Aaron Ardaiz - Four  Reasons to Consider  Welding as a Career

Aaron Ardaiz, a highly esteemed welder based in Peoria, Arizona, knows that the field offers many opportunities that will ensure professional success and longevity for those who are interested in the field. He is aware of the numerous reasons to consider entering into the field, and beginning welders should feel encouraged by the following:

Aaron Ardaiz

  • Becoming a welder ensures job flexibility. The general nature of the profession is excellent for those who to wish to travel because there are opportunities all over the United States that require the same certifications across the board. Those who wish are afforded the opportunity to travel to where the money is will enjoy this opportunity. For those who wish to plant roots, it’s still entirely possible to have a flexible work schedule, being able to go home each day when you like, although it’s important that you check to see what the current and projected availability of projects in your area will be.
  • There is a high demand for skilled welders across the United States, especially as conversations of long-distance pipelines come into play. With an abundance of work, welders never need be concerned about job shortages.
  • Welders make a decent wage. Because the skills are specialized and the work is in high demand, welders are paid very well, especially depending on the number of completed certifications.
  • Aaron Ardaiz knows that the profession is simply exciting. Working with delicate materials requires a great deal of thought and concentration, though there is also a thrill to completing a project that those who are motivated by the sense of danger will enjoy.



Aaron Ardaiz, a highly qualified welder, knows that it’s important that everyone take some time to disconnect from the job and reconnect with the things we like to do most. As an avid outdoorsman, he is a passionate fisher and enjoys sharing his love of the sport with others. As he is aware, the following steps can be taken to ensure that new fishers will enjoy their first outings.

Aaron Ardaiz

  • Beforehand, do some research. Check out the area that you’d like to visit, educate yourself about the types of fish that you’re going to encounter, and make sure you have all the proper equipment. A professional at a sporting goods store can help get you on the right foot with the correct types of rods and tackle as well as show you how to tie good knots.
  • Have an idea of where you’re going to actually find fish. Talk to others in the area that you’re considering and ask for advice about where and when to go.
  • Be sure that you are using the correct type of bait. Using the right bait can make all the difference between catching an abundance of fish and catching none. Check with your local sporting goods store or conduct research beforehand to see what you should bring along.
  • Wear the proper gear to ensure comfort, as fishing requires patience. Bring good rain gear to avoid getting wet and cold. Wear layers so that you can adjust to the temperature throughout the day.

Aaron Ardaiz is based in Peoria, Arizona. He is a graduate of Linn Benton Community College.

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Aaron Ardaiz, a highly qualified welder based in Peoria, Arizona, knows that putting in the effort to increase family time has numerous benefits for everyone involved that will deepen and improve family relationships. With a busy work schedule, he knows that it can be difficult to find enough time in the week, though there are numerous methods that will ensure that you find the time, such as the following:

Aaron Ardaiz

  • Build in family time each week. No matter what your family situation is, taking the time to decide upon a weekly game night or a Saturday night phone call can make all the difference. If it becomes a normal part of your schedule, it won’t be necessary to think about finding time.
  • Go on adventures together regularly, whether that means a vacation to Hawaii or a hike in the woods across the street. Taking the opportunity to get out of the house and experience new sights allows family members to bond through the process. Situations that allow families to work through problems together, such as navigating a trail in the woods, develops new skills that benefit everyone.
  • Partake in the necessary daily activities together, such as cooking and cleaning. Making these tasks a normal part of family time makes chores more fun while allowing children to develop new skills by watching and learning.

Aaron Ardaiz lives in Peoria, Arizona. He is always looking for ways to deepen his relationships with his friends and family. He enjoys fishing, hiking, baseball, and golf in his free time.


Aaron Ardaiz knows that serving as a youth coach is a meaningful way to positively affect a community. With a focus on empowerment and confident-building, Ardaiz has enjoyed coaching first and second-grade Little League Baseball, having been an All-Star Player as a middle and high school student himself. He is aware that there are numerous methods and strategies to be an excellent coach, such as the following:

  • Excellent youth coaches know that regardless of the situation, their players are watching them. It’s important to model the same behavior that you want to see in your players, which means keeping cool in any situation and treating every person you encounter on and off the field or court with dignity and respect. Getting upset about a bad call gives your players an excuse to get upset, and as a result, behave badly. Youth coaches must be held to a higher standard.
  • Great youth coaches are sensitive to their players’ learning styles. No child is the same, and what works for one player may completely backfire with another. Utilize as many methods to convey the same information as you possibly can, including visual and verbal examples to help each child imagine the goal in a comfortable way. Coaches, like teachers, must be able to convey the same information in a variety of ways.
  • Effective youth coaches are sensitive to how their players best receive constructive criticism. Aaron Ardaiz knows that no child deserves to ever be humiliated, and approaching each child in a thoughtful and respectful manner depending on the personality ensures that your players will grow from the conversation rather than become embarrassed and stunted.
  • Excellent youth coaches care about creating community among their players. The team is a reflection of society in that communication and respect ensure a healthy and thriving atmosphere where people can succeed. Treating children as humans first and athletes second helps them prioritize the correct goals and creates an environment in which they can play with passion and enthusiasm rather than disproportionate competition.
  • The best youth coaches operate from a basis of empathy and understand that sports are an excellent way to help children develop skills to become stronger and happier people.
  • Great youth coaches know that every child deserves to have playing time regardless of the circumstances. Only playing your most talented players doesn’t allow your team to grow as a whole functioning entity, and it can be damaging to a child’s self-esteem to rarely or never have the same opportunities as their peers.
  • The best youth coaches want their players to, above all, have fun and enjoy their time. The love of the game surpasses every win and loss and makes all of the effort worth it at the end of the day, regardless of the outcome.

Aaron Ardaiz is based in Peoria, Arizona.

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Aaron Ardaiz - Three  Tips for Having a  Great Fishing Trip 

Fishing is a sport that requires experience and patience. Aaron Ardaiz loves fishing whenever he has free time. He once went on a week-long Alaskan fishing trip with his stepfather. He enjoys the challenges of fishing and has spent years developing his skills as a fisherman. If you are interested in this sport as well, there are several things you can do to ensure that you have a great fishing trip.

Aaron Ardaiz

If you are planning a fishing trip, it is important that you do your research. You should look into the seasonal changes of different fishing spots. This can help you determine which areas have the most fish, and which areas have the type of fish you want to catch.

Another tip for planning a great fishing trip is to make sure that you bring the correct equipment. While you are researching the area, you should focus on which fish will be present. This will help you determine what type of bait you should bring. It could also help you determine which lures you should use.

A third tip for having a fantastic fishing trip is to choose the right company. Fishing requires patients and you may spend a lot of time waiting for a fish to bite. You should go with a person who you can spend multiple hours with. You will have a great trip if you can enjoy the company. Aaron Ardaiz is a successful welder who takes every opportunity to plan a fishing trip with his friends and family.


Aaron Ardaiz - How to Become a Great Snowboarder

Snowboarding is a popular sport among many people. Aaron Ardaiz is a successful welder who loves spending time outdoors. He always looks forward to adventurous activities. In the winter, he enjoys snowboarding and spending time in the mountains. He loves going on snowboarding and skiing trips with his friends and family. If you are interested in becoming a great snowboarder, there are a few steps that you can take.

The first step to learning how to snowboard is to work with an instructor. If you are completely new to this sport, an instructor can help you learn the basics such as balance, acceleration, and deceleration. It is also important to understand different safety precautions. You should spend some time with your instructor in order to become a novice snowboarder.

The next step in to get comfortable with your equipment. You should spend time practicing so that you become adept at steering and stopping. Before you take on any major challenges, you should make sure that you can safely maneuver on your board and stop when you need to.

After you are comfortable on your board, you can start challenging yourself on the slopes. You should try out increasingly difficult slopes. However, it is always important to go with a partner in case of an emergency. Snowboarding is a great sport that can be a lot of fun. Aaron Ardaiz loves staying active and he always looks forward to going on a new adventure. Every winter, he snowboards as much as possible.

Aaron Ardaiz - How to Become a Welder

Welding is a craft that requires study and experience. Aaron Ardaiz is a successful and dedicated welder in Arizona. He grew up in Oregon and attended Linn Benton Community College in Albany, Oregon. He worked hard to develop his craft and to gain the knowledge necessary to become a successful welder. He took a variety of courses and gained work experience as a welder and a fabricator.

Aaron Ardaiz

The first step in becoming a welder involves taking classes. You should find a technical school that offers courses in welding. You will need a basic understanding of algebra, trigonometry, and chemistry. It is also important for potential welders to learn how to read blueprints for metals. This is a highly specialized knowledge. It is essential for welders to also have a strong knowledge of safety procedures during the welding process.

The next step to become a welder involves experience. It is important for students to gain hands on experience. You should work in a lab and with an experienced welder. This can help welders learn a variety of techniques and welding methods. You should focus on gaining experience with the equipment used for welding projects.

Once you have education and experience, you can begin working. As a welder, you can work independently or you can work with an established welding company. Aaron Ardaiz has worked with multiple companies and has participated in projects in a variety of states. He is an experienced and dedicated welder who worked hard to hone his skills.

Aaron Ardaiz - Everything You Should Know About Welding

Welding is a specialized profession that is used throughout several industries. Aaron Ardaiz is an experienced welder in Arizona. He was born and raised in Oregon and attended the Linn Benton Community College in Albany, Oregon. He studied machine tool technology and worked hard to learn a variety of welding techniques. He then began building his career by working with a wide array of companies. He has worked on projects in Utah, New York, and Arizona. He is highly skilled in this field and he always looks forward to take on a new professional challenge. This is a broad industry with several techniques and styles.

Aaron Ardaiz

Welders use a wide array of techniques depending on their goal and their project. One of these techniques is shielded metal arc welding. This method uses an electrode which has a flux around it in order to protect the weld puddle. The electrode holder keeps the electrode secure as it melts at a slow rate. A welding slag, or a vitreous metal that is a byproduct of some welding techniques, protects the weld puddle from various contaminations.

There are also some welders who use the gas tungsten arc welding technique. This method involves using a non-consumable tungsten electrode. This electrode produces the weld and has many benefits. An inert shielding gas, such as helium or argon, is used to shield the weld area from atmospheric contamination. Gas metal arc welding is another common method. This involves using a wire feeding gun that provides wire at a controllable speed. This method also uses an inert gas to shield from atmospheric contaminations.

Welding professionals work hard to learn different techniques so that they can work on a variety of projects. These professionals must have an in depth knowledge of mathematics including trigonometry and basic algebra. These professionals also need a basic knowledge of metals, gases, and chemistry. Welders often go through extensive training including manufacturing and a variety of operational processes. They need to learn how to operate a wide array of equipment and they need to learn how to manipulate metals and gases. These professionals have strong technical knowledge. When it comes to welding, it is important to go through classroom training as well as hands on training.

These professionals work hard to gain experience and to build their career Aaron Ardaiz is one of these professionals. He has worked hard to develop his skills in this industry. He enjoys working on a variety of projects. He has experience in a variety of welding techniques and he has built a strong knowledge of this industry. Aaron Ardaiz is a hard worker and has worked for several companies including Wright Prototype, National Welding Corporation, and All Things Metal.


Aaron Ardaiz - Dangers of Welding

Professional welders like Aaron Ardaiz know how important it is to stay safe on the job. Welding is one of the most dangerous occupations out there. There are many fumes, machines, and chemicals a welder handles regularly that can be harmful. That is why it is important for a welder to develop good safety habits on the job.

The general hazards that come along with welding as an occupation include the possibilities of being burned, shocked, punctured, impacted by heavy machinery, inhaling harmful dust, smoke, fumes, and being exposed to excess heat and light radiation. The smoke from the act of welding itself is a mixture of very fine particles and gases. The substances in the smoke are incredibly toxic. That is why welders should wear protective respiratory gear on the job.

Intense light caused by welding has also been known to burn eyes. Sometimes even sparks of metal and slag can fly into a welder’s eye. Ultraviolet light given out naturally by the welding process can be harmful to the eyes and the skin as well. The light can cause retinal damage, or in some cases, skin cancer with enough exposure. Welders also have to handle the materials they use to weld with care, as the gases used are highly volatile, flammable, and toxic.

Welders like Aaron Ardaiz have to keep safety in mind at all times on the job. That is because welding is a hazardous occupation that usually exposes an employee to dangerous materials, equipment, and environments. So caution should always be exercised on the job.

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Aaron Ardaiz - Best Snowboarding Spots

When Aaron Ardaiz is not working hard as a pipe welder, you can find him going on vacation with his family to find good snowboarding spots. “I love to do anything adventurous,” he says.

While it can be difficult to learn how to snowboard in the beginning, once you get the hang of it there is ample opportunities for enjoyment. Some people travel all over the world to find the best snowboarding spots. Here are a few of the best places on planet Earth to snowboard:

  • Whistler Blackcomb, British Columbia, Canada: Blackcomb is massive and beautiful. Home to 8,171 skiable acres, 200 trails, and 5,000 foot vertical drops, there are few places in the world that rival this snowboarder’s paradise.
  • Breckenridge, Colorado: There is a reason that snowboard athletes refer to Breckenridge as their home. Any day you head out to the slopes you are likely to be shoulder-to-shoulder with some X Games greats, Olympian athletes, and rookies developing their skills. The resort includes a 22-foot half-pipe, 5 parks, and a wide variety of slopes for all skill levels. To top it off, some of the routes start at 12,840 feet high! This high altitude ensures the perfect light and fluffy snowfall that snowboarders crave.
  • Hokkaido, Japan: This is a well-kept secret by many snowboarders. This island offers some untainted powder and unique snow features that make for an unforgettable experience.

Aaron Ardaiz is a well-traveled man who enjoys snowboarding. Many enthusiasts like Mr. Ardaiz are looking for new and more challenging snowboarding slopes to test their skills against.

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Aaron Ardaiz Discusses Work  Conditions of a Pipeline Welder

Aaron Ardaiz isn’t your average welder. He is a pipe welder, which requires a unique set of skills, and comes with its own hazards and obstacles.

Aaron Ardaiz

Pipelines are a necessary part of many different industries, but is particularly vital to the petrochemical industry. That is because petroleum has a number of different societal applications, including being used in cleaners, solvents, make-ups, electronics, fuels, and more. Transporting this petroleum is often done by creating hundreds of miles’ worth of piping. Manufacturers obviously cannot create a metal pipe that is hundreds of miles long. That is why each pipe section has to be welded together to complete the whole line. That is where a pipe welder comes in.

Pipe welding is a unique subset of welding because it has a number of different environments that can be considered quite hazardous. Pipeline welding is an almost exclusively outdoor activity. Whether it is repairing pipes or welding together new ones, a pipeline welder will more often than not find himself outside. That means working in any weather conditions, whether it is freezing cold and snowing, or warm and sunny. A select few welders are even trained to weld underwater. Underwater welding is considered one of the most hazardous jobs that exist, but underwater welders are often paid much more as an incentive.

Many pipeline welders work on natural gas or oil rigs. They help to set up piping systems along the rig, and can also do in-field repairs in the event of a rupture. Most of these oil rigs are located in rural areas with small populations. That means that pipeline welders usually have to travel to reach each new job site. And that, in turn, means that a pipeline welder is often exposed to an unfamiliar environment, which can make it a more hazardous occupation.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, welders are exposed to many risks, including electric shock and corrosive welding fumes. Some welding jobs even require working at great heights on a platform or equipped with a sling. That is why pipeline welding is often considered a hazardous occupation. There are some advantages to working such a dangerous job however, like hazard pay. While pipeline welders are exposed to dangerous conditions, they average a median salary of about $60,000, an excellent income for a job that requires no college coursework. While a pipeline welder is expected to work in many different conditions and settings, often the welds themselves are consistent and predictable.

Aaron Ardaiz is a pipe welder who holds three different certifications in the disciplines. Welders like him ensure that the economy’s petrochemical needs are met. Pipeline welders are a vital part of the global oil supply chain that keeps the economy running.

Source(s): http://work.chron.com/work-conditions-pipeline-welder-27038.htm

Aaron Ardaiz - How to Become a Welder

Aaron Ardaiz is a professional welder who has been working in the trade for many years. Welding is a valuable skill because if engineers design the world, it is welders who builds it.

Welding is a unique skill because it has many real-world applications. A welder can work in a diverse amount of fields, ranging from construction, to car racing, manufacturing, and more. Welding is also a very accessible trade, meaning it does not require extensive schooling. You can develop the necessary welding skills at a vocational school, or get on-the-job training.

The first step towards becoming a welder is to consider whether the job is a fit for you. Welders typically have very physically and mentally demanding work. A welder has to have good eye coordination and strong focus. That is because welding often entails hours of repetitive work that needs to be done with precision. So those with a short attention span or shaky hands may not be the best fit for welding. The ability to focus is also quite important because the profession of welding often carries many hazards with it. A welder is regularly around hot metals, combustible gases, and noxious fumes, so caution is essential.
Aaron Ardaiz
If you have decided that welding is the right job for you, there are not many steps to becoming one. If you do not possess any welding experience or certifications, you should start looking for a local training program. Community colleges usually have a welding program, along with many other adult vocational classes. Groups such as the American Welding Society (AWS) even offer scholarships through unions and other organizations.

The next step to becoming a welder is to get some hands-on experience. Welding is a vocational skill, something that can’t really be taught by a book. While studying the chemistry and discipline of welding is useful, the physical practice of it has to be learned through experience and repetition. If you cannot get a welding job due to lack of experience, there are many companies that offer apprenticeship programs. This means you will get experience doing entry-level welding work.

Welding is a skill that is in high demand, and has few experienced tradesmen. Landing a reliable welding job is typically easier than other trades. Three years of an apprenticeship program will also rise you to the rank of journeyman, which makes landing a reliable job even easier.

Aaron Ardaiz and other welders make up a valuable part of the workforce. That is because welders have unique skills with metallurgy that are necessary to create many of the structures, vehicles, and equipment that we all take for granted daily. Welding is a field with high job security that is relatively easy to break into, even for an amateur.

Source(s): http://www.wikihow.com/Become-a-Welder

Aaron Ardaiz - How To Improve Your  Customer Service Skills

While providing good customer service is important in the construction and welding industries, Aaron Ardaiz notes that many professionals don’t necessarily possess the tools to communicate effectively with their clients. This means that they must work on improving their customer service skills, using all of the following techniques.

Aaron Ardaiz

Focus On Solving Problems

Many of your interactions with a client can be solved by listening to the issue that they have and then looking for a way to solve it. Many people make the mistake of arguing with clients, which only leads to more frustration and the potential breakdown of the relationship. Instead, always listen to your clients and never interrupt what they have to say.

Establish Relationships

You should never look at your client as just a business contact. Instead, make an effort to establish a relationship with them on both a professional and personal level. This allows for the creation of a bond and the formation of trust that will prove vital in your future interactions with the client. Be upfront about the service you offer and what you do and you will find that clients are more willing to speak to you as a person, rather than a contracted worker.

Improve Your Knowledge

Your clients will be looking to you as an expert on the subject if they hire you for a project, so Aaron Ardaiz recommends always working to improve your knowledge base. While you can’t guarantee that you will be able to answer all questions, if you keep struggling to provide solutions to problems your clients may start to look elsewhere.

Aaron Ardaiz - How To Improve Your Communication Skills

As an experienced welder, Aaron Ardaiz is aware that professionals in the industry are often called upon to work as part of a team or interact with clients about the project that they are working on. This requires strong communication skills, which is an area where many people struggle when they first enter the profession. The following pointers should help you to improve.

Aaron Ardaiz

Think As A Layman

While you are safe to use technical terms amongst your trained coworkers, if you find yourself in a position where you need to talk to clients you have to find a way to make what you say understandable to those without your technical knowledge. Try to come up with simple ways to explain complex concepts, ensuring that those you work for understand what you are doing.

Work On Presentation

If your speech is littered with “ums” and “ahs” or your body language demonstrates a lack of confidence, you are going to find that those you work with find it more difficult to trust you. Work on the way that you deliver what you have to say and keep a check on your body language. Avoid fidgeting during meetings or covering your mouth when you speak.

Multiple Avenues

Communication extends far beyond one-on-one conversations and you will need to learn about every avenue of communication that you will need to use during the course of your career. Aaron Ardaiz recommends working on making yourself feel comfortable talk in multi-person meetings, on the phone or through email in order to communicate effectively with clients and coworkers.

Aaron Ardaiz - Preparing For A Welding Job Interview

Aaron Ardaiz is an experienced welder who has worked for a number of different companies during the course of his career, including a six-year stint with the National Welding Corporation. This means that he has gone through the interview process on a number of occasions. He has the following tips for candidates who want to land the job of their dreams in the welding sector.

Aaron Ardaiz

Talk About Experiences

You can have all of the qualifications in the world, but if you are not able to demonstrate that you are a capable welder through your past experiences you are going to struggle to land anything beyond an apprenticeship. Make a mental note of important projects that you participated in and make sure to talk about your role in their completion when asked.

Your Attire

Unlike with many other job roles, wearing a suit and tie to a welding interview may lead to employer to think you have little experience in the role. Instead, consider wearing clothing that is suitable to the profession, while still attempting to present yourself in a professional manner. You should also avoid buying new gear for the interview, as this suggests a lack of experience.


It is likely that your potential employer will ask for a demonstration of your skills during the interview, so Aaron Ardaiz recommends spending a little bit of time practicing to ensure that you impress. There is no point putting on the perfect interview presentation if you fluff your lines when you have to show what you can do, so make sure you’re ready.

Aaron Ardaiz - Tips On How To Become A Welder

Aaron Ardaiz has enjoyed a long career as a welder but he still remembers what it was like to take his first steps into the profession. There are a number of skills that you need to develop in order to become a welder and provide yourself with the best chance of career enhancement, so consider doing all of the following to ensure you enjoy success.

Aaron Ardaiz

Get Involved With Team Sports

Many of the courses you take in high school will provide you with little practical knowledge in terms of how to become a welder, though all subjects are obviously important. However, it is vital you remember that welders often work as part of a team, so take advantage of team sports programs in your school to learn as much as possible about working with other people towards a shared goal.

Get Educated

There are a number of college courses that are dedicated to machine tools and the skills that you will need in order to become a welder. It is a good idea to enroll in one of these courses as soon as you have the chance, allowing you to quickly develop the skills you need in order to become an attractive option to companies. You should also continue your education by taking various certifications as your career progresses.


Aaron Ardaiz notes the best way to learn about welding is to do it, so once your education is complete look for companies that are offering apprenticeships. This will offer you first-hand experience that you can build on.

Aaron Ardaiz - On Earning Your Pipe Welding Certifications

Aaron Ardaiz recommends to new pipe welders and other professionals working in the welding or metal working industry to earn as many certifications as possible. While job placement is always a top priority at almost any vocational school or community college that offers classes on welding, you can get a leg up on the competition for jobs when you’re out of school by earning certifications in welding. This is especially true for pipe welding, says Ardaiz, who has worked as a certified pipe welder for many years.

Aaron Ardaiz

Aaron Ardaiz got a job with National Welding Corporation after he earned his three pipe welding certifications: 3G, 4G, and 6G. The number-letter codes correspond to different kinds of welds of pipes in different positions. 3G is a groove welding certification concerning pipes in a vertical position, 4G an overhead position, and 6G a 45-degree angle position. Aaron Ardaiz is also certified for fillet welding through groove welding certifications. Since most pipe welding jobs are groove welds, this certification covers fillet welds as well. Ardaiz was able to land an excellent job with National Welding Corporation, where he worked for six years. He traveled throughout the United States working on many different job sites where his proven, certified skills were greatly needed. When he wanted to settle down in the Phoenix area, he was able to get a job at a local metal work company All Things Metal with his certifications and experience.

Aaron Ardaiz loves his job at All Things Metal. He likely wouldn’t have been able to land a position there if he didn’t earn his pipe welding certifications.

Aaron Ardaiz - Helping All Things Metal Succeed

Aaron Ardaiz started working for All Things Metal in November of 2015. Since then, he has demonstrated the skills and education he gained as a student at Linn Benton Community College in Albany, Oregon and as a metal worker and pipe welder for National Welding Corporation, which sent him to many locations throughout the country to help complete projects of all kinds. Ardaiz helps support the local business community with his excellent work fabricating many kinds of metal products for both private citizens of the Phoenix area and the business community as well.

Aaron Ardaiz

All Things Metal provides iron fabrication services, iron installation services, and a wide array of metal materials for commercial projects. Aaron Ardaiz is one of many skilled metal workers who have been helping the community protect and beautify their private homes and their businesses for years. Although Aaron Ardaiz is new to the All Things Metal family as a worker, he has already helped many customers with his excellent customer service skills and his ability to work together with his co-workers to create solutions for all clients on all jobs, big and small. All Things Metal is equipped to create columns, stairs, gates, and railings to custom specifications. From small jobs to large operations, All Things Metal can help.

Aaron Ardaiz has helped his community by participating in the excellent work that goes on at All Things Metal every day. He has contributed much to the business and plans on continuing to work for the company for the foreseeable future.

Aaron Ardaiz - Working for All Things Metal in Phoenix

Aaron Ardaiz is a professional welder working for All Things Metal in Phoenix. Ardaiz lives in nearby Peoria and has many years of experience working with many different metal projects as a welder. He graduated from Linn Benton Community College in Albany, Oregon before working with the National Welding Corporation on projects throughout the United States. He then moved to Peoria to work for All Things Metal in Phoenix.

Aaron Ardaiz

All Things Metal is a local supplier of metal products for custom luxury residential jobs, commercial structural jobs, and more. Aaron Ardaiz is one of the many skilled welders and metal workers the company employs in the area. Aaron Ardaiz and the rest of the staff make beautiful balconies and rails, iron entry doors, courtyard gates, and fencing for all sorts of private property and commercial areas. All Things Metal also produces structural framing fabrication for columns and beams, stairs, joists, steel trusses, and more. All Things Metal is owned and operated by local businessman and welding expert Greg MacLiver, who has been in the welding and metal business for over 30 years. In addition to working with individual property owners, All Things Metal works closely with several significant business clients in the area including Killian Western, Statesman, and more.

Aaron Ardaiz is proud to work with All Things Metal after starting his career with the National Welding Corporation. His work is now well-known in the Phoenix area for its quality and durability. Ardaiz works well with customers and his fellow employees and has earned recognition from his superiors at the company.

 Aaron Ardaiz - How to Become a Professional Welder

Aaron Ardaiz became a professional welder after attending Linn Benton Community College in his hometown of Albany, Oregon. With a degree in Machine Tool Technology, a multitude of employment options became open to him. He got a job with the National Welding Corporation, working on many different pipe welding projects throughout the United States. As he became more experienced, he started getting job offers from companies looking for professional and skilled welders throughout the country. He ended up in Peoria, Arizona working for All Things Metal in the community there.

Aaron Ardaiz

Throughout the United States, there are many different ways that you can become a professional welder like Aaron Ardaiz. Depending on the level of training, experience, and specialization that you possess, you can earn between $30,000 and $50,000 a year. Most would-be welders, like Aaron Ardaiz, attend welding school to pick up the skills and experience they need to land a job in the industry. There are many welding schools throughout the United States, as well as many community colleges like Linn Benton that offer degrees in Machine Tool Technology. While certification requirements for welders vary from state to state, earning a certification in a certain kind of welding can help you find a job and earn more. Many welding schools offer certification programs in addition to their welding courses.

Aaron Ardaiz got his start with the National Welding Corporation, a job he relished because he got to travel the country doing what he loved for a living. He loves his current position as a welder for All Things Metal in Peoria.

Aaron Ardaiz - Family-Friendly Watersports

Just like many other people, Aaron Ardaiz loves being on a boat and enjoying all the watersports associated with them. But not all people are particularly skilled at water skiing, wake boarding and more. And strapping on all that equipment with little experience can prove to be hazardous at times. Luckily for those who do not care to learn these sports, there are still many ways you can have fun while being pulled behind a boat, such as the options below.

Aaron Ardaiz

Tubing is a popular activity that you will see groups of people doing on the water. It is a family-friendly activity because you can put multiple people on a tube and see who stays on the longest. By inflating an inner tube and connecting it to a tow rope, the most skill involved with tubing is simply holding on as the person driving the boat speeds up and makes turns to throw you off.

A friendlier option to wakeboard and water skiing, knee boarding allows riders to stand up on their knees and take on the wake like other water sports aficionados would. While it may seem much safer than those sports, kneeboarding can produce some painful spills every now and then.

Aaron Ardaiz enjoys being out on the water and doing all kinds of activities while out there.

Aaron Ardaiz - Let’s Talk About the Cardinals

With all the buzz and excitement of what is happening in the NFL playoffs, Aaron Ardaiz gets solace in knowing that his Arizona Cardinals have secured their Division Title and get to rest easy the first week of the playoffs. Below are some of the star players on this year’s roster who have been leading this powerful squad to their strong stance.

Aaron Ardaiz

Carson Palmer

With over a decade of NFL experience, Carson Palmer is having the hands-down best season of his career. He has already surpassed his greatest year in passing yards, but he has also matched his touchdowns of his greatest year, still with a few more games to go.

Larry Fitzgerald

Larry Fitzgerald is another player that is bound to break some of his own records. He already has more receptions this year than ever, yet his overall yardage may not surpass some of his earlier years. Nonetheless, Arizona’s star wide receiver is fired up and ready for a Super Bowl run.

David Johnson

The rookie running back has had an explosive first year, with over 500 rushing yards and 7 touchdowns. He will be an asset in the playoffs to keep the Cardinals’ running game strong.

Aaron Ardaiz can’t wait to see how the Arizona Cardinals do in the divisional round.

Aaron Ardaiz - Baseball Glove Motions for a Better Catch

Aaron Ardaiz is a former baseball player and coach who has spent countless hours helping others improve their game. One of the things he has had players focus on is the particular movements you can make with a glove in order to catch or stop the ball. Below are some explanations of the ways you can use the glove and supporting hand to make better catches.

Aaron Ardaiz

The Ground Ball Scooper

When a batter hits a ground ball, not only do you have to stop the ball but you also have to pick it up and calibrate yourself quickly enough to throw the ball at whichever baseman should stop the runner. In order to make such calculated judgments quickly, you should apply the glove scooping technique so that you can act faster. By folding your glove in a narrow, u-shaped fashion and pressing the bottom against the ground, the ball should roll cleanly into your glove.

The Pop Fly Catcher

When someone hits a pop fly into the air, it is usually an easy opportunity for an out. But sometimes, the ball can bounce off the glove and fall to the ground, often making the defender look bad. By putting your supporting hand under the glove and closing in with both hands as you make the catch, you add an extra layer of protection to keep you from such errors.

Aaron Ardaiz has helped many players improve their catching skills.

Aaron Ardaiz - Food to Bring on a Hike

Aaron Ardaiz is a hiking enthusiast who loves to get outside and explore the great outdoors in an easy and accessible fashion. The best thing about hiking is that there is very little gear involved with the hobby. All you need is proper clothing and some shoes with good soles. When it comes to planning a longer hike, then necessities such as food and water grow in concern. When it comes to what food to bring on a hike, there are many excellent choices, some of which are shared below.
 Aaron Ardaiz

Granola comes in bars or can just simply be loose in a bag. Either way, it is light to carry and very good for maintaining energy levels.

Bananas are known for helping store hydration in the muscles, which can help prevent cramps. This makes them one of the best fruits you can bring on a hike because they will literally help keep your muscles healthy while making the trip.


Almonds have high amounts of protein in them, which makes them a great addition to a homemade trail mix.

Aaron Ardaiz knows how to properly budget his food for a hike; and when it comes to bare minimums, these foods should be high on the priority list.

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