sample photos. We are seeking dedicated volunteers!

Thank you for your time in regards to this matter,
-Zavier & Jennifer

Spring Break NYC DPHH

Howdy Folks,

Next DPHH will be on Friday March 12, 2010 at Stout Bar! We decided on March 12, 2010 so that students who are on spring break from Gallaudet University can join us!

Profile from NYMag

Dubliners and brothers Martin and Mark Whelan spent years perfecting their brand of Emerald Isle magic with pubs like St. Andrews and Maggie's Place before opening this Superdome of taverns in 2005. But the 16,000-square-foot, tri-level megaspace — with its 36 large-screen TVs blasting rugby, fútbol, cricket, baseball, and basketball — goes beyond mere spectator sportsmanship with a subterranean "cellar" level with private billiard rooms and four dartboards often co-opted by leagues in the spring and fall. D.J. sets, live Celtic bands, and karaoke are also weekly occurrences, but most customers simply belly up to the 60-foot bar on the main floor to sample one of 200-plus beers, including the bar's namesake brew, which comes in 30 bottled varieties and 20 rotating drafts. Irish pub grub, burgers, pizza, and a raw bar with oysters from both coasts round out the menu. — Lauren Salazar

Location: 133 West 33rd st between 6th & 7th ave
Nearest Transit: 33rd Street (PATH), 34th St-6th Ave (B, D, F, V, N, Q, R, W), 34th St-7th Ave (1, 2, 3)
Date: Friday, March 12, 2010
Time: 8pm-4am
Alrighty, hope to see you all there
-Zavier & Jennifer

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Dress Code Addendum

Hiya Folks

We received several emails concerning NYC DPHH dress code request. 1st of all it is NOT mandatory, we only strongly encourage our attendees to dress nicely. As for Jeans, wearing jeans is acceptable in most places nowaday, as long as they're not dirty, stained, ripped and/or"gaudy". This means nice jeans with dress shoes and a top is fine :)

We still say no to sneakers and baseball caps unless it's a dive bar and we will specify if it is. Otherwise we really want to see you in your best threads! Afterall, we take photos to post on this site and NYC is still one of the fashion capitals in the world!

Lastly we also want to stress that rowdy behavior is unacceptable at all times. Let's put our best foot forward and start the new year right!
Stay warm and see you all Saturday!
Jennifer & Zavier

Sunday, January 31, 2010

February 6th location

Alrighty folks,

The next DPHH will be at Soldier McGee Tavern.

Soldier McGee Tavern is the IT spot for New York City bar happenings. Local sports fans know their way to this Upper Westside sports bar for the thrilling energy found underneath its roof. Bartenders know regulars by name and new comers are never disappointed.

Housing eight 50-inch flat screen TVs, dartboard, video boxing and pool table, there is always excitement overload at Soldier McGee Tavern. This sports bar is great for after work, happy hour and for those who enjoy a pumped up atmosphere with their booze. 20 different beers wait on tap to quench your thirst and a tasty menu of appetizers to keep you full. Since this sports bar is open later than most, your party does not have to stop early.

Soldier McGee Tavern boasts of being voted Best Bar on the Upper West Side. Slide into this sports bar one evening and see what is causing such a sensation on Amsterdam Avenue. [Excerpt from the yellow pages]

When: Saturday, February 6, 2010
Time: 8pm-4am

Where: 480 Amsterdam Ave @ 83rd st (nearest train would be either the 1 train to 79th st or the C/B to 80th st)

Hope to see you all there and remember, act and dress PROFESSIONALLY :)

Zavier & Jennifer

Friday, January 29, 2010

February's DPHH 2/6/10

Dear Folks

Zavier and I are still mulling over which location for next Saturday's NYC DPHH on February 6th! Location will be announced by Sunday (1/31/10).

On a separate note, Zavier and I would like to remind our attendees that this is Deaf Professional Happy Hour. Emphasis is on PROFESSIONAL! This means we encourage our members to "dress to impress" when coming to DPHH. Jeans and sneakers should be left at home and other street wear.

We also recommend bringing business cards to hand out to others and promote networking and job opportunities. We aren't saying not to have fun, but lately we've noticed things have turned into more of a frat party than a professional gathering.

We strive to represent the very best of the best. NYC is the greatest city on earth and we want NYC DPHH to reflect nothing less than the finest! So please do encourage all signers of all ages to come (provided they are over 21). Our goal is not to alienate anyone but to take a good thing and make it even better but we need your help! Let's show the world why NY is #1!

Thank you for taking the time to read this post and we will be back in 2 days with the location and additional information.

Sincerely yours,
Zavier & Jennifer

Thursday, January 14, 2010

January's Photos!

Photo credits:  Steve Martinez