Saturday, May 22, 2010

Slotting tools

This specially designde punch & die assembly allows continuous material parting without the common overlap marks on the edge of the material.
The slotting tools provide outstanding edge quality for cosmatics - sensitive part and the elemination of secondary edge processing.

Flat positionning tools

F/P tool designe to eleminate the need for spot welding positioning jigsthus reducing the need for secondary operations.The F/P toolonly forms on the side of your material eleminatingthe need to filling theuneven surfaces.It is available forupform or downform applications in0.031 - 0.063mild steel and aluminium.

Contouring Tools

The contour tool is a specially designed nibbling tool that alows nibbling at pitches of less thanmaterial thickness.The result is a fine contour that is not achievable with standard toolsand the elemination of secondary operation.

AMADA turret punching tools

Key angle positions

Key locations for standard tools

1/2" Station

1/4" Station

2" Station

3 1/2" Station

4 1/2" Station

key locations for standard tools