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Made In America

Author : Scott Bianchi

In a time where very few of the products we buy in this country are made in this country there is a TV show on the air that makes everything own their own. That show is the Discover Channel?s highest rated show, ?American Chopper?. There is a tremendous following for this show and I think it is easy to see why. This show is not just about motorcycles, it is the ultimate in reality TV.Even people who are not into motorcycles enjoy this show and I think it is because they can relate to the show in one way or another. Either they are fascinated by the workmanship displayed by Paul Jr. and Vinny, on the theme bikes they build. Or they have been a part of a dysfunctional family at some point in their life. Or, maybe they even work for a boss that thinks he/she knows what he/she is talking about all the time, even when he/she really does not.I started watching this show because I was always amazed at how the bikes turned out. Paul Jr. comes up with some amazing ideas for his bikes. The paint jobs on the bikes are unbelievable as well. It is simply amazing what they are able to do with some metal and tools. After a few episodes I found myself laughing at the people and enjoying that part just as much as I enjoyed the end result of the bikes. If you examine the family, they are a real life family. They fight like some families, if not worse. Paul Sr. has been divorced, he has used drugs in the past, he has one son that helps run the business and build bikes while the other one shows up to work late, has no motivation to succeed or get ahead. I understand we only get to see what the editors want us to see but if you have seen them in an interview they basically say that what you see is what you get. They are a typical real-life family. (except now they are famous and get to give their mother/grandmother the opportunity to meet the Yankees which has been a dream of hers.)Paul Sr. as a boss? I think most people can see things in him that they see in their boss. He always thinks he knows it all. He likes to remind people that it is his way or the highway and that he is the boss. And, he really does not appear to do any work himself, while always professing he is so busy. Once again, I realize we only see what the editors want us to see. In order for him to make his business as successful as it has become he must be doing something right. But, we are watching the show and the dynamics involved on the show and this is what the audience gets to see. We see Paul Sr. yelling, swearing, hitting things, and then he goes into his office and sits back in his chair and puts his feet up on the desk.All the things mentioned above are factors in why the show is so popular, in my opinion. There is one other reason I feel it is so popular and that is because it shows that it is possible to become a success in this country if you work at it and make good decisions. It gives hope. You do not need to graduate from Harvard to become rich. You can be a steel worker, a painter, an electrician, or an accountant. Opportunity is endless in this country. American Chopper?s success was ?Made In America? and yours can be too. This shows supports the motto I live by which is; ?To be a success you do not always have to work the hardest, you need to work the smartest.? About The AuthorScott Bianchi operates www.bestinternetbargains.com. He writes on a variety of topics. He is willing to discuss/debate any of his articles via the forum on his site.scottbianchi@hotmail.com

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Alcohol Rehab: When Does Too Much Drinking Become Alcoholism?

Author : Jonathan Huttner
For most people, the consumption of alcohol is nothing more than pleasant activity that takes place at some type of social activity. Generally speaking, two drinks per day for men and one for women does not produce any harmful effects. Regardless, a large number of Americans suffer serious consequences due to their drinking. Current statistics state that nearly 13 million Americans abuse alcohol or are alcoholic.The consequences we speak of are quite serious and can be life threatening. Alcohol slows down and can alter brain activity, as well as, the central nervous system. Alcoholic drinking can increase the risk for cancer, cause cirrhosis of the liver, problems within the immune system, damage the fetus of a pregnant woman or create medical complications within the stomach or heart.It should be clear that alcohol in itself is a drug that can produce serious medical consequences, but when mixed with other drugs or prescription medications it becomes even more lethal. It is highly recommended that a person consult with their physician or pharmacist if they drink alcohol and consume prescription or over the counter medications.Alcoholism, also known as "alcohol dependence" has been termed a disease by the American Medical Association and this disease includes four distinct symptoms:
Craving or the compulsion to drink alcohol,
The development of a physical dependence with symptoms of withdrawal present,
Loss of control or the inability to control ones alcohol consumption,
Tolerance or the need to drink greater amounts of alcohol in order to get drunk.
Many people wonder why some people can consume alcohol without any consequences, while others drink without limits. One reason has been linked directly to genetics. Another factor has to do with the environment and peer pressure, while a person's brain chemistry can play an integral part in how a person drinks alcohol. In most cases, it is a combination of the above.Lastly it is important to note that not everyone that drinks regularly is alcoholic or even has a drinking problem. Everyone is different. The best thing to do if you think you or someone you know might have a problem with alcohol is to consult a professional who specializes in the treatment of alcoholism. You can also take the Michigan Alcoholism Screening Test online right now. If a person does have a problem with alcohol the one thing we are sure of is that without intervention, alcoholism treatment or an effective alcohol rehabilitation program, the amount and frequency of drinking will become progressively worse. So, if you know someone who is struggling with alcohol, find an alcohol rehab program and get them help today.Jonathan Huttner is one of the the principals at Lakeview Health Systems, an addiction treatment, alcohol and drug rehab facility. Addiction treatment information and free live help 24/7 is being provided online at RecoveryConnection.org
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Night Vision Explained.

Author : Bill MacArthur

Spy movies are often the first thing that comes to mind when people think about or discuss night vision technology. Do they actually work, or are they another form of moviemaking magic? In case you were wondering, the technology is very real and very effective. The standard set of night vision goggles will allow you to see a person standing 200 yards away on a cloudy, moonless night. Impressive, isnt it?

There are two different types of night vision technology. The first works on the principle of image enhancement. It works by collecting the minute amount of light contained in darkness, and amplifying it to the point where objects can be viewed. It even collects light from the lower end of the infrared light spectrum, which is generally imperceptible to the human eye.

The other way that night vision technology works is through a process known as thermal imaging. This process works by capturing the upper end of the infrared light spectrum. This part of the light spectrum is emitted in the form of heat, as opposed to light as we might recognize it. The warmer an object is the higher amount of this light is emitted.

There are some similar components in both night vision systems. Each of these systems is comprised of optics, some form of signal processing, and a viewing monitor. Image enhancement seems to be the prevailing technology contained in modern night vision systems. Both systems were developed, originally, for military use. In the United States, there are two classifications for night vision devices. The first is called MILSPEC, which refers to military specifications. The other is COMSPEC, which refers to commercial specifications.

This technology has been incorporated into a number of popular products, and put to use is many different ways. They are generally contained in three distinct categories; scopes, goggles, and cameras. Scopes are generally handheld or mounted on weapons, and are monocular. These are good for short-term viewing from a stationary position. Goggles are worn by the user and are binocular. As they are worn by the user, they are ideal for use over a longer period and during movement. Cameras are ideal for surveillance, as the images captured can be saved to a recording device or viewed on a remote monitor. This category also includes video imaging.

Night vision systems have come a long way since their early days of development. They are now used by law enforcement agencies and private investigators on a daily basis. They are also used by civilians for wildlife observation, security, surveillance, and personal entertainment. Night vision devices have become an integral part of the modern arsenal. Remember, not everything you see in the movies is make-believe.

About the author:

Bill MacArthur is ex-military special operations and is currently working as a consultant for a private security firm in the United States. He loves the great outdoors, and spends his free time at his cottage retreat. Every so often, he writes an article for thebinocularsite.com an excellent online resource with information about Binoculars - http://www.thebinocularsite.com/,Bushnell Binoculars - http://www.thebinocularsite.com/bushnell-binoculars.aspx,Canon Optics - http://www.thebinocularsite.com/canon-binoculars.aspxand more.

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Alternative Medicine Why the rage and what is it?

Author : Michelle Ludick

Alternative medicine seems to have become the NEW BLACK in the world of medicine. More and more people are heading towards different forms of keeping healthy than the conventional run of the mill way of doing things. There is no clear definition of Alternative medicine but the general consensus seems to be that it is non conventional.Nearly everyone is thinking about or doing either reflexology or aromatherapy, acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, western herbal medicine, Ayurveda (traditional Indian medicine), dietary therapy, spiritual healers, homeopathy or a little of them all. And so we see the different ways and means of non conventional medical treatment that goes on. Why is it the rage? Alternative medication tends to focus more on the patient than the disease. I hear you asking why that is a good thing. Well we are all unique individuals and what works for the one may not always work for the next. In fact in some cases the medication prescribed is nothing but a complete waste of time. There are sometimes other underlying issues at play that conventional medicine does not always see. It has been said that conventional medicine may be quit effective in dealing with traumatic injury and crises yet it tends to fall short in understanding and effectively treating chronic diseases and degeneration.. Conventional medicine focuses on the symptoms while alternative medicine generally takes the more holistic approach. People are also getting tired of the general adverse effects, the battling of addictions and the increased costs of the more conventional side of medicine. Health care around the world tends to cover less and less and people have had enough. Prescription drugs tend to be habit forming and they may have serious adverse side effects that will only be discovered after the fact. Many prescription and over the counter drugs originated from herbs or have herbs as part of the content. Some experts have gone so far as to state the chemical medication that we get prescribed are not defined properly and tend to be rather misleading in what the health risks may be.Herbs have been used for time and memorial in treating diseases and ailments and it has come back into popularity with a bang. Probably because there uses are so vast. They not only act as a cure in ailments but they are also great as a preventative. Adaptogenic herbs are herbs that increase resistance and resilience in the bodies immune system and then you have tonics for increased energy. Herbs can be used internally or made into salves or balms for external usage. Herbal teas are great as a relaxant.Chinese Herbal medicine is an ancient form of healing that originated approximately 4000 years ago and until the time of the renaissance it was far ahead in treating illnesses than Western Medicine. Chinese Herbal medicine incorporates the Yin and Yang, the flow of Qi (pronounced Chee) and the theory of the 5 elements. Health is when the flow of Qi (energy) is balanced because of a constant dynamic process between the yin and the yang. Chinese medicine is extremely effective, safe and gentle.Ayurveda comes from the words ayus meaning life and veda meaning knowledge. Its beginnings is purported to come from ancient Hindu Sanskrit written on palm leaves. Herbal medicine is given in conjunction to massages, change of diet and yoga exercises.I am not suggesting that herbs are without dangers because there are very real ones (arsenic is natural and we are all aware of the dangers of ephedra) so herbs are only to be used as directed by an Herbalist. Always tell you Doctor if and what herbs you are already taking as some herbs clash horribly and the side effects can be quite dangerous when taken in conjunction with Chemical drugs.Article By: Michelle Ludick http://www.bhealthy247.com Michelle Ludick lives in Johannesburg, South Africa with her husband and her two small chidren. Her interset in health and what is best for her family led her to her website http://www.bhealthy247.com

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Choose A Good Username For Dating

Author : Barry Hughes

Picking a username can be more important than you know. Members that are doing a search are also seeing your username. A username like ILikeSex or SexXXX could deter potential mates that are seeking a true relationship and not just a one night stand.Usernames like LonelyBoy or LonelyGirl might indicate that you are desperate (Whether or not this is the case). You do not want potential partners to think that you are desperate and dateless. Also a username like JohnJones or MaryDoe gives visitors too much information out to the public. A resourceful person could get your name and see what City you are from and something bad could happen as a result.Choose a unique username that fits your personality. Do not include your name in your username. Avoid using descriptive words that indicate a high sex drive, being lonely, desperate or divulge personal information such as your phone number or email address.A username is a direct part of who you are. Make it exciting, anonymous and peak the interest of other members not one that may deter them. This is just one factor in your online dating success but it is an important one. Barry Hughes is the webmaster for Personals Finder a free online personals dating service site for singles.

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Guide To The Most Popular Dog breeds

Author : Rebecca Prescott

Are you shopping for a new dog? If so, you will be able to choose from over one hundred different breeds. Each breed of dog is unique in their own way. Before you make a purchase you should look into what each breed has to offer, as well as what other people think about them. For many people, choosing from the most popular dog breeds is a good start. After all, if so many people are interested in these dogs they have to be doing some right. Here are a few of the most popular dog breeds:1. The Labrador retriever is a beautiful and popular dog breed. They weigh between 50 and 80 pounds, and stand from 21 to 24 and a half inches. They love the water, and are very intelligent. My sister's black labrador would chew the hose if the didn't get his daily play with it! Labradors love swimming, and have webbed feet which helps him swim well. They have a lovely, gentle nature, and adore humans. They don't make great guard dogs, as they accept strangers easily. But they are excellent with children. They do have a lot of energy, so will need exercise and somewhere to run around. But their coat is quite low maintenance, and they are easy to train. 2. As far as the most popular dog breeds for families, the Golden retriever is always near the top of the list. This breed is very similar to the Labrador retriever except it has a longer coat. They weigh between 55 and 80 pounds, and stand 22 to 24 and a half inches high. Golden retrievers are very intelligent, and have a great love of humans. They are very playful and eager to please, and even love all the attention that children give a pet! They are good around strangers, so they don't make good guard dogs, but this can be good for a family with children bringing friends over. Golden retrievers do need obedience training, as their need for attention, and desire to play all the time could be irritating to owners wanting some time of their own. They also need at least an hour of exercise a day.3. If you are shopping for a smaller dog, look into buying a Chihuahua. This is one of the most popular dog breeds year in and year out, and is nice for people who do not want a big dog running through their home at all times. Chihuahua's weight from 2 to 6 pounds, and are very loyal, intelligent and perceptive. Despite their size, they don't think of themselves as small dogs! They are very protective of the house, and make great miniature guard dogs.4. The German shepherd is a popular large dog breed for people looking for a watch or guard dog, or a very loyal companion. They weight between 60 and 110 pounds, and are 22 to 26 inches high. They do need daily brushing, however. German shephards are extremely protective of their house and territory, and this extends to his human family, with which he becomes strongly bonded to. They are quite sensitive dogs in that they are very aware of their owner's moods, and are very intelligent. The only potential problems are that they can be suspicious of strangers - and this includes your child's friends. As a result, they need training and socialization, from puppyhood.5. Beagles are great hunting dogs and are always popular among dog lovers for their gentle nature and even temperament. They were originally used as hunting dogs, and so have an amazing sense of smell - which, in the domestic environment can translate into a penchant for sniffing out underwear in the laundry! Beagles are extremely loyal and friendly, but they need training, though they can be difficult to train due to their curiosity. They are quite strong willed, especially when they catch a scent they are curious about. But they are very playful dogs, and make great family pets. They are fine with toddlers, and as long as they have been socialized the right way, will get along in multi-dog households.The most popular dog breeds are not necessarily the best, they are just the ones that are bought the most by the general public. If you are shopping for a new dog, looking at the most popular breeds is probably a great place to start, but be sure to take into account your needs. Do you want a dog that will fit into an apartment? Or be good around children - especially small children? How much time do you have to exercise your dog? These questions will help determine whether a breed is appropriate for your lifestyle and situation. For more beagle information, click here. Rebecca runs this site on dog breeds and care.

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