We are sad to inform you of the death of one of our longtime members, Sharron Wright.? Sharron joined the club in May of 2003.? Obituary:??www.centralfuneralhome.com

June Meeting Cancelled

The June meeting of the TVW is cancelled in keeping with CDC and State guidelines.? It’s hoped that we will be able to meet in July, so stay tuned here and to the Newsletter, Splinters, for updates.

The Club’s YouTube Channel

The address for the Club’s Channel is:? https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCBMvw434qQ5ND7wjeWat3w/? .? Webmaster, Richard Gulley, will upload videos from the Club’s Video Library from time to time to help bridge the gap until we can meet again and have our regular programs.? A June video has been added to our YouTube channel. This time? Tom Cowan demonstrates hand cut half-blind dovetails.? Go to:? https://youtu.be/78IB7KQe51c

Links to Carving videos from Jim Jolliffe

Dave Brogan giving us basics on choosing carving tools.?https://youtu.be/NeAwzY-m07o

Vic Hood giving us the basics of carving a face.? ?https://youtu.be/JYmKNkk1-v0

Leiper’s Fork Carving Club? May 16th visit is postponed — per Jim Jolliffe

Security issue

Members are getting fake emails from someone claiming they need help from you.??Typical:? “I need a favor from you. I’d appreciate if you could email me back asap.? Thanks”.? ?If you get something like this, don’t reply.? If you know who they’re pretending to be, check through an alternate path to see if it may be genuine.

Happy 35th Anniversary

The year 2020 marks the 35th for the Tennessee Valley Woodworker club.? We thought we would reminisce a little and show how the Club got it’s beginning back in the fall of 1985, so we put a short video on YouTube.? The video is a shortened version of a 2010 production for the Quarter Century celebration we had then.

Participation in Club communications —

If you have photos to include in the Gallery or if you have written an article you want posted send to?tv-w@live.com.