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Virus-related topics:

Bias and Censorship in Social Media
The Road to Tyranny
Abuse of power
Snitch on your neighbor
News media sensationalism and dishonesty

Timely non-virus topics:

Michael Flynn
Bubba Wallace  and  Fake hate crimes  in general
The Supreme Court  and other  Judicial activism
The Democrats' Presumptuous Treatment of Minorities
Revised history and the destruction of old statues
Perpetual victimhood
Black Lives Matter
Reverse discrimination
Black mobs, organized premeditated disruptions, and race riots
Violence and Hate Speech Come From the Left
Socialist Democrats are out of sync with America
Statehood for D.C.
Abuse of Power by Ordinary Cops:   Excessive force,   Misbehavior
Defensive use of firearms
The New York Times
Obamagate: Spying on Trump and others in an attempted coup
Joe Biden
Nancy Pelosi
Left-wing obstructionism
The FBI vs Roger Stone
Dying newspapers
Philip Haney
Hillary Clinton's secret email server
Suppressed news
The Wealthy Liberal Elite
Sanctuary cities

President Trump:

Good news about the economy is always "unexpected" now
Lies about President Trump
Trump versus the news media
Trump versus the Deep State
Platform / Agenda / Mandate
Sore losers
Beneficial side effects
Background noise
The Fusion GPS Dossier and the FISA abuse memo
Trump's impeachment trial in the Senate   and retrospective commentary
Trump's impeachment in general
Trump's Impeachment is Political Poison
Earlier impeachment hearings
The Whistleblower fiasco

Socialist Democrats:

Joe Biden
Reparations for slavery
Race-based Political Opportunism
Nancy Pelosi
Elizabeth Warren
Bernie Sanders
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the Green New Deal
Ilhan Omar
Abuse of power
Emotional Outbursts
Abortion   and   Infanticide
Banning plastic bags, forks, and straws
Smoldering Antisemitism
Culture of Corruption
      Corruption page two:  the minor league players
Wholesale voting fraud
2020 candidates
Socialist platform
The Poisonous Fruits of Democrats' Ideas   as seen in
      Baton Rouge
Out of sync with America
Wedding cakes for homosexuals
Democrats Think You're Stupid
Leftist politicians constantly hover over you
Activist judges
Tampering with the Electoral College
Obstruction and Delay of Judge Brett Kavanaugh
The Imran Awan scandal
The Left vs Wal-Mart
The Wealthy Liberal Elite Pretend to Watch Out for the Little Guy
The Democrats' Presumptuous Treatment of Minorities
Al Franken
Eric Holder
Loretta Lynch
Michelle Obama


The state that originated "sanctuary cities"
Wildfires in Australia share the same set of contributing factors as the fires in California
California wildfires and intentional power outages
Electric cars -- Very trendy in California, except when the power goes out!
Other California politics   brought to you in part by   Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn
Homeless people supported by California taxpayers
California gives up on high-speed rail
Gun control
Nancy Pelosi
Dianne Feinstein
Maxine Waters
Adam Schiff
Those who can leave are leaving
California compared to Texas
Wasted money
High taxes
Radical environmentalism and restrictive environmental laws

Global warming:

It's all about world-wide socialist government
Reasons to doubt global warming
Low-level environmental terrorism
Greta Thunberg
Inaccurate temperature measurements
Pernicious alteration of previous measurements
Faulty computer models
It's a hoax
It has already stopped, all by itself
Attempts to silence the global warming skeptics
Evidence of a conspiracy to suppress the facts about global warming  a/k/a ClimateGate
Global warming causes nearly everything  and  nearly everything causes global warming
Polar bears   ← ← ←
Polar ice   and  people who get stuck in it while trying to prove it isn't there.
Resorting to cannibalism to stop global warming
Carbon (Dioxide) Taxes
Carbon Dioxide itself
Solar panels
Media bias about the environment
Environmentalism is a pagan religion
Al Gore  and other  Gas-guzzling celebrities   ← ← ←
Numerous other environmental false alarms

The news media:

Media bias in general
Biased against Trump
Biased in favor of Obama
Biased in favor of Hillary
Biased in favor of Islam
Biased about guns
Biased reporting about environmentalism
Other examples of bias
Deliberately suppressed news
The New York Times

Other timely topics:

The Iowa Caucuses   and voter fraud in general
Misleading and inaccurate political polls
RINO Mitt Romney
RINO Bill Kristol
The crash of Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752
President Obama's Drones and the Secret Kill List
Defensive use of firearms
Reverse discrimination
Arkancide:  The Clinton Body Count
Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein
Violent mobs and massive fights at shopping malls
Criminals, psychopaths, and unruly passengers aboard mass transit vehicles
The Benghazi terrorist attack and cover story
The Jersey City Black Nationalist Attack
The FBI:  Comey  McCabe  Ohr  Rosenstein  Mueller  Strzok and Page  versus  Manafort  Stone  Flynn   and  Carter Page   ← ← ←
The Islamic terrorist attack of the week
The Ingredients for Civil War
Abuse of power
Unionized teachers   in   Chicago
Hillary Clinton's secret email servers   and   Benghazi
Professor Joseph Mifsud
Statehood for the District of Columbia
Planned Parenthood
Population Reduction: The Ultimate Goal of Environmentalism
MSNBC's credibility
Barack H. Obama's new house
The use of Traffic Signals as Fundraisers
Welfare programs attract immigrants
Gun-free zones and gun control failures
Chicago crime and politics
Capital punishment
Tommy Robinson
Puerto Rico
Abortion as a means of exterminating minorities
The injection of politics into professional sports
Homeless people defecating in the streets
Censorship in social media  e.g., "shadow banning" conservatives
Commercial and Industrial Threats to Privacy
Domestic surveillance
Transgender / transvestite athletes and the impending end of women's sports
Lies about abortion
Government power was used to spy on Hillary's political opponents
        but that was just one of many  Obama administration scandals
The Mueller monologue and impeachment infomercial
Abortion-related politics and court decisions
The 2020 Census
Anti-abortion movie reviews:   e.g., Unplanned and Gosnell
Uncle Sam Loses Stuff
The aftermath of Robert Mueller's seemingly perpetual investigation
Migrant caravans and illegal immigration
        Illegal immigrants with communicable diseases
        Sanctuary cities
        Walls, fences, and militias
        Lies about immigration
        The Use of Children for Emotional Leverage to Expand Immigration
        Violent illegal immigrants
        Terrorists are also sneaking across the border
        MS-13 and other violent illegal immigrants
        Illegal immigrants with driver licenses
        Illegal immigrants at fault in traffic accidents
        Illegal immigrants are only coming here for free stuff
Which political party has a "culture of corruption?"
The History of Postage Rates in the United States
News Media vs Covington Catholic High School
Not everyone should vote
Margaret Sanger
Various uncategorized news items
Self-driving cars
The Black Panthers
Sore losers
The Supreme Court
Criticism of the Republican Party -- from the right
Deep State memos, counter-memos, dossiers, and competing reports
Cell phones: addiction and other health risks
The obsolescence of newspapers
The Supreme Court
Organized labor: Declining membership and diminished influence
Bill Clinton
Valerie Jarrett
Disgruntled, whistle-blowing FBI agents
The ingredients for future terrorist attacks
Solar panels
Green jobs
Food stamps
The British National Health Service
Inspector General report on Andrew McCabe
Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards
Stingray and Dirtbox : Fake cell phone sites
Politicizing the Census
Pork Barrel spending
Audience plants, shills, and astroturf
Gun control
      Gun control failures
      Lies about guns
      Media bias about guns
      Defensive use of guns
      School shooting in Parkland, Florida
CNN's dishonesty
Unionized government employees
Louis Farrakhan
    and  Amtrak crashes
Britain's National Health Service
    and our very own   VA hospitals
    and   Obamacare horror stories
    and   Death panels
    and   Lies about taxes
Space Exploration
    and other examples of   Money Down the Drain
False alarms on the Emergency Alert System
New California seeks statehood
DACA / DAPA / Anchor babies
The use of the 9-1-1 system as a weapon
Huma Abedin
The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
Obamacare will NEVER work as advertised
President Obama
      Bad decisions
      Dozens of scandals
            Fast and Furious
      Questionable sanity
      The Worship of Barack H. Obama
      An odor of corruption
      Comparisons to historical figures
      Impeachable offenses
      Spent a lot of our money on himself
      Weakened the economy
      Weakened the military
      Acted like a dictator
      Left a bunch of traps and stink bombs for Trump
      Credible allegations that Obama spied on Trump
      Friendly with the Muslims
      Friendly with Jeremiah Wright
      Friendly with the Black Panthers
      Friendly with the homosexuals
      Friendly with Iran
      Not so friendly with Israel
      Not so friendly with the pro-life Catholics
      Phony birth certificate and SSN
      Not all that bright
      Hates America
      First-term speeches
      Second-term speeches
      Post-presidential speeches
      Other post-presidential activities
      Association with Barack H. Obama is now a political liability
      Michelle Obama
      Media bias in Obama's favor
RFID  and  The Abolition of Cash
The murder of Seth Rich
Gun-control failures
Cases in which guns saved lives
The vast left-wing conspiracy against Bernie Sanders
News and commentary about the Russia/Clinton/Uranium scandal is scattered across these pages:
      Hillary Clinton's cloud of corruption
      Obama's culture of corruption
      Obama's secrecy and opacity
      Suppressed news stories
      Media bias in Hillary Clinton's favor
Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign
      Hillary's book tour, endless excuses, and future plans
      Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State
      Hillary Clinton's health
      Hillary Clinton's dishonesty
      Hillary Clinton's secret email server
      Hillary Clinton carries decades of old baggage
Voter ID laws
Environmental propaganda movie reviews

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