Why Entrepreneurs choose Social Media Marketing to Gain Traffic on Their Websites?

Social media is rapidly getting to be a standout amongst the most significant parts of digital marketing, which gives mind blowing benefits that help achieve a large number of clients around the world.

Also, in case you are not making a difference this gainful source, you are passing up a significant opportunity a mind-blowing marketing opportunity.

Why Entrepreneurs choose Social Media Marketing to Gain Traffic on Their Websites?: eAskme
Why Entrepreneurs choose Social Media Marketing to Gain Traffic on Their Websites?: eAskme

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As it makes it easy and simple to get the message out about the product and mission.

To make an effective social media marketing plan, you also can get in touch with the best research paper writing service.

They have experts and professionals who can provide you an ideal marketing paper.

Why Entrepreneurs choose Social Media Marketing to Gain Traffics on Their Websites?

Improved brand mindfulness

Social media is a standout amongst the most peaceful and productive digital marketing stages that can be utilized to expand your business permeability.

To begin, make social media profiles for your business and start organizing with others.

By applying a social media technique, it will help you fundamentally increment your image acknowledgment.

By spending just a couple of hours out of every week, over 91% of advertisers asserted that their social marketing endeavors extraordinarily expanded their image permeability and elevated client experience.

Financially savvy

For a publicizing procedure, social media marketing is perhaps the most practical way.

Making an account and joining is free for practically all social systems administration stages.

But, in case you choose to utilize paid to promote on social media, dependably begin little to perceive what you ought to anticipate.

Being savvy is significant as it causes you to accomplish a more noteworthy quantifiable profit and hold a higher spending plan for other marketing and business payment.

Also, you can hire the best essay writing solution to make a viral content. It helps you to get more engagement.

Connect with your clients

Social media is a decent path for drawing in and communicating clients.

The more you speak with the group of spectators, the more shots you have of transformation.

Set up a two-route correspondence with your intended interest group so their desires are known and their advantage is provided food easily.

Improved brand devotion

When you have a social media nearness, you make it simpler for your clients to discover you and interface with you.

By interfacing with your clients through social media, you are progressively likely to upsurge client maintenance and client steadfastness.

Since building up a dedicated client base is one of the principal objectives of practically any business.

Consumer loyalty and brand reliability ordinarily go connected at the hip. It is essential to regularly connect with your clients and begin building up a bond with them.

More beneficial consumer loyalty

Social media assumes an essential job in systems administration and correspondence stage.

With the assistance of these stages, making a voice for your organization is significant in improving the general brand picture.

Clients value the way that when they post remarks on your page, they get a changed answer instead of an electronic message.

Commercial center mindfulness

A standout amongst the ideal approaches to discover the necessities and needs of your clients rather than straightforwardly speaking with them is Marketplace mindfulness.

It is likewise considered as the most crucial bit of leeway of social media.

By watching the exercises on your profile, you can see clients' advantage and assessments that you probably won't generally know if you didn't have a social media nearness.

More brand specialist

For making your business all the more dominant, brand steadfastness and consumer loyalty both assume an outstanding job, yet everything comes down to correspondence.

At the point when clients see your organization posting on social media, mainly answering to their questions and posting different substance, it causes them to assemble a real picture in their brains.

Consistently interfacing with your clients demonstrates that you and your business care about them.

Expanded traffic

One of the different advantages of Social Media is that it likewise helps increment your site traffic.

By sharing your substance on social media, you are giving clients motivation to navigate to your site.

Improved SEO rankings

Social media nearness is turning into an essential factor in ascertaining rankings.

Nowadays, to verify effective positioning, SEO prerequisites are persistently changing.

Along these lines, it is never again enough to improve your site and regularly update your blog.

Businesses sharing their substance on social media are conveying a brand sign to web index that addresses your image legitimacy, respectability, and steadiness.

Last words

There is no denying that Social media marketing has numerous favourable circumstances for new businesses and built up brands.

By ordinary refreshing the correct social media marketing methodology.

It will prompt expanded traffic, better SEO, improved brand unwaveringness, more advantageous consumer loyalty, and significantly more.

Use digital ocean promo code to know the best essay writing service to gain traffics on your website.

If you have any question,

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4 Steps to Optimize Your Link Building Research Process to Earn 10x More Links

A proactive approach to link building research is the key to success. The only thing that most of the marketers do not understand is how to start or where to start.

Link Building is quite complicated than just writing and publishing blog posts. Your content will not attract the ocean of backlinks only by waiting for them.

Because if link building will be that easy, then all of us would have DR90+.

Proactiveness is the key to earn links naturally and positively. Or it would help if you were Forbes.

4 Tips to Optimize Your Link Building Research Process to Earn 10x More Links: eAskme
4 Tips to Optimize Your Link Building Research Process to Earn 10x More Links: eAskme
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The only issues in backlink world is that most bloggers and marketer do not know where to start and how to attract those countable backlinks.

The only solution is to link building research.

4 Tips to Optimize Your Link Building Research Process to Earn 10x More Links

Today I am sharing four useful tips that will help you to earn 10x more links.

Link Intersect Report:

Link Intersect report of Ahrefs is here to help you.

You can use this tool to find link opportunities by targeting your competitors.

Don't just blindly fall for their link profile.

Your competitors are ranking above you because they have published the right content at the right time and got noticed by the right journalists.

It is not wise to go head to head in that direction.

Instead, focus on sites linking to multiple keywords or multiple competitors.

They are easy to target to link back to your site.

All you need is to highly informational content to leverage this link building outreach list.

Go to Ahrefs and click on "Link Intersect tool."

On Link Intersect page Enter your competitor's domain or urls in "Show me who is linking to these domains or URLs" boxes.

Now enter your domain or link in "But doesn't link to (optional)" box.

Click on "Show link opportunities."

Now you will see the report with link building opportunities. The report will show you like this:

In this example; I have targeted two sites in comparison with one website. The report displays the domain with the number of links to these competitors.

You will see the list of sites that are consistently linking back to the competitors.

And this is what you need.

Now sort the report according to Rank, DR, links or niche and export it.

The next job is to contact the best person to build relationships and earn backlinks.

Earn links from SERP competitors:

Can you earn links from competitors?

Yes, you can.

All you need to know is whom you should target.

Backlinks play an important role in ranking factor in SERP.

If you do not know what to do and where to start then here is the link building research process that you should follow.

First, go to Google and search for any keyword that you already rank on the first or second page.

Now create a list similar to content scoring to manage the list of sites or URLs you are targeting.

Make sure that the sites you choose must rank below you.


Sites that are ranking lower than your position can easily get influenced by your outreach.

Ranking below means that have low-quality content, and this is your chance to earn link building opportunity.

Now go to Ahrefs and check url's one by one.

To avoid spammy sites, set minimum DR score to DR20.

Export the list and start emailing the best contact person. Give them the reason why and how your content ranks higher and how informative and complete guide it is.

Now sit back and watch backlinks coming your way.

Target Keyword, Topic, Mention and Backlinks:

Millions of articles get published every day.

There are endless opportunities to build high-quality links in the best way.

The only issue here is, How to reach journalists, bloggers and writers?

And, here is the solution.

Focus on topic and keywords.


Use Ahrefs alerts tool or Google Alerts.

These tools will email you every time an article gets published on your topic or keyword.

Use can use this tool for:

Finding Unlinked Brand mentions:

Unlinked brand mentions are easy targets for link building opportunities. All you need is to find the article where they have mentioned your brand name without the link.

Email them and kindly request them to link back to your site or blog.

Topic takeover:

The topic takeover is another opportunity to find link building opportunities.

Steal Competitors Brand mentions:

Search for the brand mentions for your competitors. Make the list of sites where you can get the chance to place your link or brand mention.

Regain lost Links:

Losing backlinks is quite common.

The reason can be the dead site or removal of entire post or link.

Lose of high authority links will cause lose of ranking, traffic and content quality.

But there is a solution.

You can reclaim the lost links.
  • Go to Ahrefs, type your domain and check the list of "lost backlinks."
  • Sort the list according to DR, traffic, etc. When reclaiming links focus on high-quality backlinks.
  • You will see the list of pages where your link is not available anymore.

Now start email outreach by telling them:

To link back if the reference text is already there.

Or, ask them why they have removed the link and resolve the issue.

When doing outreach, focus on building relationships or ego-baiting to earn links.

Final Words:

Link building research process should be in-depth. This will help you keep the links natural.

Follow these 4 points, and your link building will increase 10times more as compared to traditional methods.

If you still have any question, do share via comments.

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What Is Growth Marketing and How Can it Benefit Your Business?

In this day and age, more people are going online to find their goods and services. Advertisers are quickly learning to adapt to the internet as well, developing many strategies to help your product reach as many people as possible. Growth marketing is the most effective strategy.
What Is Growth Marketing and How Can it Benefit Your Business?: eAskme
What Is Growth Marketing and How Can it Benefit Your Business?: eAskme
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These growth marketing strategies can expand your business exponentially. But how do these strategies work and how can they benefit your business? Keep reading to find out.

1) Growth marketing is data-driven

Data Driven growth marketing: What Is Growth Marketing and How Can it Benefit Your Business?: eAskme

If you’re smart about your investments and hire a growth marketing agency, you’ll receive the benefits of having a data-driven team working for you.

This means that they will analyze large amounts of data to make their online marketing decisions.

Gaining customer data through surveys, conducting experiments, and using funnel analyses have proven to be extremely effective in creating a boom in a company’s customer base.

Using facts when making your decisions can only make your marketing decision stronger in the long run.

2) It is extremely cost-effective

Cost effective marketing: What Is Growth Marketing and How Can it Benefit Your Business?: eAskme

If money is a possible factor for your decision against implementing growth marketing, consider that it is cost-effective in its methods.

Growth marketing agencies are often given a small budget and are still able to work well with it.

This is because growth hacking, which these agencies frequently implement, does not require much money at all. Simple, cheap ideas are often the most effective in this strategy.

3) It is constantly innovating

Constantly Innovating: What Is Growth Marketing and How Can it Benefit Your Business?: eAskme

Growth marketing is very fast paced, meaning that if an idea doesn’t work well, you can easily scrap it and start over with a whole new strategy.

With growth marketing, you don’t have to work on one idea for a ton of time and invest money in it only for it to flop.

Instead, growth marketing is an efficient system that is constantly updating itself for the best results.

This type of efficiency and rapid-fire changing means getting the results your company needs faster.

It can attract more customers quicker than old-fashioned marketing strategies.

4) It can help you gain many leads

Leads: What Is Growth Marketing and How Can it Benefit Your Business?: eAskme

The point of marketing is to enlarge your customer pool.

This requires an agency that can find the most convenient and efficient ways to acquire bigger, better leads to this process

And though these strategies are quick, they are smarter because they are data-driven.

Growth marketers are constantly getting more leads and getting better leads to growing your customer base.

Funneling people into your service is important to exposing your brand to more people.

Though you may lower the percentage of people who retain the use of your product or service, growth marketing can help increase the overall number of people who engage with your brand at all.

5) The strategies focus on the entire marketing process

Focus: What Is Growth Marketing and How Can it Benefit Your Business?: eAskme

Ultimately, advertising is useless if it isn’t retaining the customers it works so hard to acquire.

A true growth marketing strategy doesn’t simply focus on getting new people to notice your brand—it also works to retain customers, converting them to loyal members of your customer base.

Keep in mind...

Growth marketing strategies aren’t simply a department or agency you can employ to make your company reach new heights.

It’s a mindset that everyone in your company needs to embrace to truly be effective.

After all, its efficient and fast-paced methods aren’t for people who just want to stick to one method without considering other options.

Growth marketing strategies are becoming popular because they focus on open-mindedness and emphasize the need for a willingness to constantly be tweaking and altering things.

In the long run, being extremely detail-oriented can benefit your company more than you could begin to imagine.

You just need to be willing to commit to new ideas.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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Evergreen Content Guide: Everything that You Must Know About Evergreen Content is Here!

Evergreen content! Do you create it? Or do you still creating the content which has less meaning?

Creating content consistently with the target to boost organic traffic is essential.

You might have been writing content for years or months. And, some of your content may also rank on the first page.

What Is Evergreen Content & Why Should You Care?: eAskme
What Is Evergreen Content & Why Should You Care?: eAskme

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But are you satisfied with the result?

Your content will not add a good number to organic traffic as long as it is missing the main essence, and that is "Evergreen Content."

Evergreen content is not about being trendy or producing click baits.
  • What is evergreen content?

  • What are the types of evergreen content?

  • What are the examples of evergreen content?

  • Why is Evergreen content important?

  • How to find evergreen topics?

  • How to create evergreen content?
Today I will cover everything about evergreen content that you must know and implement.

Let's start with the fundamental question.


What is Evergreen Content: eAskme

Evergreen content is the content that never loses value with the time.

In other words, the content that never goes out of date is known as evergreen content.

The most common feature of evergreen content is that every evergreen content piece is relevant to a specific target audience regardless of the time cycle.

You will better understand it with the following example;

If you search for "LinkedIn Stats 2020," you will find that foundationinc content ranks first, which means that this content page is getting maximum traffic for this keyword.

Linkedin Stats: What Is Evergreen Content & Why Should You Care?: eAskme

But for how long?

In 2021, hardly anyone can search for this keyword.

On the other hand, we have an evergreen example.

Evergreen example: Linkedin Stats: What Is Evergreen Content & Why Should You Care?: eAskme

If you search for "the importance of trees," You will find the high page ranking on the first page.
This page will always keep getting traffic regardless of the year.

The reason why we call it evergreen is that it stays green like the evergreen plant.

Each evergreen content piece contain two critical factors;
  • Content

  • Topic
Now, before you jump in to start creating evergreen content; you need to understand the difference between evergreen topics and evergreen content.

What is Evergreen Topic:

Evergreen topics are such topics that will keep people always find interesting.

Examples of Evergreen Content:

No matter how many years will pass or how many changes will come in human life, people will always find the above topics interesting.

These are the evergreen topics.

Evergreen Content:

Evergreen content is that it is excellently crafted for the evergreen topic.

Evergreen content never become outdated and never fades away.

Examples of Evergreen Content:

Tip: For better results, you need to blend both in your blog post or content page.

Why your blog need Evergreen content? (Evergreen Content Benefits)

Without evergreen content, you have to rely on trending topics and cover every topic related to your blog niche to maintain current organic traffic numbers or improve it.

This is a time consuming practice that requires a lot of hardwork.

For example;

During 2016, Trump's election post on the New York Times has spiked the traffic. Because the whole country was searching for the result.

But after a couple of weeks, that spike started fading as people were no longer looking for the same answer.

This has dragged the spike in traffic to flat-lined traffic.

This is why the New York Times and many other news agencies publish hundreds of posts every day.
You can only do it if you are running a new agency or a big brand.

If you are a blogger, freelance marketer, or full-time SEO expert?

Then evergreen content is what works best for you.

Evergreen content will give you;

Consistent traffic:

People will keep searching for evergreen content even after years.

This means that your content will stay valuable for them, and you will keep getting regular traffic.

Save time and Money:

Evergreen content stays relevant for a long time.

This means that you need not publish hundreds of posts every day to maintain organic traffic.

How to create evergreen content?

If you are reading till now, that means you are also interested in creating evergreen content.

Here are the three best steps on how you can create excellent evergreen content.

Keyword research for Evergreen Topics:

Keyword research is the first thing that you should do to find the keyword with user intent.

You can use tools like KWfinder and SEMrush to find valuable keywords or long-tail keywords.

Make sure the keyword you choose has a high search volume from an extended period, such as one year.

Create Content for Audience:

Creating to the point content is not going to help you this time.

You need to create excellent content that your audience will not find anywhere else.

Make them want more from your blog.

Ensure that your content is so compelling that if you post with the delay, they will miss your updates.

Your content should trigger emotions and engagement.

Such content will beat the competition and stay relevant for years.

Avoid Dates, News, and Trending Topics:

News dies overnight.

And, if you write about the latest episode of The Flash, then it will lose fans as long as the next chapter goes air.

Tip: Avoid using Last year, Today's, or 2020.

Is it possible to create Evergreen Content?

It's both yes and No.

Content stays evergreen as long as you can keep it relevant.

Nothing can stay relevant for 100 years. If you keep updating the old posts, you can easily keep the relevant even after decades.

Here are the few ways that will help you to produce evergreen content.

Review the post-performance and links over-time:

Open your post and check the stats. Fix broken links. Replace them with new links or remove the dead links.

Both Google and Audience notice these links.

Focus on user intent:

User intent can change over time. Targeting the user search intent is essential.

People searching on Google are looking for a solution, and it is your job to feed them what is essential for them.

Targeting search intent when updating old posts will help you keep your content evergreen.

Find the Reasons Behind rank drop?

Other blogs are outranking your content.

Find out;
  • What makes their content amazing?

  • What your content is lacking?

Final Words:

Evergreen content help bloggers to improve their search ranking.

This same work for you.

You may be working on building tons of backlinks to outrank competitors. And, spending most of your life on creating content.

But the secret behind the successful blogger in "Evergreen Content."

Evergreen content is the content that stays relevant, attract links, traffic, and reputation.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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Enterprise SEO Guide: What is Enterprise SEO? Everything that You Must Know is Here!

What is Enterprise SEO? What is the Enterprise site? How is Enterprise SEO different from traditional SEO? Find out everything with this complete enterprise SEO guide.

More pages mean more visibility, and it also brings more problems.

SEO is already challenging and ambitious task.

Enterprise SEO Guide: What is Enterprise SEO? Everything that You Must Know is Here!: eAskme
Enterprise SEO Guide: What is Enterprise SEO? Everything that You Must Know is Here!: eAskme

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If you have a thousand or million pages, you will have to develop your expert strategy.

Such a website finds itself in the enterprise website category, and such a site needs enterprise SEO.


Enterprise SEO Guide: What is Enterprise SEO? Everything that You Must Know is Here!

There is no standard definition of the enterprise site.

But the most common belief is that a website with over a thousand pages is known as enterprise site.

The reason behind this is that such sites have a lot of categories, products, or services.

To rank higher webmaster needs a team of SEO professionals to work on different types.

In other words, enterprise SEO is all about the size of the website or blog.

The other two factors that help you decide the enterprise site are brand authority and a high number of published pages.

There is an idea that if a business wants to increase revenue and brand value, then it has to hire a team of professional SEO experts.

No matter what line you believe in, there are some standard features of enterprise sites, such as;
  • Impact on the business reputation and revenue.
  • How big team do you need to work with?
  • Level of Management to handle thousands or millions of webpages.
Now, as you know what is enterprise Site, the next thing is to understand what enterprise seo is?


Enterprise SEO Guide: What is Enterprise SEO? Everything that You Must Know is Here!

Enterprise SEO is the need for an enterprise site.

In other words, enterprise SEO is a full-fledged SEO strategy to optimize the website and content according to search engine guidelines.

Every enterprise SEO is different according to your business target and your website position in search results.

Why Enterprise Site needs Enterprise SEO?

Traditional Strategies Don’t Work for Big Players:

Most of the time, enterprise sites face common SEO problems. But due to the complex structure, SEO work become difficult for these sites.

It is not easy to make changes.

For example, you want to create new content pages to replace the old ones. But you also have to keep in mind that this will affect internal linking, authority, and inbound links.

Brands have to create fresh content to maintain brand authority, and at the same time, they have to make sure that content will not create issues with the site performance.

For better results, brands use the organizational change approach. The collaboration between subject matter experts, IT team, marketing team, and product developers enhance the performance.

The massive number of links, pages, and technical issues are also a significant problem in front of enterprise sites.

Most of the time, such sites are live for a very long time.

Curing such websites will take everything.

Collaboration Issues:

An enterprise site has many stakeholders. The site brings the significant impact on the professional life of many employees.
  • Every product category manager has a personal stake.
  • PR managers are more interested in ranking press release.
  • There can be many stakeholders who can make changes on the website but still do not understand the reactions.
Establishing a strong collaboration is a big challenge.


Competition is everywhere.

Every enterprise site has to deal with competition.
For example, Airtel is a brand; still, it is not ranking for many search queries. Or you can say that it’s competitors are ranking better than Airtel.

Techmagnate study on this matter shows that it will take the Airtel to optimize content for more than 2000 keywords and 440+ local sites to beat the competition.

This approach has helped the brand to rank for 2100+ keywords and boost traffic up to 3500%.

Even the most prominent brands cannot rely only on the brand name.
If you are running an e-commerce business, then you can easily understand the issues of traditional marketing strategies.

Lack of basic SEO will also bring a negative impact on your site.

How is Enterprise SEO different?

Enterprise is more professional and strategic as compared to traditional SEO.

Here is how enterprise SEO is different:

Automation and Scalability:

Whether you are adding product listing, microdata, or building links, every job becomes complicated.

After product launch, merger, or acquisition, this issue grows more.

Even if you are running an SEO team that is working on the project manually, it will not help in enterprise SEO.

You need to use available Enterprise SEO tools to automate the process and make easy.


Almost 78% of local searchers are buying products offline. This shows the importance of targeting local search results.

No matter how big or small business you are running. As long as you want to target customers online, you need to focus on the local market. The strategy should bring consistent results.

You can do it with the help of available content templates. These templates will gather relevant information, such as reviews, hours, and address.

Your focus on near search target results will increase the conversion upto 30%.

Domains and Subdomains:

Running multiple sites and subdomain can result in;
Some brands are running multiple sister sites to sell products and have better results rather than selling everything on one website.

Reputation Management:

High authority invites Bad PR.

Negative reviews, discussions, and news can quickly come up if your brand is famous.

For example; Imagine that you are a brand owner, and on the first page, you have a top 3 ranking results saying negative about your brand. This is purely a disaster for your brand.

To fix this issue, you need a strong SEO strategy and implementation.

The focus of enterprise SEO is to fix the damage caused by negative claims.

Final Words:

Enterprise SEO is essential for big brands. With the help of enterprise, SEO brands can dominate the respective industry.

Ignoring enterprise SEO can damage your authority and reputation.

To keep the search results in favor, brands need to work with enterprise SEO continuously.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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Best Educational Apps For Students

A smartphone has always been considered a distraction to students. Tutors and parents have been on the lookout, ensuring that the phones do not affect education. Every innovation has its pros and cons. Mobile apps have currently become virtual classrooms to ease lessons and focus.

Mobile educational apps have changed the education sector. It has come whereby educational experts have embraced the potential of educational apps.

There has been an integration of the apps using smartphones. It is the responsibility of the student to learn all the things.

Best Educational Apps For Students: eAskme
Best Educational Apps For Students: eAskme

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They are sought after since it is a perfect blend of user experience and knowledge.

Most students get frustrated when they have the assignment to complete but have limited resources, education, or time.

The good news is that there are numerous sites you can get an expert to handle your homework online. The sites are affordable and for more information visit site.

Educational apps have different functions, such as learning subjects or organizing activities in the classroom.

The design is to enjoy and understand.If a student has a smartphone, they need to make maximum usage of free educational apps.

Below you will find free educational apps best for students:

Google Classroom:

This app is beneficial for completing and submitting assignments and homework. Tutors have the chance to review their work and grade using a simple process.

It deals with virtual classrooms and used for class creation, making announcements start discussions, making remarks, grading assignments, and resource sharing.

It is an easy app to use since tutors share code with the class. Students join the class after entering the codes. It helps in enhancing communication, faster grading, and improved organization.


The app helps students to learn the course in top universities such as Columbia, MIT, and Harvard. Since it is not easy to get into these universities, edX is the best educational app.

You can learn over 2000 courses such as business studies, engineering, computer science, and linguistics.

The professional credits and certificates help in building a professional career. They come in video tutorials, study handouts, and interactive quizzes.

Khan Academy:

The app offers the best and excellent education for different minds all over the globe. It has a unique way of driving knowledge into students’ brains in the form of video tutorials.

They also provide online courses for standardized tests such as LSAT, MCAT, and SAT.

This app has an added advantage because of practice exercises, the ability to track progress and learn multiple languages.


The app helps in learning new languages such as Spanish, Mandarin, French, English, and Latin. It offers a fun and interactive way and a labelinggame.

Different engaging games help in improving grammar and vocabulary skills.

A student has the option to set their daily goals, track performance and provide insights.

It comes in more than 30 languages, forum discussion, interactive stories, and learning events.


This app has the ultimate answers to problems, and students can connect with the school community, including parents and teachers.

As a student, you will join a class code or school, and you will receive regular updates.

With Remind, it is possible to message the whole class, share photos and handouts, and submit assignments.

Final Words:

The above are some of the best and free educational apps for students. They will help in engaging with personalized learning experiences. It has helped the education sector and making learning more accessible.

That is the reason there has been a rise in hiring mobile app developers to assist in integrating the different platforms.

It has become more comfortable and useful for students to understand and have fun when learning.

If you still have any question, do share via comments.

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Pull Marketing: Everything that You Must Know Before Using It

Pull Marketing! What is it? When to use it, and what are the best types of pull marketing content for marketing campaigns?

No matter what you want to know. As long as it is related to pull marketing, here, you will find every answer.

Pull Marketing: Everything that You Must Know Before Using It: eAskme
Pull Marketing: Everything that You Must Know Before Using It: eAskme

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The business world is an all-time competitive world. It has competition, branding, marketing, leadership, and digitization.

Coronavirus has massively impacted user behavior. This change has also changed how brands, businesses, and bloggers market their products, services, or brand name.

The whole business world is now an online world. Professionals are working from home remotely to survive their business. Yet many have lost their jobs.

Internet data consumption is the all-time high.

Now people are using the internet not only for watching movies online or tv shows online but also for;
Consumers are careful about what information they are getting online.

The hunger for high authority, creative, and informational content is increasing.

Brands and marketers are using push marketing and pull marketing for a long time.

It is time to maintain balance.

Where push marketing is not working for you, pull marketing will be helpful.

Today, I will share everything about Pull marketing that you must know.

What is Pull Marketing?

Pull Marketing: Everything that You Must Know Before Using It: eAskme

Pull marketing is about creating an attraction that will pull the customers to your brand or visitors to your blog.

The human mind triggers learning emotions, where it finds exciting topics.

When you care about something, you will learn about the thing better than other options.

Storytelling is the art of marketing. We use it to make sure that visitors stay engaged and entertained at the same time.

This makes inbound marketing or pull marketing useful.

A 100% dependency on push marketing is not functional.

Use the pull marketing with push marketing to get better results.

Push marketing is about pushing your products or services to the target audience.

Some of the famous examples of push marketing are;

Push marketing will make the target audience interact with the lower funnel.

But, pull marketing will attract the maximum number of visitors or consumers.

Pull marketing is not against push marketing. It is the helping hand that improves the efficiency of push marketing.

Using Pull marketing makes your marketing strategy user friendly and responsive.

Using both push and pull marketing together will help you to;

Note: Pull marketing is all about turning the target into a customer.

Now, as you understand what pull marketing is? The next and important thing is to understand the different types of pull marketing.

To make your blogging or ecommerce business effective pull marketing content will help you in different ways.

Organically Optimized Content:

Organically optimized content is essential to market your business with the help of search engines.

Pillar articles, ebooks, and exciting guides are a few of the best examples of pull marketing content.

These are the best ways to attract potential customers to your blog or business website.

Guest Posting:

Is the Guest posting effective?

Yes, it is!

But, only when you follow the guest blogging guide and understand how you can use it.

Guest blogging is not just about filling other's blogs with your content. But it is about presenting your brand and knowledge in front of a new and broader audience base.

Note: Pull marketing is about attracting customers or readers to your website or blog. It is nto the direct way to sell anything.

In the guest blogging campaign, your goal should be to influence the audience, make them like your blog or website, and convert them into buyers or subscribers.

Co-Authored Articles or Co-Created Content:

You cannot do everything on your own in the best possible way.

So the best way is to hire someone or make him your co.

With this method you can;

The most significant benefit of co-creating is that you have someone expert in that work and also promote the completed project.

Remember: Choose the influencer who has a similar audience.


FAQs help the audience get the answers to essential questions without even asking.

This is a way to offer proactive information.

The FAQ page will help your target audience to understand the nature and voice of your brand.

Social Media Presence:

I am a firm believer in social media presence.

I know that I have already said that it is part of push marketing.

Creating unique and highly valuable social content will improve brand discovery and become the substantial part of pull marketing content.

The creative social content will increase the chances for a new audience to interact with your brand or content.

This will also help you to build your community.

Create Content around the Funnel:

A successful pull marketing content focuses more on value and usability for readers or visitors.

By helping your customers or visitors, you will pull them to visit your site again and again.

The success in pull marketing also depends upon;

  • Call-to-Action of your pull marketing content

  • How your content influence the buyer's decision?

  • How can pull marketing content pull the visitors to make the final purchase?
Today, every business, brand, and marketer is facing neck to neck competition to be heard and make an impression.

Content publishing will not do any good if you will not add the quality, value, optimization, and authority to your content.

Share your won thoughts about the topic and experience.

Also, use social media advertising such as Facebook ad campaigns to increase the effect of pull marketing.

Work to achieve your goals, and this will help you to create better content, become an influencer, and the way you will form your pull marketing funnel.

Have you ever used pull marketing?

What is your marketing strategy?

Do share via comments. 

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Google Voice: A Brief Guide on How to Download it

Isn't it fascinating how technology has helped in many different ways today? The advancement of technology has offered us devices that we could use to our advantage.

Mobile devices, in particular, have also provided us a lot of features that can help us with our daily activities. One of which is enabling us to make phone calls and send messages.

Google Voice: A Brief Guide on How to Download it: eAskme
Google Voice: A Brief Guide on How to Download it: eAskme
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What if we tell you there is a convenient way of sending messages and making phone calls?

That is all made possible by Google Voice.

It's an app used by many people to make daily phone calls and protect their private information from threats, hackers, and criminals.

In this article, we will show you a brief guide on how to download the app.

What is Google Voice?

Google Voice is a Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP phone service app. It was formerly known as GrandCentral, which was changed to google voice when Google acquired it in 2009.

The app provides you a separate Google Voice number, which allows you to send SMS, voicemail, make a phone call, and other useful services.

When you register to the app, you can select your Google Voice number, which you can use as a second mobile number.

It will also allow you to call international numbers at a very affordable price. If you have more than one device, the app will still sync across multiple devices that you can use wherever you go.

How to Download the App

If you have an Android device, downloading the app is simple.
  • First, go to Google Play Store and type in Google Voice on the search bar.

  • Click the first result that shows up and download the app.

  • Once you have the app, you can choose whether to log in to your existing Google account or not.

  • The process for download the app on iOS is also similar.

Setting Up Google Voice

For Android users

Click "Search" and choose your number.

You can choose whatever number you like, and you can also search by city or area code. Once you have selected your phone number, click "Search" and tap "Next" to confirm your chosen mobile number.

The app will verify the phone number for you, and once everything is good, tap "Accept Number".

When that is done, the app will prompt you to add a number. If you haven't connected your mobile number to your Google account, tap the "Send Code". Select "Allow" when asked for permission and then, your contact list will appear.

You are now ready to use the app on your device.

For iOS users

Once you have the app, open it. Once Google recognizes your account, you can tap the "Continue As" button. From there, tap the "Accept" button to agree to the app's Terms and Conditions. Tap "Search" to choose the number you want by city or area code.
Tap "Next", and the app will verify your mobile number.

After that, type in your current active mobile number and tap the "Send Code" button. The app will send you a verification, which you will need to associate your number to the app.

Select "Ok" when Google asks permission to access your contacts and tap "Allow" for the notifications so that you will be notified when someone calls you.


There you have it, an easy guide for downloading the Google Voice app on your Android and iOS devices.

Once you have followed the steps correctly, the app will work according to its purpose.

The app has many features that you will appreciate.

Download the Google Voice app now and see how convenient it is.

If you still have any question, do share via comments.

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Hardest Technological Challenges Online Casinos Face

The global online gambling industry is worth well over a whopping $50 billion, and it continues to grow radically. The industry has come a long way since it started in the 90s. Online gambling has made real money casino games and sports bets more accessible and intuitive than ever before.

Hardest Technological Challenges Online Casinos Face: eAskme
Hardest Technological Challenges Online Casinos Face: eAskme
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The technologies have evolved by leaps and bounds and so has the overall user experience.

So, what does the future hold? Well, we fully expect online casinos to keep getting better, but not without some roadblocks along the way.

Here are some of hardest technological challenges that online casinos will face in upcoming years.


With the advent of the internet and the fact that it is more accessible around the world than ever before, a new type of criminal has been born – the cybercriminal. Cybercrime is rampant and a huge problem for all individuals, corporations and even government organizations with an online presence.

As cybersecurity measures improve and the technology to safeguard ourselves gets better, so does the tools and weapons that cybercriminals use.

It is a perpetual rat race, a vicious cycle, where cyber attackers find new weaknesses and exploit them and cyber security experts go to work every day trying to find ways to make the internet more secure for us.

Cyber attacks are estimated to cost at least $150 million in just 2020 alone. Online casinos are not invincible by any means.

Most high-quality online casinos take cyber security seriously and adhere to the latest and highest prescribed cyber security standards, and even they are not 100% risk-free.

However, there are also many online casinos that are lagging in the cyber security division, not all online casinos implement the required security protocols to keep you safe.

While online casinos continue to tackle the issue of cyber security, it is also up to you to safeguard yourself.  You could start by choosing an online casino which takes cybersecurity seriously.


In recent years, we have seen several Bitcoin casinos come to fruition. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins, Litecoin’s, Ethereum, etc. offer some really great inherent advantages for online gamblers.

Crypto transactions are much faster, they don’t have processing fees, they cannot be traced and hence provide anonymity. These are things most online gamblers appreciate.

Therefore, the demand for online casinos that accept cryptocurrencies is growing across the world.

However, regulators and governments seem allergic to cryptocurrency.

Especially with regulators like UKGC forcing ‘know your customer’ regulations on online casinos in order to foster transparency, Crypto currency is seen as the enemy since it facilitates anonymity and privacy.

How will online casinos support cryptocurrencies and yet manage to also satisfy regulatory requirements?

This is going to be a tricky challenge for online casinos.

Social gaming platforms

Online casinos are great and have started to become the preferred version of casino gaming for most.

However, there is still one aspect where land based casinos take the cake – the social aspect.

Being around people in a social setting while having a good time playing casino games and downing a few drinks has huge appeal for us human beings.

After all, we are social animals to a great extent. However, online casinos largely remain an isolated experience.

We are starting to see online casinos come out with solutions like live casinos where players can play with a real time dealer in live streaming, to give a more human touch to the experience.

This is a step in the right direction, but it simply does not match up yet.

Online casino designers and innovators are certainly losing sleep thinking of ways to make online gambling a more social experience as well.

One good example of this has been online poker rooms and tournaments where you are playing with and against other actual people.

The additional of chat boxes in some online casino game settings has also helped the cause.

Also worth a mention at this point – VIP clubs or Loyalty Rewards clubs that have a certain social dimension too.

Still, the challenge remains insurmountable, but if we know anything, it is to never underestimate the online casino industry.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Video games have already adopted virtual reality and are starting to run away with it. The online casino world is far behind.

Virtual reality is here and it is here to stay.

It might still be early days with regards to virtual reality, but people already seem to love the immersive experience which will only get better.

There have been some virtual reality online casinos that have come out, but they don’t seem to be coping too well.

So, why have virtual reality casinos not become wildly successful?

To begin with, it is expensive for both the casino operators as well as the player. A player will need to invest in a virtual reality headset which costs upwards of $500.

In addition, there’s the cost of computers and mobile devices with great processing power.

Secondly, virtual reality games are a lot of fun, but they are usually short experiences. On the other hand, an online casino session could last multiple hours on average.

Wearing a virtual reality headset for such a long period of time is not a comfortable experience. Some people can even get nausea.

How online casinos will integrate virtual reality more gracefully is something that only time will tell.

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What Does A Digital Marketing Agency Do?

The digital marketing age is not advancing its way into the world. It’s here and it has a strong presence. The traditional mediums of marketing via newspapers and magazines are virtually obsolete with television and radio slowly falling down behind them.

These weren’t always effective techniques even when they were the only resources businesses had to rely on.

But their flaws are showing next to what deems streamlined and straightforward.

What Does A Digital Marketing Agency Do?: eAskme
What Does A Digital Marketing Agency Do?: eAskme

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With today’s technology, information is not sought by a client but sent directly from the company to that consumer’s device.

And companies have the capacity to service a multitude of members from their target demographic who benefit from round-the-clock access.

These marketing techniques’ basic premise is that they are driven by data and brand promotion to a preferred audience with the internet as the central tool.

Function Of A Digital Marketing Firm

What Does A Digital Marketing Agency Do?: eAskme

In today’s business community, a majority of leaders are outsourcing their digital marketing strategies to specialty agencies, (click here to view examples of these).

Due to their level of expertise in the online medium the experts prove advantageous to the business leaders.

Where the company falls short concerning the latest trends, the current tools, and strategies, or the ideal practices necessary for optimum success, the agency is up-to-date.

Things that a business should anticipate when working with a professional agency:

Generate Organic Traffic:

What a website hopes to achieve when engaging in this type of endeavor is to grow the organic traffic coming to the site.

When outsourcing to experts you can expect traffic from those who pull you up on a search to increase because these professionals understand the algorithms of search engines, how to follow the customer journey, and are knowledgeable on inbound marketing.

Not only should the website see more leads, but they will be of a quality which increases the likelihood of purchases and it will be at fewer costs to the company.

Brand Expansion Online:

Agencies specialize in expanding a brand’s reach online beyond the preferred demographic.

These people know how to promote brands and develop online relationships between consumers and businesses through higher visibility using keywords and development of the buyer persona.

They also employ social media platforms as a medium to make a presence. Read the fundamentals of the strategy and the techniques.

Member Of The Team:

Though you may be outsourcing the marketing aspect of your business, you want to select an agency that fits with the members of your team.

It needs to feel almost as if it is an extension of your team members because the knowledge that your employees have will be invaluable to those coming in new and those coming in new will offer training in the specialized digital skills that the team is lacking.

These professionals can spot the weaknesses and where there needs to be more efficiency as in cases of poor web design, public relations, social media, SEO, or the email platform.

The current team may not be versed in all of these skills.

A strategy of this type employs a variety of tools and tactics that can prove challenging for a majority of business leaders in trying to plan and execute successfully on their own with their, generally smaller, existing departments.

They neither have the expertise required to implement the strategies, nor do they have the time with their day-to-day operational requirements.

That’s why many find the investment in a professional agency worthwhile and many see a great return on their investment.

For advice on what to include in your strategy go to

Searching For The Ideal Digital Marketing Agency

Searching For The Ideal Digital Marketing Agency: eAskme

In some business situations, the existing marketing team may feel threatened by an outsourcing agency coming in to ‘take over the reins.’

It’s critical for company leaders to include the current members in all the planning stages, so they play a part in the direction the plan follows.

Allowing everyone to create a plan, set goals to be achieved with the digital approach and budget for the plan ensuring that each member is involved with the agency that is employed will take away any feelings of animosity.

It’s crucial to research thoroughly when choosing professionals to work with to make sure that they fit the company dynamic and ask the appropriate questions including:
  • Will you be kept informed of the status of the campaign and how often?

  • What is the time-frame on the contract and is there post-contract accommodations if additional work needs implementing?

  • Is there one specific person that you will be assigned to contact regularly or a particular manager in charge?

  • How familiar are the agency heads with the company’s industry?

  • What type of clients have they worked with previously and are they able to provide references?

  • What specific features are provided in the contract? What benefits can the company look forward to receiving?

  • Have they had success in this type of industry previously and can you see evidence of this as well as speak with someone from this experience?

  • Will the firm be providing a group of qualified experts in the field?

  • What is the overall level of experience that the firm can offer to the business? The number of years in the field?

  • Is there a substantial online presence for the agency?

  • Ask for access testimonials, Google or Yelp reviews, and any other ranks or ratings that they may make available.
When done correctly, a strategy of this sort is time-intensive, tedious, and takes an investment, but this is an effective technique compared to others in drawing leads and generating online traffic.

A lot of corporations are turning things over to outsourced specialists mostly because they have limited knowledge and little time to engage in training or the effort that it takes to do it effectively.

After thorough research and asking the appropriate questions, it’s possible to find the right people who will fit nicely with your team in carrying out a successful strategy.

They excel at improving corporations’ online presence and gaining sales.

An agency will take an organization out of its comfort zone, bring it into the modern age, and ultimately show it success.

If you still have any question, do share via comments.

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