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Nanci E. DuPlant, C.Ht. operated a very successful hypnotherapy clinic in Richardson, Texas since 1977. Her clients come from a wide spectrum of professions and a diversity of problems and issues on which she has assisted them to workable solutions. A hypnotherapist such as Nanci is highly trained and specialized in her profession. She recommends that people check out her reputation and credentials before deciding on a hypnotherapy session. Her belief is that the client is most important and the relationship should have a positive effect and have a good experience. Nanci is sincere about her job and dedicated in her services.

Nanci is here to help and to heal. Serving the Dallas-Fort Worth area with hypnosis therapy, she can help clients overcome addiction or make positive life changes, such as:
  • Stop Smoking, Chewing and/or Dipping
  • Shed Off Unwanted Weight and Keep It Off
  • De-Stress
  • Natural Child Birth (Hypno-birthing)
  • Obtain Peak "Sports" Performance
  • Help With The Grieving Process
  • Concentration At School
  • Improve Your Short Term Memory
  • Overcome Insomnia
  • Deal with Grief
  • End Nail Biting
  • Change Unwanted Behaviors
  • Improve Almost Anything You Want
Nanci DuPlant's first interest in hypnosis was sparked as a high school student. While living in California she began to study hypnosis. After returning to Texas, she started her practice as a certified professional. Her Richardson, Texas, office welcomes you in a "relaxed state" even as you enter through the door, which exhibits a flowing stained glass forest effect. Nanci's soft voice is both inviting and accommodating. Her office and therapy room reiterate this professional's dedication to making each session soothing and relaxing. Waterfalls, plush seating and soft lights make the experience non-invasive and conducive to an ultimate calming effect. Nanci keeps her skills sharp by attending conferences and training programs. She uses this knowledge by regularly updating and improving her technique. Texas clientele have benefited from her services since 1977.

Weight Loss: Nanci suggests to you that her program is not a diet, but it is designed to change one's relationship with food to create a lasting change. For many of us this relationship has been programmed into our subconscious mind from childhood. Nanci will provide you with all the necessary tools and techniques for maintaining continued success. Nanci teaches you to focus on using your Mind and Body to control your eating habits, manage your emotional eating and your emotions, and increase your confidence and motivation.

As a professional of high standing, Nanci is dedicated to helping the public become more informed about what Hypnosis means. She explains how the process deals with the two states of mind—conscious and subconscious. "The altered state of consciousness can guide you to more positive awakened life changes,"

Office: (972)669-1393
Cell: (214)236-4683

I have shed off 40 pounds I can help you too !!!
Nanci also teaches Chair Tai Chi
This class was conducted at Tom Landry Fitness Center, Downtown Dallas
Nanci's slight stature and soft voice are reassuring and inviting to visitors. Her therapy room reveals her dedication to making the sessions soothing and relaxing. Calming waterfalls, plush seating and soft lighting make the experience noninvasive and conducive to an ultimate atmosphere in which to relax. As a dedicated and conscientious professional, she uses good skills and a unique system to help the client. Nanci is such a professional and she goes the extra step to insure that each client feels comfortable about what will take place and is aware of the ultimate goal of the sessions.

Listen to relaxing music and enjoy the calming atmosphere in the elegant front waiting room which Nanci has designed herself. Knowing what her clients love has shown in her over 40 years of expierence in hypnosis.

Nanci's slight stature and soft voice are reassuring and inviting to visitors. Her therapy room reveals her dedication to making the sessions soothing and relaxing.


  • NGH Certified Hypnosis Instructor

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Carol G. On 03.05.2017

Nanci helped me quit smoking in 2005. I had only 4 sessions and have never missed smoking since the very first session. By the way, I had smoked for 55 years. I have blessed her every day since August...


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