Energy Education

Energy development impacts every person in America and touches every part of our daily lives. It’s time to start a thoughtful conversation on how we develop and diversify our regions energy resources and understand just how important these resources are to our communities and our economy. Join now and learn how you can be part of the conversation.


Even as Energy Demand Increased, Georgia’s Emissions Fell by Roughly...

Atlanta, Ga. —?Consumer Energy Alliance?(CEA)?today released a?Georgia emissions analysis?that looks at key pollutants and the overall environmental improvements seen across the state?in recent years....

Oklahoma – Outside Activists Threatening Energy Industry

Oil and gas and the pipeline industry are vital to Oklahoma’s economy and heritage, but out-of-state activists with deep pockets and an anti-energy agenda...

Top 5 Energy Stories This Week

Kamala Harris has recently dropped out of the 2020 race, Emma Stone got engaged, and impeachment hearings continue. Those top headlines kept us entertained...


Energy. It is at the foundation of everything we do. While people think of energy as fuel for driving their cars or electricity to heat and cool their homes, energy is so much more. For some, it is their job to produce it. For others, its needed to produce their goods that people buy and use. But for all of us, it’s a central part of our day – part of everything we do. So what does energy mean to you and how do you use it each day? These videos highlight people who produce, make, and use energy – these are our nation’s Energy Voices.