Guns, Knives, Ammunition, Survival Gear
Norman, Oklahoma


Ammunition Supplies

Ammunition has become scarce as supply and demand begins to tip towards demand while falling away from a healthy supply. ?While some loads remain to be in short supply we still have plenty of ammunition in stock for rare and even some common loads. ?Stop in and see what we have. ?Stock fluctuates daily but we’re doing our best to keep our customers happy. ?See our reviews & list of supplies


Technical Gear

We have gear! ?If we don’t have it we can lay our hands on it.. most of the time. Being prepared for anything doesn’t mean just having ammo and weapons and knowing how to use them well. It means other things that go unnoticed like knee pads, Trama-kits, backpacks and even storable foods and water bottles. Stop in and see what we have in stock, or what we can order you today! ?See our latest reviews here.


Survival Gear

Whether you’re camping, hunting, fishing, hiking, surviving or just taking a walk in the woods we’ve got the serious hardware that you’re looking for to make it easier on yourself, and your good time. ?Knives, watches, fire starters, survival bracelets, emergency medical kits and so much more. ?AAT Firearms is quickly becoming Oklahoma’s number one survival and readiness resource. ?We have lots of equipment at the right price. ?See our survival gear reviews & products here.