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We sold the dining set, and I was strangely relieved. It's still here, they are picking it up next week, but it means that we are at least starting on our switcheroo project. Here is the dining room right now...

This room looks incredibly yellowed in this photo, even after I adjusted the colors! I need to learn a bit more Photoshop, obviously. Anyways, room really isn't yellow, but more of a light tan. I think the paint may work with our bedroom colors, but I am itching to paint it anyways. Maybe a fresh start sort of thing. I doubt I will still feel that way after I paint the three rooms upstairs! Here is what we have in our bedroom currently, furniture and bedding wise...which also looks very yellow, but is not.

Wondering about the white curtain behind the bed? Before we bought our bed, we just had a bed stand without a headboard. There is a tiny closet behind there that needed to be hidden. When we bought actual nightstands, the bed would no longer center with the curtain (they were too wide). It's been on my to-do list to move the rod over. Sometimes procrastinating pays off! At least no more holes to fill from moving it!

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Hello Darlin', it's been a long time...

Nice to see ya..
Haha, well enough Conway Twitty, sorry about that.
Wow, it has been a very long time since we have posted anything. Nothing much house-wise has been going on, but our kids have certainly been growing and changing. Maybe that is why no posting, ha!

If you have an old house, you understand that there are times you love it, and times you are pretty sure you hate it. We have had it on the market once when we thought we were going to build. Luckily, we didn't, as the economy took a dive and it might have been hard to pay for said house. Then we thought about it again, and then the weather warmed up and solved most of our grievances. So here we are now, it's winter again, but a mild one, everyone is warm, but we are out of space and feeling the need for more bedrooms, bathrooms, and room to grow.
We are not moving houses though, we are just going to move things around in this one and someday add a master bathroom of our dreams. Hopefully, someday soon.

The baby is now almost three, so we moved him out of his baby bed and into a twin size bed. He's only fallen out a couple of times, no injuries, and now we are onto potty training (my favorite-not). His room is the smallest in the house, so we will start there. I think it will be less tiresome for you to just see the swapping around, rather than read it. So here it is...

The current office will become the master bathroom/closet, and the downstairs closet and tiny bathroom will be completely reworked and a new powder room added.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

A bell is no bell 'til you ring it,
A song is no song 'til you sing it,
And love in your heart
Wasn’t put there to stay -
Love isn’t love
'Til you give it away.
~Oscar Hammerstein, Sound of Music,
"You Are Sixteen (Reprise)"

Monday, February 08, 2010

Another Snow Day!

This makes four snows for this season, and not just light dustings either. For us, these have been REAL snows- the kind that totally cover the ground, are great for snowmen, and sledding.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snow Days!

Not only did we have a white Christmas, but we have snow again!
Not certain what the final, official inch count is, but it looks like about 4 to 6 inches. A lot for us! Seems like it's been about 8 years since we have gotten this much.

While we have about a bazillion snow pictures, I'll try to just show a few of our favorites.

watching in wonderment as the snow swiftly falls

Oops, completely forgot those wreaths are still out there...

trying to dig out for a sanity run

Thursday, January 21, 2010

More Natalie-isms

Natalie: "These are my dogs: Iffy, Sniffy, O-lie & Molly" (four stuffed dogs that sleep with her and get dragged all over the house)

"Can you help me to dance?"
Translation: Dance with me!

Natalie: "I've not never seen a girl like tha-at!" Said in a sweet, mommy-grown-up voice.
Not sure exactly what it means or what she heard before that she thinks she is saying, is a supreme compliment. It took totally fixed hair, lipstick, painted nails, high heels and a dress to get this compliment. I'm not expecting to get it again anytime soon. So, if she says it to you, know you look WOW to her!

Natalie & Graham crawl into kitchen and come back a couple minutes later.
Natalie: "Graham smells like CAT FOOD!" peels of giggling
Mom: "What? Cat Food?! Graham! Natalie!" finger in G's mouth, fishing for piece
Natalie: really laughing now "No, no, it's not in his MOUTH! It's gone down, down, down into his belly!"

Natalie: "Oh Graham-y", patting G's belly before bedtime, "You've got a BIG puppy belly!"

At Hunan Manor for lunch on a Sunday with Uncle Matt, quiet music playing, subdued crowd:
Natalie: "Uncle Matt is a SASQUATCH!" giggling, shrieking, more giggling
Mom: in a low voice as people are starting to look "Natalie NO, NO, we don't say that! Be quiet! Talk quiet!"
Natalie: a little louder "Uncle Matt is a SASQUATCH!" giggling, shrieking, more loud giggling
Dad & Matt: cracking up
Dad: "NO Natalie!" hahahaha, more laughing by both
I get up to get food, thinking we have this under control, then from ACROSS THE ROOM, she starts it again! So, let this be a lesson to brothers who tease each other & call each other embarrassing WILL come back to haunt you. And your wife. And it's usually in public! For the record, Natalie has no idea what a Sasquatch is.

In case you're wondering, Graham does many, many funny things, he just doesn't say anything yet (that we understand, anyways). I'm sure he's got a running list of what he wants to say when he is able to. I imagine we will then have many, many Graham-ism posts. Bear with us.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

All through the house...

'Twas sometime around Christmas
And all through our house,
There were some creatures stirring,
at least it wasn't a mouse...

This year's Christmas decor...

Living Room


Natalie's Gingerbread Village


Dining Room


Natalie's tree

Graham's tree

Not just dreaming of a white Christmas, that dream came true!

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, best wishes for a happy, healthy New Year!

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