Classic Motorsports | Project Cars
The Truth About Buying a Project Car

Thinking about pulling the trigger on a project? Don't lose sight of just how much time and money is going to be required.

Project LSZ: Replacing Our Steering Column and Dash With Something Racier

We had more to do before our 350Z was ready to enter its first time trial event. To start we need to reconfigure the interior for racing.

Chevrolet | Your Projects | c5 | Crovette
Your Projects: The LS1-KART Is What You Get When You Add Lightness to a C5 Corvette

Sure, we may know a thing or two about C5 Corvettes, but nothing quite like the LS1-powered go-kart that forum user Go_Gators has come up with.

GTV | Alfa Romeo
Importing the Modern Version of the Alfa Romeo GTV Under the 25-Year Rule

Many of the imports headed stateside thanks to the EPA and DOT’s rolling 25-year roadblock have been hailing from Japan Why not buck the trend with something European?

Video: The Jade Warrior May Have Been the Most Extreme Way to Run the Quarter-Mile

The Jade Warrior was a drag bike (if you can even call it a bike) built by British motorcycle racer Angus MacPhail. Unlike most motorcycles, this one could only be piloted by ...

tires | wheels | suspension | Track Testing
How to Execute DIY Track Testing Like a Pro

You don’t have to be Consumer Reports—or even GRM—to conduct your own product tests.

Video: The Importance of Recording and Interpreting Data With AEM Electronics

Sponsored video presented by AEM Performance Electronics.   Understanding data can be just as useful as driver skill when it comes to competitiveness, no matter the discipline. Formula Drift champion Chris Forsberg ...

Festiva | Ford
In the August Issue | Outside the Econobox

Built for Time Attack, This Ford Festiva Is a Mashup of Mazda, Kia, Geo and More

Sponsored Content | Nine Lives Racing
From Nine Lives Racing: Big Carbon-Fiber Wings for Big Downforce

Nine Lives Racing knows how to make big wings that can survive the track, but it also knows how to make them out of carbon fiber, too.

$2000 Challenge
The Nelson Family Enters $2000 Challenge With 650-Horsepower Eagle Talon

The Nelson family has just officially entered the $2000 Challenge with their turbocharged, LS-powered, front-wheel-drive Eagle Talon.

Video: How to Shift an 18-Speed Transmission

Most modern passenger cars and trucks can come with anything from five- to 10-speed transmissions. Semi-trucks, on the other hand, are often equipped with 18-speed transmissions–like the one on this 2007 ...

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