Friday, April 17, 2009

Trash Can Cyclone Lid from Woodcraft

Improve your single stage dust collector's efficiency by
converting it into a 2-stage unit with this lid and a common trash can! The Cyclone Lid lets you collect the larger and heavier shavings and dust before they reach your impeller and dust collection bags.

* Features a foam gasket for a superior seal
* Elbow fitting
under the inlet side to induce a cyclonic air flow inside the can for increased efficiency
* Accepts 4" hose
* Fits standard 30 gallon metal trash cans

Trash Can Cyclone Lid
Price: $28.99


Behrens 31 Gal. Galvanized Garbage Can from Home Depot

31 gallon galvanized sheet steel garbage can and cover. Although still used as a garbage can, it is also an ideal storage container for bird seed and pet food. Can has drop side handles and a wire reinforced rim. Steel can sides are corrugated and swedged for added strength.

* 31 gallon galvanized steel trash can with lid
* Trash can
* Trash can
* Galvanized steel
* MFG Brand Name : Behrens
* MFG Model # : 1270
* MFG Part # : 1270

Store SKU# 807006