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Using a channel of independent companies has a long tradition in the history of business development in the industry. For some manufacturers companies, (many using our services) the channel has been a major contributor to global success, but for most making it work is a constant struggle. We have 30 years of channel business developpment and growth management success in EMEA (see countries potential). Get in touch and let us evaluate your projects.

Our added value : A well trained partner sales force, understanding the end users needs, is the engine of our customer growth. We take care of both! We apply the value proposition process in our recruitment and redeployment program. See how we proceed.



  • Managing growth in the Graphic industry is a challenge for small, medium and big enterprises alike.

  • We train and educate your sales and management team on how to deliver value (as our friend Victor) for the channel, or print buyers and leverage social and online selling.
  • (Contact us at CMS@channelmarketingservices.eu for our workshop content for business development, sales, marketing and revenue generation professionals)

  • On assignement we can visit your channel partners and assess their perfomance, train them for growth  using 4 different sales methodologies. (presented by our friend Nancy)

  • On assignment we expand your value proposition  business canvas and with it develop your channel partner network, in EMEA (see regions business potential)

  •  For Graphic product dealers and printing companies, our business model workshop and collective knowledge canvas, has replaced the “old school” strategy approach defining vision, mission, values, objectives, strategy and plans that does not produce results fast enough. 
  • Now it is all about the customer experience and value chain. "
  • Ask yourself, how could we make money, if our prints/products where for free?" watch video
  • Contact us for a free consulting audit call on your capacity to Innovate your business to grow! CMS@channelmarketingservices.eu

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Why your customers buys?

Free online consulting from CMS on: How to attract ready to buy customers?  To empower your sales team for success? Be an Inspiring business leader? ( Why are you doing this business? A powerfull question! By Simon Sinek)

CMS Partners Recruitment

CMS Channel Partner Recruitment Graphic print manufacturer and re-deployment methodology. Tell us more about your business issues this years as a Printer Manufacturer channel ? contact us today for a business development program.

CMS How to sell value <> price

Fee online training

 Position Your Value, Not Your Pricing - You the salesperson are the differentiator in selling (from our friend Victor) You want to grow your sales and upgrade your team skill? Contact us today!

CMS training with a Heart

Free online training 

Check out this great video on How to Sell a Pen   selling with a Heart! Contact us today to find out how to upgrade your team skills.

CMS Sales training tips

Free online training 

Check out this great video on How to Sell a Pen  using 4 methods. Wich method could you add to grow your sales team skiils set? contact us today to know more about 1 The challenge sales, 2 Solution Selling  3 Features/Benefits  4 The BANT. Contact us today!