A new and updated catalogue of Romanian enterprises.

Romanian Center for Trade and Investment, a governmental institution dedicated to promoting Romania's foreign trade and investment, is pleased to present you with a new and updated catalogue of Romanian enterprises.

Romania Export Directory 2012 - Agriculture and Food Industry.

Romania Trade and Invest (CRPCIS) is pleased to provide you with a new reference ROMANIA Export Directory 2012.

11/09/2017 Exhibition Belgrade 2018

calendar of international exhibitions organized in Belgrade 2018

09/11/2017 Expozi?ii International Novi Sad 2018

Calendar of international exhibitions held in Novi Sad 2018

01.05.2018 Trade Mission "Organic Food & Beverage", organized by the EU in Singapore and Vietnam, 15 to 20 May 2018

Opportunity for Romanian companies to participate in the EU - Business Avenues for countries in South East Asia

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