Lillangen bathroom remodel


Materials: Lillangen, Bjorken,

In my bathroom remodel, I used the Lillangen sink base and cut a sink top from birch plywood. I also used a Lillangen wall cabinet and turned it vertically and attached it below my countertop next to my sink base.

Both cabinets got ring pulls and a coat of turquoise paint on their fronts. I also used the Bjorken medicine cabinet, hanging it horizontally,and creating a solid front for it and painting and adding pulls to match the sink base.

You can see more about my hacks and bathroom renovation here on my blog.

~ christie

Electrified rat


Materials: Ikea GOSIG R?TTA

It's a small Ikea hack - an electric extension cord hidden into an Ikea rat.

See more of the Ikea rat extension cord.

~ Luc


Mismatched kitchen doors


Materials: Faktum

Description: The video below explains what I did.

~ Pascal Anson

An Ikea Kura bed felt playhouse


Materials: Kura bunk bed, felt

I recently finished a felt playhouse for my daughter as the bottom of her bed is being used for toy storage.

Read more about the Kura felt playhouse.

~ Anna

Silhouette Paper Cutting


Click here for a tutorial on creating artistic symmetrical art using paper and a craft knife.

IKEA vases for a translucent rounded bathroom wall


Materials: Rektangel vase

Description: The REKTANGEL vases are used as glassblocks in the design of a distinctive loft located on the first floor of a historic warehouse and monument on the Brouwersgracht in the center of Amsterdam. The apartment is designed by Marloes van Heteren of SOLUZ and Remco Wilcke of CUBE architecten.

In the architecture a contrast has been sought between preserving the historic beams and floors, and minimalistic new additions. The new additions such as kitchen and bathroom would be clearly identifiable as such in terms of materiality and form. Letting in daylight and transparency was also very important in the design of the open floor plan.

The bathroom is the central element in the house situated at the intersection of public and private. The rounded translucent bathroom-wall consists of nearly 1,000 very special glass blocks; IKEA rektangel vases. The vases are painted white inside and arranged together with strong transparent glue. The use of two different sizes creates a very nice pattern. During the day the sunlight gets in the bathroom an at night the bathroom wall acts as a subtle light-object in the apartment.

See more of the Rektangel glass wall.

~ Marloes van Heteren (SOLUZ architecture, design and advice), Amsterdam

Billy-Benno Corner Bookshelves


Materials: Billy Bookshelves, Benno DVD Tower

Billy has corner bookshelves combo. However it doesn't fit in my root neatly.

So what I did is to use Benno DVD tower as corner shelf. Billy corner hardware can be used as is.

I also put on height extension. However, Benno DVD tower doesn't have height extension. I have to use 15 3/4" Billy height extension and cut narrower. Benno tower is also shallower then Billy. So I have to use the left over of back board to fill up the rear bottom half of the narrowed Billy (now Benno) height extension.

It looks great and fit in my room perfectly.

~ Henry, USA
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